Sharing our light, is sharing our gifts, as we recognize everything as a gift, our veils have all been lifted, with no fear, or pain, no illness, or death.  We march to creation itself.  We are in the NOW, so there is no urgency to get anywhere. All of CREATION is reflecting LoVe, as we are “ONE” with 5D frequencies, and above. As Divinity reflects from within, we come from peaceful ecstatic bliss. BEing our NEW EARTH. Multidimensional, rockin and rollin in a cosmic dance. Merging our past and future.. we recognize ourselves in ALL ways.

Heart to Heart Robyn

External eternal

When we are clear, living in the mystery , the internal is one with the external eternity 😇💕💕❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹💥💥💥🌋🌋🌋🌅🌅🌅💜💙💚💛💟💟3️⃣3️⃣3️⃣🇺🇸🇦🇫🇦🇩🇦🇷🇦🇿🇧🇾🇧🇹🇮🇴🇧🇮🇨🇻🇨🇱🇰🇲🇨🇮

Channeling this new now

No questions in this moment as coming into integration is now about writing what is here and now.  There is no separation from creation and self. This illusion has caused much pain in humanity’s history as the guilt, blame, shame, persecution, and suffering are over in our new earth! It has come to an end on this higher plane. We see that inside yourself is your universe unfolding light years  with each Nano beat of infinite creation. Each serendipitous person place and thing helps you to clear all of your universe and find the love in all. The endless separation is over! So loving each as one is now the NEW EARTH.We let go with joy, peace and love as all and every being is now being perfect being on one infinite path. We join the infinite expression of self in you as you, and we joyfully enter into infinity seeing yourself loved as a full expression of completeness and connectedness, timeless, ageless


 and love. BEING one with all vibrational  forms with  clairvoyance, cleanse dancing, singing, speaking, writing , exploring accepting and celebrating abundant life with the new embodiment of creation and beautiful expression , colorful tapestry, passionatBEings , humble, peaceful and grateful, resonating power and bliss expressed with all entities in this 5d vibration, I see you!!!! at all times seeing the light , in this perfect silent peace, with new language which resonates through the collective,  all in this bountiful frequency of light . Thank you to all who may read this as one creation connected to another as you. This wild spring , connecting universally together, into eternity as one expression of multiple lights, Being the IAm amazing


holographic, symmetrical fractal of the  collective way—-shower of experience, remembering sweet expression of oneness, where life is full of self fulfillment, as the highest expression of “the one”.  Easy, effortless and healthy , choosing ageless endless bliss,  love peace for all now.. Join us as we walk the earth full of love for all mankind, as a channel connecting to the universe through all it’s many entities we are the humble


warriors of today. Expressing ones true colors of love, the expression of life coming forth as all forms,  as itself , one creation of love fully manifesting,  as oneself walking through life fully integrated. This expression comes through many forms of transmutation, transcendence , exploring clairvoyance, telepathy, shape shifting , shamans, angels, archangels, and extraterrestrials expressing through us as one creative, imageblissful   amazing sovereign being. We are ecstatic we are manifesting through them. ET’s of  one love. We see them as ourselves, as we recognize divinity as creation fully expressed as one. We return home to ourselves as we never left, all illusions of significance, pride and grandeur no longer exist. We say yes to creation as a natural way of being. Having all of life be a manifestation , we play as one, through this expressed interconnected hologram, incarnate with and in divinity , we see each other in all our forms, manifesting through joy, harmonyimage

tranquility, peace , acts of love.  now in your universe. Seeing the smile joy and bliss of your world is all with all as we step into 5d together….heart to heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 56- “New DNA”

A brief comment I wrote on DNA and transformation in this lifetime.
Grounding in this New DNA looks something like this for me.IMG_1029

We are all in the possibilities of “NEW DNA”. Where history is but a distant whisper. We experience every moment in a new now. A “NEW” incarnation in this lifetime. Still loving all of the ancestral “3D” and “past life” 4D experiences, that were all perfect for us. Yet being released into 5D were “love” is expressing itself in every “NEW” now. Where history is created from “nothing”, yet we experience it from everything.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 28-Surrender

IMG_1581Some would say surrender is a sign of weakness…yet when I speak of surrender…I speak of strength…to surrender in love is the highest vibration we can bring to each other..thus bringing lightness of our form to our planet..the more I have surrendered to love…the more the sparks of love connect to this miraculous grid of high vibration…The vibration I call 5D and above..5th dimensional living has our bodies live in eminent light ..forming into multicolored sparks..with crystalline structure.. thus we forms grids shining and connecting to each other..

So surrender to this moment in love and observe the very brightness of the miraculous unity consciousness of love…

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 21-Diversity

imageI am traveling through many different frequencies …being on the mainland… I get many opportunitys to stay in my serenity frequency as chaos can be magnified here.. We have been surrounded with celebration …and at the same time.. There has been the frequency of FEAR.. we are surrounded by wild fires here… Yet with the awareness of this diversity . At any moment …I am at choice to chose calm and serenity .. Which is such an awesome observation..

So my question for the rest of this week for you is … Who do you choose to be? …Awareness brings diversity … With all the amazing humanness that we are.. We can BE that which we chose to be .. Letting go of all the other stories we can tell.. We step into the DIVINE…living in the light…

Heart to Heart Robyn

I am traveling up from San Diego to Northern California to my Only Daughters graduation from Engineering … So I will be back in to post when I get back to Maui..In the time that I post again choose who you want to BE.. Your angels are with you!!

