Earth Angel Insight Day 89-Seeing Extraordinary In The Ordinary

imageBy going inimageside to where my heart sings, I see extraordinary in the ordinary. There may be some people who think I live in the clouds and have no idea what it would be like to live their very ordinary or even painful life.

I am here to say I lead a very grounded ordinary life, with one major exception, I see love in everyone and everything. This I am proud to say has me recognize our collective magnificence. As” we”  truly are the brightest star in all of the Galaxies connecting to each other, with intertwining gifts and creative talents that go beyond the confines of form.

As my heart has opened to source consciousness and vibrates love, even the murkiest of water can see its spark of crystalline structure and transcend into it’s true self. As in a course of love we become a holographic circle of selves coming back to “self” with inspiration as our tool, crossing over into higher and higher dimensions. Sharing with each other in our ordinary lives the power of love.

As we accept and share with each other in love, anything is possible!  Make 2015 ” BE” your year of love!

Heart to Heart Robyn

Heaven Is Here Now

Let the ordinary become extraordinary ! Post from Celia Hales


“Atonement might be equated with total escape from the past and total lack of interest in the future. Heaven is here. There is nowhere else. Heaven is now. There is no other time. (M-24.6)”

This is a personal favorite from ACIM. Heaven is here. Yes! We don’t have to wait for an afterlife. We can create the Heaven that we want, once we have ceased making illusions. We “create” Heaven, as co-creators with God; but we “make” illusions when we are in our egoic minds.

And we aren’t so interested in the future, either here or in another world. We live very much in the Now.

Time is simultaneously Now. Time itself is an illusion meant to allow us to experience things. But we can slow down our pace sufficiently, and calm ourselves down, and enjoy the present. Many people find this experience very hard to come by in our…

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Earth Angel Insight Day 88-Frequency Upgrades

Frequency Upgrades

Frequency Upgrades

Here we are in this moment Dec. 27th 2014 in the middle of frequency upgrades. Those of us who have been experiencing these energy shifts feel lighter, and literally filled with light.
Recently returning to Dallas to be with family, the challenge to stay in higher vibrations has been easier, feeling this challenge is perfect timing, as always, I have embraced this “new now”

It has been asked of me to explain the process of frequency shifts and it’s impact on all of us. I can only speak from the experience and information I get as a Wayseer. Our universes are very vast and in each one of us we are also infinite. We live in multidimensional experiences and have many different simultaneous frequencies.

When a “portal” or “gateway” opens up we have an opportunity to enter into higher dimensions. Many times becoming formless as the frequencies increase. The level at which we can manifest and create on this earth plane in higher frequency is 5D/6D where our form vibrates in Love. As multidimensional levels of “enlightens” traveling in other dimensions, we as a collective can stay grounded, in this multiplex of holographic experiences.

The 25th through 29th gateway has opened to Christ Consciousness, 12th demension, this gateway is powerful and shifts our earth, and each embodied spirit will experience this shift differently. The new babies coming in will be upgrades of our “old selves” We will forgive with divine grace, spread our light with peacefulness, and honor each embodied spirit to complete their divine missions. Some beings will transition into the light, through releasing their physical form, some will resist with free will, yet others will choose to enter the light in physical form, remembering why we are here.

Honoring our individual journey, yet entering into collective unity, I will continue to write as part of my mission for being here, gratitude for this “now moment”, I say thank you to all who have embraced me in this last linear year, seeing you all in the light.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 87-Heavenly

imageListening to Christmas Music I ran across an Eckhart Tolle quote ” Heaven is an inside job”, as he was explaining what higher frequency consciousness is. He said the details of manifestation in “New Earth” is not the important part.

It is clear to me at this moment, that all the details are truly being created by BEING love. That this flow of love and peace truly is an inside job, with manifestations being an outword expression of our collective consciousness coming into our world as if Heaven had returned to earth, each of us having our individual creativity, assisting in lifting this veil, as illusions fade away.

