Earth Angel Insight Day 66- Acceptance

IMG_2069I’m Back in Maui! I had an amazing time! I loved, laughed and cried with amazing multicultural, vibrant, loving people.

We danced and danced and then danced some more, embracing ourselves in total self acceptance.

Acceptance is simply being open, with no preconceived judgement, as all of life’s magnificence becomes available.

So rest in your “true self” as we ARE all of life, shining bright from within, manifesting our magnificence!

I will post soon on “multidimensional  living” and the “holographic overlay” we are now living in.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Adding a Photo of the group! IMG_2095

4 thoughts on “Earth Angel Insight Day 66- Acceptance

    • Thank you Lorinda! It was great to just keep dancing! I was amazed at actually how my body just seemed to keep up with the flow of up to 6 hours of dancing on the cruise per day! It was certainly one way to “all you can eat” and keep pounds off.
      I also was super grounded with 5D angel work as dancing became the vehicle. You should think about coming next year! It will be the 3rd annual! Many people who mob danced with us had no idea what Zumba even was! Do you have a FB page? My page is Robyn Cabral with the one sitting on the beach (Maui). find me to friend and you will see my dance videos.

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