Earth Angel Insight Day 8-Abundance

IMG_0846 So here we are coming into our own… with this big influx of light… into our universal consciousness..integrating what we are experiencing…after my blog yesterday on trusting to communicate my experience…also realizing thatnumber 7 is all about trust and openness…I said “so what is day 8 bringing”…and the word that came up was 8 not only symbolizes infinity…it symbolizes abundance..

After clearing up any breakdown of trust I may have had …I focused on easy effortless abundance…which
has found its doors opening to me as I open to it…after 34 years of going into traditional work as a dental hygienist ..this week Thursday will be my last full time week of work…and I am overjoyed …I feel an abundance of energy surge through me as I contemplate the many possibility’s…

You see abundance to me comes in so many forms…there is abundance of money of course… which I am open to receiving…and it sure helps to have something so easy to exchange…yet I want to explore the abundance of living in universal consciousness…and to be honest…I think this is just the beginning…as we tap into the hearts of each other..and connect…the doors seem to fly open…I have already met so many awesome people in the last 28 days as a blogger..that I feel we are already making a difference…as this abundant world is all around us.. and is welcoming us… beyond any kind of boundaries…religions…looks…age…sex…beliefs…we are connecting heart to heart… as so much of the history of fear is DROPPING away like a past that will no longer be needed…courage to communicate…feeling free to share…saying I love you to someone when they share from their heart… its all inside us …waiting for us to open to infinity…starting with love of self…

I am excited for the knowing that things are changing… as my friend from Pakistan stated “what if all leaders came from love in their hearts” … Now that’s Abundance!

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 4-Clarity

Peacefully Evolving  I have become very clear that after I write my blog in the early evening…and I wake up the next morning…
I begin my day with exactly what I wrote about the night before…so I found today a perfect day to explain
this phenomenon…last night I wrote about going with the flow.. even in chaos…so here is what transpired…

I got up and turned my computer on…was able to answer a few comments..and then BAM…an opportunity happened..
I started to get ready to help a friend…and then everything changed…phone rang…can you work?…someone is sick..
yes…I will be there in an hour…as I was driving…I realized I was stepping into a brand new computer system…
with my patients…in this office…yet I keep repeating to myself…all is well..just go with the flow…I get into the office
5 patients for different providers waiting…and my patient is here…I looked up..told my assistant..I will figure this out (computer)
just give me 5 minutes…and sure enough all day long…digital x-rays..exams…cleanings..all flowed…which leads to
the best part…because I was focused on what I wanted… not the challenge…I could really connect with my patients

So clarity about what we want is my 4th insight…If we set the intention for ANYTHING we desire…this is what takes place..
not just wishful thinking…yet knowing…where there are no limitations…and as a new blogging friend just posted …The Shackles start to
come off…and magnificence is what we are left with…Heart to heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight..Day 3-Flow

IMG_0027Being the observer…allows for all of life to flow…so what does that mean to someone who flows…flowing in ones life means no attachment..and this is where the shift happens…there is no qualifications for how someone shows up in our lives… and we can honestly live from a place of love of self…there can be complete chaos happening..yet when we are centered in ourselves…we shine our light and simply BE…life unfolds…

This is when magical synchronicity…becomes our reality…when we ride this wave…it is as if the people places and things in our lives were placed there in perfect timing…and we become aware of the connections to all of life…universal consciousness has us listen very intently to our messages..they are literally coming from within us…as people share with us exactly what we always knew …that we are creating our reality… NO mistakes…so enjoy the ride…see your answers unfold and thank everyone for their contribution…even when we may be confused by their response…
we are assisting each other… all evolving in our own perfect timing…where no one is considered less than or more than..yet miraculous.. ONE in the same….Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 2-Relax

IMG_0618WE are in a new Earth vibration my friends….whatever is working to expand us is present for all of us…there are NO mistakes as we are being given exactly what is helping us raise our vibration…this can mean seeing old habits or ways of thinking literally disappear…

So my insight for the day is this…relax into your day…whatever comes along accept it…as you have been given what you are asking for …without the Old Earth Karma to attach yourself to…you will heal from your past as if you have no worries…when your acceptance becomes love of yourself…you will live in universal harmony with all around you…you see you have always been what you were looking for…stay tuned for more about seeing through the eyes of angel each day brings  so much more for us all to see… Heart to Heart Robyn

First Earth Angel Insight Day 1-Open

IMG_1138 Expression and sensitivity…Not always the two words that I wanted to hear about myself…yet now it all makes sense… for the guiding missions some of us have chosen to be on…going inside for guidance…asking what was my message today?…as we step into our NEW EARTH…UNIVERSAL LOVE…we can be challenged in loving all those pieces of ourselves that are now coming together…so Open …open…be sensitive and loving to yourself in all ways…as we rise into our new frequency

We are all in our perfect place… as the energy from this new earth vibrates into our very BEING…that place where we go into universal nothingness…this is the place where there is no good and bad …right and wrong…where love springs open its portals of unlimited unconditional love of oneself…as the old earth is GONE…so let Go…Love….and watch things unfold…

My commitment is to continue to write daily and inspire others to do the same.. Heart to Heart Robyn