Remembering Infinity: Vision for a New Earth

Stargazer sees the vision that comes from within, manifesting in this here and now, saying yes to our “New Earth”
Can you see it….? Thank you for sharing this powerful vision Stargazer…

Remembering Infinity

Why not envision a world where everything works in perfect harmony? Why not envision a world where everything exists in perfect harmony?

Over the past few months, I’ve written quite a bit about nature and creation, as well as our individual and collective abilities to bring about positive change. I’ve also written about many of the things I intend to experience in the days, months, and years ahead. What I suppose I haven’t done is develop or share a clear picture of the kinds of “Earth Changes” I expect to see.

In the Light of new understanding, I’ve learned that to create the kind of future we wish to see, each of us must first fix our intentions firmly in mind. The more we’re able to envision it, invest feeling into it, and take whatever actions we can to help bring it into being, the sooner we’ll be able to actually experience it.

Unfortunately, far too many people still seem to be…

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Earth Angel Insight Day 96- You Are Divinity

imageAfter searching far and wide, clearing, letting go, being with, all that is, we realize that all the ego driven illusions, seem to finally become silent. There is no resistance in this space, only an openness to the flow of the moment. There is a sense of humor in this silence, as peace sweeps over us.

We begin to wake up, recognizing the vastness of our universal selves, seeing our divinity in everything. This is where eternal infinity rests, inside us, smiling from the inside, expressing ourselves to ourselves. We become the wayseers, without any need to change, heal or correct another, we simply are.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Do you Know Love

Another beautiful reminder from endless love and light fellow blogger Mark

Endless Light and Love


Those who know Love
Know its facility in all matters,
Others find it useful occasionally
While the broken-hearted bitterly laugh
And deny Love altogether.
Can you hear in their laughter
The sound of Heaven?

God is not to blame for the separation.
He has never turned his back on you.
Blame is the disease
Which blinds you of unity’s truth.

Wake up; the nightmare is over.
The light is in them
As well as in you.
The thinest of veils
Divides the two.
You are one Self.

You are not weak, but strong.
You are not limited, but unlimited.
You are not unloved, but much beloved.
You have suffered only for this,
That you may bless those who suffer still.

Take your time to contemplate the words above my dear friends and think of ways in which you can help others to see that they too are loved, share your…

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Earth Angel Insight Day 95- Precious Moment

IMG_2120Each moment is a precious moment. When we truly enter into this moment as it is, we recognize that we have the ability to love, fully, freely, without boundaries. The greater our capacity to love, the greater we recognize who we truly are. As we truly are a magnificent light that lights up the world, one precious moment at a time! Sending love to all of you in this “New Now”

I want to dedicate this post to my dear friend and co-worker Francis, who recently released her body and entered into her next precious moment in the light, I connect my heart to yours my friend forever into eternity.

Heart to Heart Robyn

THE ORACLE REPORT: Thursday, January 22, 2015

For those who have interest in Astrology, here is the latest from this excellant Oracle report

Forever Unlimited


Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Moon Phase: intend, initiate

Moon in Pisces

Ruling Mahavidya: Matangi

Skill: learn from the past

Negative Imprint: disguise, dissatisfaction with life, rules of social structure, emptiness, domination, quitting

Positive Imprint: free spirited, asserting independence, the true essence of people, advising, passions turned to creativity, changes to external appearance of things reflecting internal changes

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “an old adobe mission” (building the future, inspiring the Second Renaissance, personal spiritual space)

Today is the last day of the New Moon phase of this lunar cycle.  According to ancient wisdom, the directive for the days of thee New Moon phase is to set goals and intentions and make wishes (or reinstate previous ones).  So if you have not done this, today is your chance to plant your heart’s desire into the field…

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Earth Angel Insight Day 94-The Miracle of You!

imageAs we go inside we start to discover that we already are the Miracle of Life! It is not what we said, created, did, thought we should do, did not do, and on and on, that defines us. We AlREADY ARE! All ego drops aside, exposing its illusions! Even when ego wants to grasp on to spiritual superiority, we can chuckle at its humor.

When we wake up and return HOME to ourselves, we realize that the illusions of “not good enough” are simply stories that run out of gas, these stories may be pretty hard to let go of, yet once we start to peel the onion back, we recognize the pearl inside all of us!

Returning home to ourselves, no longer being run by our thoughts or circumstances, or others thoughts or circumstances, we find that space of peace and love, where we rest in ourselves “AS” creation, manifesting unlimited possibility’s by simply “BEING”.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 93-Light Gifters

When life gives us an opportunity to shift, will we contract or expand? As master, director, and writer of the script that appears before us, will we shine light on what we “SEE” and simply”BE”? image

When we no longer carry the illusions of separation, we can flow in our life without having “WHAT HAPPENS”or”WHAT WE THINK” run us, yet step into the simple flow of awareness.

Instead of “working at shining our light”, we simply are the light, our natural state, where we gift each other “ourselves”, the stars that we are, a perfect fit in the Cosmic Puzzle!

Heart to Heart Robyn

Truth And Love Quote

With Martin Luther Kings movie Selma coming out soon, I wanted to share from a fellow blogger this Quote from Martin Luther King. This last part of this quote fills my heart! ” I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final say” Yes!!!

” I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality… I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word. ”

– Martin Luther King Jr.

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Earth Angel Insight Day 92 – Authentic Living

imageThis “New Now” is all about Authentic Living, where we live our life more in tune with what we were created to be. Living the truth we know and feel within. Living our inner greatness. Our ability to be in connection with our own true essence, and act in alignment with that essence. This way of living allows us the opportunity to be transparent and vulnerable. The opportunity to be genuine, standing in the presence of all our imperfections, living an open, honest and engaged life, where we trust our intuitions, and the flow of our life. Forever going deeper into oneself we discover that which is uniquely ours to express and share. We are all a unique expression of the whole and it is “time” to shine!

Our “old selfs” has us live a life that ignores our true gifts and talents while performing assigned or inherited roles. This quote sums it up ” Our old selfs send false information about who we are and what we ” should” be doing with our life. It blocks the information to our intuitive authentic self, and drains our energy. Relying on information from our old self means we put our trust in a broken compass.”

So let this 1/11 energy of creativity and confidence, assist us in maintaining our authentic living!

Heart to Heart Robyn

Kara Schallock – Ascension Notes – Soulstice Rising – 1-11-15

Feeling the 11-11 energy as described by Kara Schallock in her Ascension Notes Soultice Rising. Kara has been sharing her heart to the tune of close to 70 thousand people in her Community on Facebook called “Ascension Soultice Rising”, never once feeling a spiritual superiority, as she walks the walk. Thank you Kara for your light and love.

Higher Density Blog


Tomorrow we have the opportunity to receive a really powerful download of high dimensional Light (you probably are already feeling it). This is connected strongly to the 11-11-14 “gateway.” (I am guided not to use human terms such as “gateway” and “portal,” as these lock the energies in a box and are finite. Instead, by not labelling the energies, we allow them to be free-flowing, much like it is essential that we be free-flowing.) If you want to remind yourselves about the 11-11 “gateway,” here is the Ascension Note: This 11-11-15 also adds up to an 11, as did the 11-11-14. There has been a continual flow of high vibrational energy since then and now culminates in anchoring the higher energies. Because of this, many are experiencing physical manifestations such as headaches, skin…

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