Sindy’s Clearing Challenge… Clearing and Living in the New Energy Consciousness…

I found this post by Barbara Franken a reflection of my journey. My friend Sindy inspired the “Clearing Challenge” posts that Barbara wrote, and since I feel I am living in a timeless now, this was the ” new now” to reblogg this shift in consiousness shared by so many of us. Thank you Barabara and Sindy for inspiring these words to reach the collective.

Me, My Magnificent Self

IAM Peace...

IAM honoured to take part in Sindy’s Clearing challenge sharing my insights into… Clearing and Living in the New Energy Consciousness… 

However before you read further… I would like to share with you how I came to write what I have…

Since I committed myself to writing ‘my clearing post’ for today…  I have had a good many days to ponder as to what I could write… and as each day passed, reading all ‘my sisters’ posts… I CHANGED my theme… many times… (as theme after theme was already posted)… Oh… what a CHALLENGE this was turning out to be…  but inspiration seemed abundant… as I portray in my ‘soul art’ painting  above….  IAM PEACE…. and I was inspired to write, as I thought was, my final post… 


jokingly mentioned, in my comment to Deelia’s post…… that I had ‘more work’ to do, releasing all my yesterdays……

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Waking sleep / Sleepwalking This was my comment to this thought filled article on” Waking sleep/sleepwaking” an amazing writer
Hey girl what a great way to wake up the living dead! Through awareness. Having the experience of ‘Waking Up” has been the big game changer of co-creation to exist in my awareness. Awareness that the space between thoughts is who “I am”. My ego self wants to have a past and answers from the past, yet my spiritual self lives in the unknown without conditioning from the past or future. My authentic self has nothing to get or gain, so all that is created is higher self, ever expanding without limitations. Being grounded in uncertainty allows for nonresistance in this “now” where unlimited possibilities reside. Energy is unlimited when we recognize we are truly source, and our bright light shines…. Much love Robyn

Fool's Dictionary

zombies walkingOur greatest illusion – and the one that’s hardest to give up – is that we live a conscious and deliberate life, that we create our own unique personality, that we are masters of our own choices, that whatever we feel and think is authentically “us” and that we know who we are in all of our fascinating depths and complexities. The condemnation of our lives as a sleepwalker’s trance and the call to awaken has resounded across time, from the old testament to the Buddhist sutras and the revolutionary pamphlets of the last two centuries – but we usually take these statements as merely quaint metaphors. What if our sleepwalking is literal? Every day we rise and fall into automatic routines, we think the same old thoughts, spout the same familiar words, replay our habitual emotional responses, and move with identical mannerisms. But we resist admitting that we dwell…

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Earth Angel Insight Day 100- Timeless “New Now”

IMG_1583WOW!  WordPress says it has been one year yesterday that I opened up this blog! Perfect timing as this is my 100th insight and I have posted a little over 200 posts. My first post was on March 30th, so I must have pondered for awhile. What an amazing experience to create a community of such awesome beautiful spirits! I have gratitude for every connection and have close to 400 followers through WordPress, Email or Facebook, with 3,878 views and 578 comments, that seems like few to some, yet many for me.

I am truly humbled by your amazing creativity, talents, expressions and gifts of writing you all share. I am not sure how many blogs I follow, yet you all inspire me. This year has flown by!  Many of you may be experiencing this same light speed. Hard to believe my daughter graduated from college almost a year ago in May.

I feel that It has been “forever” that I have been on a spiritual path and feel very grateful to have journeyed along with you all in this “new now”

What I have experienced in this “new now”, is a sense of peace and joy that remains untouched by outer circumstance. This “new now” says flow authentically with this moment as it is all that is. As we collectively rise to experience more love and light, we are collectively remembering who we truly are. A magnificent beaming light shining ever so bright, capable of anything and everything. “We” truly are all the space between form, where the timeless, ageless eternal now exists. Where communication is wordless, yet enjoys  its grounded expressions. “We” are all of divine presence, with divine purpose, rising through awareness into higher and higher dimensions. “Our” “Source” “Christ” within shines ever so bright in this “New Now”

Shine on my friends as we bring together our Holographic Masterpiece where “Christ Consciousness” lives!

Heart to Heart Robyn Thank you! IMG_0439

Earth Angel Insight Day 99- Awakend From Ego Based Earth Drama

IMG_0844Getting “home” yesterday, my ego based earth drama, seemed to be slipping me away, as I watched how I want things to be a certain way for myself and others. I watched how my life had been supported by my belief systems and the truth of the matter is I was “Being” full of myself.

Yet as quickly as this drama seemed to be taking me on a ride, I went into non-resistance of the moment and the forms that I saw seemed to no longer exist in the drama zone or 3D world. It became very clear to me that as I give “space to all that is” there is this simple inner space that does not require anything of me. I no longer have the answer for another or even myself when it comes to their life path. The inner space of joy that remains has no resistance to what is so anymore.

I now surrender to all limitations and illusions. Being completely fulfilled by the “now” moment, where aliveness is in the center of stillness, where ego created earth drama ends. I have absolute gratitude for all I have shown myself as a reflection of self from others, and awaken to the stillness within, allowing this moment, to be as it is, saying yes to this now.

Allowing for this ascension journey to unfold, I have recognized that my “need” for words may change and that I have no idea what to expect. Being back here in Maui allows for many silent days, as this seems to be my path. Others may be the new writers of tomorrow’s world, yet this timeless journey for me is endless, grounded in this now, I say yes to the unknown. Sending out love and light to all, as I approach my 100th insight, where another shift has occurred.

Heart to Heart RobynIMG_0514

Endless Source

Beautiful reminder from Pat’s blog source of inspiration… Source simply is…

Source of Inspiration

There is an endless Source
of love, laughter, joy
an endless Source
of life
as it is created
again and again.

How is it that we try
to explain, understand
even control

Source simply is
Source of all

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