Earth Angel Insight-Day 65-Mastery

IMG_2120When we truly clear the illusions of outer world distractions we attain Mastery. As I take myself on the road this week, joining a group of people that are from a whole different mindset, yet truly come from the heart, I open to having no opinions, attitudes or preconceived thoughts about how things will be, should be, or have been.

Mastery is allowing for all experiences, people, places and things to be exactly as they are, without entering into the chaos that may seem real, we have an opportunity to have inner peace and stillness as we “travel” through  the moment. Taking action becomes alignment with our highest possibility, where we align with this high vibration.

Remembering our highest truths illuminates light, and we assist in the ascension of the whole, as we are all connected to the light that shines within.

So let your light shine, even during the darkness, and watch yourself soar, joining the birds in flight.

I will be offline for about one week as I will be on a ship, sharing when I get back.

My husband is now the doggie angel for sweet Coco as they spend some moments together, amazing she is still very peaceful with her condition, being such an incredible teacher.

Heart to Heart Robyn



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