Earth Angel Insight Day 95- Precious Moment

IMG_2120Each moment is a precious moment. When we truly enter into this moment as it is, we recognize that we have the ability to love, fully, freely, without boundaries. The greater our capacity to love, the greater we recognize who we truly are. As we truly are a magnificent light that lights up the world, one precious moment at a time! Sending love to all of you in this “New Now”

I want to dedicate this post to my dear friend and co-worker Francis, who recently released her body and entered into her next precious moment in the light, I connect my heart to yours my friend forever into eternity.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 67-Ascension

IMG_0291So here we are, simplistic in our stillness, yet amazed by the vibrational shifts that are with us.  There has been much talk of ascension in near death experiences or meditation, yet we are in a new vibrational possibility. This possibility allows us to stay grounded in our bodies yet “BE” ascended.. The visions that have come to me about this are that “light grids” and “holographic dimensions” have already surrounded our planet and our universe, yet many are choosing to collectively rise, making it possible for us to ground in these higher dimensions. Different than “out of body” experiences, where we could float above our bodies. We ground in” Ascension” in everyday living.

Ascension is simply living on earth in high vibration. If you are reading this now, you have already experienced this shift. The earth and ALL its inhabitants have gone through a MASTER CLEANSE in the past two years. Starting in November 2012, no one has been left out of the ascension process. Wherever we are, is where we start, as there is a necessary cleansing that takes place, surrendering to the process, we find more ease in our day. We enter into our experiences different, with NO NEED to understand, we simplify our lives.

With this cleanse, similar to a body cleanse, we integrate a new way of being into our lives. Attachments no longer run us, as we observe rather than defend. There is no battle to win or lose, no fixation on the chaos that used to trigger us. We experience each moment fully with no history running us. We are FREE.

So simply ask yourself to flow, allow for, rather than be against, and observe all of the clarity and purity that takes place as we integrate.

IN oneness, Heart To Heart RobynIMG_2341

Thank you Full Blood Moon Eclipse for helping us all cleanse in this early morning !

My photos have never been enhanced when I take them so that I can share what the unfiltered lens shows, very bright double sun and angel orbs. 10/08/14

Earth Angel Insight Day 66- Acceptance

IMG_2069I’m Back in Maui! I had an amazing time! I loved, laughed and cried with amazing multicultural, vibrant, loving people.

We danced and danced and then danced some more, embracing ourselves in total self acceptance.

Acceptance is simply being open, with no preconceived judgement, as all of life’s magnificence becomes available.

So rest in your “true self” as we ARE all of life, shining bright from within, manifesting our magnificence!

I will post soon on “multidimensional  living” and the “holographic overlay” we are now living in.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Adding a Photo of the group! IMG_2095

Earth Angel Insight-Day 65-Mastery

IMG_2120When we truly clear the illusions of outer world distractions we attain Mastery. As I take myself on the road this week, joining a group of people that are from a whole different mindset, yet truly come from the heart, I open to having no opinions, attitudes or preconceived thoughts about how things will be, should be, or have been.

Mastery is allowing for all experiences, people, places and things to be exactly as they are, without entering into the chaos that may seem real, we have an opportunity to have inner peace and stillness as we “travel” through  the moment. Taking action becomes alignment with our highest possibility, where we align with this high vibration.

Remembering our highest truths illuminates light, and we assist in the ascension of the whole, as we are all connected to the light that shines within.

So let your light shine, even during the darkness, and watch yourself soar, joining the birds in flight.

I will be offline for about one week as I will be on a ship, sharing when I get back.

My husband is now the doggie angel for sweet Coco as they spend some moments together, amazing she is still very peaceful with her condition, being such an incredible teacher.

Heart to Heart Robyn



Earth Angel Insight Day 49-New Earth

“To awaken within the dream is our purpose now.” When we are awake within the dream, the ego created earth drama comes to an end and a more benign and wondrous dream arises.” This is the New Earth.”–Eckhart Tolle.

