A Selection Of True Awakening Experiences Part II

I have chosen this moment to reblog this, as we collectively come together in timeless space. This is as real as it gets, thanks again to Barbara Franken for her insight and fortitude to bring soul families together… ❤️💚😇💚💙💗😇 Robyn

Angel Frequency

  This morning inspired by Barbara Franken and company to share my journey of continued awakening through words and pictures. Humbled is the word that comes in first, as these words may some day inspire another to share their journey. This is the link to Barbara’s site and inspiration that led me to his moment. Thank you my friend. Barbara Frankenhttp://memymagnificentself.com/2016/01/26/february-challenge-inspiring-others-by-your-unique-awakening-experience/

  What has influenced my awakening has been rocky, wavy, fast, slow, tearful, joyful, unexplained, grateful, yet so very humbled by falling down and continuing to get back up. This connection that we all share to opening our hearts larger than we thought possible has lead me to this moment. Fully present in this continuing journey.

   My journey started  in a small town in Michigan in 1956, born into what would be a “traditional” upbringing,  feeling very “out of place” with what seemed to be a world of “painful”…

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