Earth angel Insight-Day 42-Realization


This quote from Eckart Tolle…is AWESOME “Nobody can tell you who you are”.” It would just be another concept, so it would not change you”

Every belief becomes an obstacle to who you are…because you already “ARE WHO YOU ARE”…when we relax in this realization…life shines!
Even though you do not even “NEED” realization… without it..who you are does not shine in the world…

Heart to Heart Robyn

2 thoughts on “Earth angel Insight-Day 42-Realization

    • There is perfection in all our experience…wherever it takes us..whatever experience we have… it is simply the reflection of the nameless intelligence that has created the whole universe…free from identity..we become unstoppable and unlimited….much love to you David..Thank you.. Heart to Heart …Robyn


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