Earth Angel Insights—My Near Death Experience

Encouraged by a fellow blogger to share my near death experience as a 4 year old…I think about what promises I made on that faithful day and say.. thank you to all who may read this… from my heart to yours…

The day was a special one…when we would as a family all go up to my grandparents cabin…a little over 2 hours from our small hometown in Michigan…the year was 1960…and excitement was in the air….my parents had 4 small quite an accomplishment to make it happen. I was the oldest girl…( originally posted that 1952 was the year of the death experience…yet this was the year my soul miscarried in my mother, and 1960 was the year I fell in the well…I was born in 1956)…there are no mistakes…

Soon after we arrived…the life changing event that changed all of our lives..was to happen…father had to open a 16 foot dry well.. working on getting water turned on inside the cabin…while Mom was inside changing diapers on the baby… Dad had thought that we were all in the cabin… as he was getting another tool…yet my brother and I were playing outside on the other side…running around the cabin…bees came out of a log and I ran straight backwards on my head… into the bottom of the cement well..

I stayed in my body..feeling no pain..and having an amazing sense of peace…. I remained conscious…when we arrived at the 2nd hospital I lifted out of my body and started to watch the doctors as they were working on me…I was a bit confused by the chaos…and wanted to tell them I was fine…yet I instinctively knew I had no words to speak…I was reading their minds and watching…I could see my Mom and Dad in the other room and just started to lift to this eternal blissful place….seeing this amazing bright light…I zipped really fast up into this angelic realm where I could see beautiful angel like faces in a circle and a hand reaching out to me…I had no fear…no age…simply the most blissful feeling that to this day I have experienced…everything was spoken without opening my mouth …as I felt like I had returned home…I had nothing to say…

Then without seeing anyone…I heard a booming that echoed through the are not done mind wanted to speak yes I am..yet no words would come out…just the thought I will go back was there…yet I wanted to stay…the voice told me I had much teaching to do…that I would teach forgiveness..and that I had much to learn …and would understand …that I came back to make this agreement…and I had a choice…in my mind I said yes I will go back

As fast as I had left my body…I was back in my body…in a crib in the recovery room in the hospital…I was scared looking around me…yet still had no pain…only a shaved head…( I found out later my parents were told “If” I lived I may never walk.. talk…eat…or even come out of a coma ever again)… yet when I woke up I was standing up throwing my toys to the girl next to me and talking to her like nothing happened..never even having a headache…they called me the miracle child…and after 3 days of observation I was able to go home.

With my life being constantly surrounded by angels and spirits…as I grew up…I had no real avenue to share my experiences…so I did not talk about them for years…

Entering into this blogging world with full acceptance to share my experiences… my agreements as a gatekeeper and wayseer are coming forward to share and… I feel blessed that I chose to come back…

Heart to Heart Robyn

39 thoughts on “Earth Angel Insights—My Near Death Experience

  1. Grateful to be able to share all of me in this now 2020 .. reactivated this WordPress a couple days ago to these timeless messages


  2. Thank you for this gift, Robyn. You and all of the others that have had these experiences give us so much assurance of the peace and love that is our birth right. The fact that you were invited into this experience and then decided to come back to us to share your gift make it even more amazing.
    In Love, Teresa

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    • Thank you Teresa, I was very reluctant to talk about it much when I was younger. My birth family is very traditional in their beliefs, and it scared them at first to listen to me talk about lifting the veil between worlds. ( very similar to the movie.,” heaven is real”. I think partly because they wanted me to have a “normal” life. “in their eyes”. I am so grateful to feel grounded in my experiences now. As this was much more difficult before. I will share more about about my experience with people who have crossed over in the future. Heart to Heart Robyn


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    Earth Angel Insight -Day 55 Intuitive Synchronicity
    Some may be aware of the Lions Gate or Diamond Light Grid infusing into our consciousness. Allowing us to expand into our power, where we “ground in”, the gifts we came to share…I posted this “Near Death Experience” about a month ago, and wanted to intuitively share it again today, coming from kindness and joy in our heart center, I see your light.


