Our Ascension Journey


Wow as Eye come into this blog on 8/8/17…Eye recognize the invisible nature of oneself and the ability to let ALL completely go. No titles, no names, no answers, no questions… yet recognizing you.. as this journey of BEing the EYE in the center of the atom as the divine partner of creation..where within the scared divine nature of our collective BEing you shine.. not in the look at ‘ME” shine yet in the shine Eye see in all of you.. The spark of everything…the innocence of nothing.. and the peace of zero point.. this is HOW EYE SEE YOU..with every crooked path.. twist and turn.. your path always returned to LOVE.. this love was never a selfish LOVE as your lyght began to see its divine God Spark.. yet the light of ALL..as love ..joy..peace..and harmony.. became your mantra.. This sacred divine love that is NOW shining through your lyght body within as you come into your full creator Being…  as has been revealed to yourself… you discovered all the others are you.. having many differant experiences..and as (YOU) (ME) merge as one Lyght body.. everything is now simply love.. Thank you all here as this journey from March 2014 until August 2017 has been in linear time 3 years and 4 months.. (WordPress and FB family)  divine gratitude as we shine and reflect back that which is our deepest connection to all of MAN KIND.. THAT OF LOVE…. blessings….. Ruby In Sophia of Inner Earth