Earth Angel Insight Day 39-Fearless

IMG_0271In the past…I think I would have described fearless as “doing” something I had never done…I would have connected it much more to my physical body and the accomplishments of my physical and emotional world…taking on a challenge as if that would “prove” I was fearless…Ha…what a change in this moment..

So what does “FEARLESS” in this GoldenAge look like to the observer….”The Observer” –the one who sees the physical and its many forms from this fearless place…sees no black and white…right and wrong…good and bad…an angel only “knows the moment”…with no past or future…fearless is the ability to let go of “knowing”…letting go of all control..yet trusting that spirit is eternal…even when things appear to be taken from us …or given to us…We no longer live in fear of the “unknown”..yet live in “The Now” full acceptance and accountability for what we create..dancing to the beat of a high vibrational drummer…coming from nothing…where the “story” we lived by… fades away like a sailing ship in the distance…

Heart to Heart Robyn

14 thoughts on “Earth Angel Insight Day 39-Fearless

  1. I am enjoying a visit with an earth angel;) your posts make me feel happy and I love happy;) following back and thanks for finding me so I could experience your beautiful thought provoking happy site;) peace and light 😉


    • That’s you my dear as well!!! You never know when you write what will show up with your readers..putting some real thought provoking posts out there…a “true writer”..going into the “unknown”..FEARLESS…..or you would never write…

      Heart to heart Robyn


    • When you write you are Sophie…you never know how people will respond to your writing! this is “fearless” my friend…having no “control” of the outcome…Your Heart is fearless in your writing as put it out “there” in the moment…I just see so much in you Sophie..Heart to Heart Robyn


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