Feeling Grateful for this moment

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 86-Transmutation

On this Eve of Christ’s resurrection, we are given this opportunity to express our love in infinite ways. our DNA re calibrates through this love vibration. and our energy field rises to the unknown “New Earth” connection in unity. This is our form of resurrection, where we no longer have the answers for anyone else’s journey, where the journey shifts from right and wrong, good and bad, to being entirely present to higher vibration frequencies, allowing for the new to unfold. Grounded in the physical with family and friends, we are joy full and at peace.

I am sharing with my father during the Holidays, and grateful for our connection. Sending love to all as this very powerful “time” is here, between the 25-29th Gateway.


Earth Angel Insight Day 85-Golden Age

imageMany people have questions about this so called Golden Age, as they turn the T.V. on to the news of the hour. Yet our frequencies are rising with the power of love like a power wash!

When our frequency is in the higher vibrations, even the most difficult observation can shift as if a light bulb got turned on. We are “light”, like the brightest stars we can imagine, connecting to each other with no boundaries. It’s only when we want to protect our small self “the separate self” that we wonder what are these people talking about?

During the holidays families have an opportunity to get together and challenge each other to love no matter what histories (illusions) may be hiding in the background. Our reflections can be huge eye openers, showing us the path to opening.

This GoldenAge is about unison without separation, as we enter into a Galactic and Cosmic shift, called the 7th Sun, creating purification of old energies, where we dance to a different drummer. One of Crystilline DNA. We smile much more, and we listen from our hearts, bringing joy, peace and harmony into our inner body, reflecting it outward to manifest in magical ways.

Love in the deepest part of your being, and see where it takes you, now and always we dance the dance in the light. Gracefully entering into 2015, this “Golden Age”

Heart to Heart Robyn

About ME

Earth Angel

The moment is now, through conscious awareness, we enter into our collective creativity, our vibrational frequency that brings forth a journey of oneness. No longer feeling separate, yet resonating at a frequency of love, where anything is possible.image

We recognize our very being is unlimited, ageless and timeless. No longer attached to lower ego run beliefs, we flourish in our creation as an amazing mutidementional being, unfolding and manifesting through the very light “source” that we are.

This blog takes us on a journey into what 5D (love frequency )(528 hertz) and above looks like in its manifestation. Grounding ourselves beyond our five senses. Enjoy the journey!

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 84- This Now

imageConscious living, being awake, in this new NOW, we have an opportunity to enter into authentic living. Authentic living is allowing for, without being against. Seeing with open eyes the very creation of life, as an unfoldment of all of the miracles that “we are”. We no longer have thoughts, actions, possessions, persons or conditions run us, and the joy of this NEW NOW is that very realization. Where internal freedom rests, we unfold with open hearts.

This quote from Eckhart Tolle sums up the old energies ” The thought forms of “I Want”, “I Need”, “I Must Have”, and of “Not Enough” pertain not to content but to structure of the Ego. When these thought forms operate, no possession, place, person or condition will ever satisfy

Heart to Heart Robyn

2015 the year of abundance 8 energy. Let us ride the wave of love.

Earth Angel Insight Day 83- Listening and Seeing

Listening and imageSeeing beyond words, beyond perceptions, into the silence of now, where our internal universe expands, revealing that which is brand new, beyond our five senses we enter into the unknown with the excitement of a child.

Heart to Heart Robyn

J. O. P. B. (Joy, oneness, peace, belonging.) a message from Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll

Kryon speaks of balance, through channeling, this message about “our soul” is worth taking a look at.. Our oneness revealed.

Forever Unlimited

“Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. The channeling process is far more common than you know. I know who’s here, and there are those in this room, right now, who know how channeling works. When the healer steps up to the patient, there’s a communication. It’s channeling, and the healer knows all about it. Sometimes the healer steps aside and in comes the information the healer needs, which is often verified by the innate of the patient in front of them. Then the two of them begin the balance, the dance of energies, and the channeling begins.

Now a healer and a channeler have something in common. They both are channeling, but in different ways. Healers don’t heal. They balance. No Human Being can…

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