As we reveal ourselves to ourselves, we realize that placing so much importance on that which comes and goes is very draining, as the attempt to control drops away, all that is left is awareness. This awareness allows for, rather than fights against,and we relax, knowing we are unfolding into alignment with that which serves us, even when we question another, the drama ends, as we see our role in all that comes to us. We lift the veil on all illusions and cherish the perfection of the moment…entering this stillness we see with new eyes and experience this “New Earth”

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 47- The Illusion

What if we lived every day from the perspective of a spiritual “BEING”?  The MASTER of duality, where we recognized that our very thoughts create fragmentation and the illusion of separation, as Eckhart Tolle states ‘Every thought implies a perspective, and every perspective, by its very nature, implies limitation”.” Living under the illusion that “I am this and you are that”

When we lift the veil of separation, we live in the reality of the unified whole, where we have always been,  unveiling this consciousness, we connect as if we are “ONE”, no longer yearning for anything, yet recognizing we are everything, coming from nothing, where there is nothing to “GET” and  nowhere to “GO”.

Heart to Heart RobynIMG_1505” BEING NOW”

Earth Angel Insight Day 46-Being

IMG_1522Eckhart Tolle quote “The joy of Being, which is the only true happiness, cannot come to you through any form, possession, achievement, person or event-through anything that happens.””That joy cannot come to you-ever.”” It emanates from the formless dimension within you, from consciousness itself and thus is one with who you are”

This is where serenity all the events, people, places, and things come and go…the unchangeable formless peace within us is joy was never anything the veil lifts showing us all the illusions..we no longer are attached to form..yet flow with life from within…BEING oneness… BEING love….

Heart to Heart Robyn



Earth Angle Insight Day 43-Awake


In this Golden Age…words like awake…get tossed around…yet does it really matter if you understand it…I think not…this word can get “in the way” and become another concept. The minute I label myself or you as either “Being Awake” or “Asleep”…there is separation…with no reality to experience unity..

Yet in the reality of  “knowing” ourselves to be “spirit”…we end the separation..we become one with all people…
and situations become an ever flowing matrix..accepting all…

Being non reactive…effective…with no person, place. or thing as our enemy…choosing peace…

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth angel Insight-Day 42-Realization


This quote from Eckart Tolle…is AWESOME “Nobody can tell you who you are”.” It would just be another concept, so it would not change you”

Every belief becomes an obstacle to who you are…because you already “ARE WHO YOU ARE”…when we relax in this realization…life shines!
Even though you do not even “NEED” realization… without it..who you are does not shine in the world…

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 39-Fearless

IMG_0271In the past…I think I would have described fearless as “doing” something I had never done…I would have connected it much more to my physical body and the accomplishments of my physical and emotional world…taking on a challenge as if that would “prove” I was fearless…Ha…what a change in this moment..

So what does “FEARLESS” in this GoldenAge look like to the observer….”The Observer” –the one who sees the physical and its many forms from this fearless place…sees no black and white…right and wrong…good and bad…an angel only “knows the moment”…with no past or future…fearless is the ability to let go of “knowing”…letting go of all control..yet trusting that spirit is eternal…even when things appear to be taken from us …or given to us…We no longer live in fear of the “unknown”..yet live in “The Now” full acceptance and accountability for what we create..dancing to the beat of a high vibrational drummer…coming from nothing…where the “story” we lived by… fades away like a sailing ship in the distance…

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insights—My Near Death Experience

Encouraged by a fellow blogger to share my near death experience as a 4 year old…I think about what promises I made on that faithful day and say.. thank you to all who may read this… from my heart to yours…

The day was a special one…when we would as a family all go up to my grandparents cabin…a little over 2 hours from our small hometown in Michigan…the year was 1960…and excitement was in the air….my parents had 4 small quite an accomplishment to make it happen. I was the oldest girl…( originally posted that 1952 was the year of the death experience…yet this was the year my soul miscarried in my mother, and 1960 was the year I fell in the well…I was born in 1956)…there are no mistakes…

Soon after we arrived…the life changing event that changed all of our lives..was to happen…father had to open a 16 foot dry well.. working on getting water turned on inside the cabin…while Mom was inside changing diapers on the baby… Dad had thought that we were all in the cabin… as he was getting another tool…yet my brother and I were playing outside on the other side…running around the cabin…bees came out of a log and I ran straight backwards on my head… into the bottom of the cement well..

