Earth Angel Insight Day 95- Precious Moment

IMG_2120Each moment is a precious moment. When we truly enter into this moment as it is, we recognize that we have the ability to love, fully, freely, without boundaries. The greater our capacity to love, the greater we recognize who we truly are. As we truly are a magnificent light that lights up the world, one precious moment at a time! Sending love to all of you in this “New Now”

I want to dedicate this post to my dear friend and co-worker Francis, who recently released her body and entered into her next precious moment in the light, I connect my heart to yours my friend forever into eternity.

Heart to Heart Robyn

6 thoughts on “Earth Angel Insight Day 95- Precious Moment

  1. My sincere thoughts are with you and are sent out to your friend . I am sure Francis Will be delighted with your words as well as finding herself in her new surroundings…
    I am certain there was a great celebration at her home-coming.. I ask that she be made welcome in her new surroundings as she explores her new Light Body..
    Your love I am sure she already feels… as you do hers in return..

    Love and Blessings to you Robyn

    Sue ❤

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    • Sue thank You so much for your kind words! It brings tears of joy to know that she is home in her new light body! She was diagnosed with lymphoma just 4 months ago, yet she embraced her diagnosis and worked up to 3 weeks before she past away. She showed me such courage and yes I know she feels my love and I feel hers. I have such gratitude for your reflection in this moment to remind me of this truth. With love Robyn

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      • Having sat with my Dad at his passing from this realm to the next, I felt privileged to talk him over as I saw his brother in my psychic eye come to collect him.. I witnessed the peace
        Today I also learned my elderly Aunt whom I am close too was taken into hospital.. I feel also her time with us will be short.. I will travel to see her tomorrow…
        My Aunt is a remarkable lady.. 89.. her 90th birthday is due in March… I am still hoping she will celebrate it.. But my inner knowing tells me she is ready to join her husband ..

        I just wish others would view a passing as a time to celebrate as those on the otherside welcome them home.

        Your friend sounded to be a remarkable lady also.. Much Love your way
        Sue ❤

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      • Sue that is so awesome you could celebrate your Dads passing with him. I have been so blessed to have several friends and family come to me at their time of passing ( since I was very little and had a near death experience at 4) assisting them as well.

        One friend had me write word for word what she wanted me to say at her memorial. Yes to our celebration of transition, and to older age itself. We are always the light in this eternal now. You are so right on my friend!

        Francis is telling me that she is surrounded by Angels! This is the truth we are recognizing in each other as we create a ‘New World” Heaven on earth!

        Three doves just entered my living room to confirm this! Thank you so much Sue for sharing from your heart Love Robyn!

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      • I am so pleased you got the doves as confirmation.. Spirit always send us the signs… its often we who do not recognise them… And I do believe there are those of us who help those pass from one realm to the next..
        I have now been at 3 passings on deathbeds.. And I am sure our energy is much needed to help with their crossings.
        Thank you Robyn for sharing also… We are blessed to have this knowing and knowledge, when so many fear death as being final… To me it will be a much looked forward to adventure, ( not that I am ready to embark upon it yet Lol ).. but I have spoken with and shaken the hand of one who at the time had been spirit side 80 yrs of our Earth time.. If you look under my categories either under trance or physical phenomena you should find a few stories about the physical circles I have had the privilege to be part of.. 🙂
        Lovely to chat this way… Sue

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