I stayed in my body..feeling no pain..and having an amazing sense of peace…. I remained conscious…when we arrived at the 2nd hospital I lifted out of my body and started to watch the doctors as they were working on me…I was a bit confused by the chaos…and wanted to tell them I was fine…yet I instinctively knew I had no words to speak…I was reading their minds and watching…I could see my Mom and Dad in the other room and just started to lift to this eternal blissful place….seeing this amazing bright light…I zipped really fast up into this angelic realm where I could see beautiful angel like faces in a circle and a hand reaching out to me…I had no fear…no age…simply the most blissful feeling that to this day I have experienced…everything was spoken without opening my mouth …as I felt like I had returned home…I had nothing to say…

Then without seeing anyone…I heard a booming that echoed through the are not done mind wanted to speak yes I am..yet no words would come out…just the thought I will go back was there…yet I wanted to stay…the voice told me I had much teaching to do…that I would teach forgiveness..and that I had much to learn …and would understand …that I came back to make this agreement…and I had a choice…in my mind I said yes I will go back

As fast as I had left my body…I was back in my body…in a crib in the recovery room in the hospital…I was scared looking around me…yet still had no pain…only a shaved head…( I found out later my parents were told “If” I lived I may never walk.. talk…eat…or even come out of a coma ever again)… yet when I woke up I was standing up throwing my toys to the girl next to me and talking to her like nothing happened..never even having a headache…they called me the miracle child…and after 3 days of observation I was able to go home.

With my life being constantly surrounded by angels and spirits…as I grew up…I had no real avenue to share my experiences…so I did not talk about them for years…

Entering into this blogging world with full acceptance to share my experiences… my agreements as a gatekeeper and wayseer are coming forward to share and… I feel blessed that I chose to come back…

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight-Day 32-Unstoppable

IMG_1283Living with the spirit of kindness and joy…no matter what people may challenge us with… we can live in this “peaceful” place”…as we have full acceptance of exactly what is happening.. there is no “fear”… as we no longer see “them over there”…as a problem…yet more as an opportunity to find our true self…”our unshakable center”..that can stay in high vibration..even if the entire world were to cave in…we would remain a beacon of light…our true nature…unstoppable…”not able to be stopped” as an amazing vibrant beam of radiance…penetrating into the darkest of corners…embracing all and everything in our path…

Our greatest spiritual teachers…Buddha…Jesus…Mohammad…Yogananda…Gandhi…Mother Mary…were all placed in harms way to show the path of peace…this is our legacy..that of love..that of being unstoppable…without judgement…as we judge another we judge ourselves…so thank those who challenge us see our highest truth..that of unshakable unstoppable LOVE…BE the change.. as we have entered into this vibration of LOVE with acceptance of all of “OUR” history…no matter what part of the globe…or universe..or language you speak…we ARE unstoppable right here and right now…vibrating this powerful light together as one!

This was inspired by the challenges of a fellow blogger from India…who has completely opened his heart..and I thank him for having the words to speak after his post….inspiring me to blog these words… and opening my heart…YOU ARE ALL MIRACULOUS… as I share my journey together with you all…I am blessed

Heart to Heart Robyn

P.S All of the pictures I have posted are from my own Iphone or Ipad…and this one is just simply “Miraculous” as I pulled off the road by my condo….inspired by the light…