  4. Wow Robyn. I feel blessed to have found you. I’ve had two, what I call, as my near death experiences but they were nothing like yours. I didn’t really die and I never left my body. The first one was when I was in the hospital at 19 getting my stomach pumped. I was inside my body but felt separate from it and fully conscious. I also had a sense of peace and calm. I wanted to share this with the anxious hospital staff but couldn’t as I was not part of my body.
    The next one came about four years ago, which really wasn’t a death experience but more of a close call. After the second experience I started getting the urge to meditate and I have since become very spiritual. I learned during one meditation that I orchestrated my second near death so I could be reborn. I also now have an inner knowing that I didn’t have before. Another funny coincidence is that I was born in 1960. Anyway, I’m really enjoying reading your blog and look forward to connecting more with you. Here’s sending you Tons of Celestial Love, Lorlinda


    • Now I could get to your comment! Yes to us coming together! Your experiences were similar,as I was unable to speak into their frantic panic, and yet was able to see what can happen “here”. You have inspired me to share the post again, and also to remember to “ground in” the human experience, as I intuit the new energy’s and vibrations…Thank you so for your heart, openness and time it took to comment here!
      We have come together in divine timing…Heart to heart Robyn

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    • Stomper I am so glad we found each other in the blogging world…seems we have been on a similar journey…I know the right timing will come for me to get your ebook
      When I step out of the dental world and create time to read this weekend….Heart to heart Robyn


    • It has been fascinating to me to experience “heaven here on earth” as the veil was lifted as I opened my heart to my sister in law passing and she came to me to experience this peaceful space of eternal life…Heart to Heart Robyn…I can tell by reading your blog you are a bright light beaming!

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  5. It’s always nice to hear you are a miracle child. Accident or not, I wish we remembered to tell all of our children this and carried those words with us always. Many blessings Robyn!

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  6. Thank you to all who have entered into this journey of forgiveness and light…you have all showed me such kindness here..and what you see in me you see in yourself…With gratitude..Heart to Heart Robyn


  7. Dearest Robyn, thank you for sharing your touching story… How wonderful is it to have an experience like that… to be reminded you are always be in the presence of angels… that you are an instrument of forgiveness… and to be gifted with patience and peacefulness in knowing there is still much to learn? This inspired me greatly today. “Heart to Heart” 🙂 David ❤

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    • My darkest moments are still teaching me…as when I was given the choice to take the path of forgiveness..I was also given many opportunities to forgive…which meant “BEING” with all of it…as connecting to oneness always meant I was the “DARKNESS” and the “LIGHT” David you are a VERY HIGH BEING..also choosing the path of the “sensitive”…this means you have been “through” as in BEING with… many parts of humanity…You too have connected us together in the path of forgiveness and love…the road less traveled…yet MOVING light years to light the forgiveness for all… I feel your gifts..and I say to you with compassion and tears of joy.. Thank you for your dedication to staying here on this EARTH PLANE.. to shine your light…as you are a wayseer as well…Heart to heart Robyn We are “BEING” connected…


  8. Such an amazing experience…so you have known since a very young girl what your purpose is!!! I am so happy for you…and can only imagine what your family went through at that time. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story of love! 🙂

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    • Yes my purpose was revealed…yet I took almost 50 years to actually step into unconditional forgiveness of self…I was shown many areas of darkness of humanity first..and struggled with being “with” what we as a whole had done to ourselves…It was and has been the road less traveled…yet I am grateful for all the darkness that was revealed to me as well…It is time for me to talk about my that others see…darkness is given to us so we can see the light…Just as Martin Luther King said “we cannot see the stars without going into darkness” all of our life is in perfect balance…If I was to meet God ..then the balance for me was meeting my own “Devil”as well…as we are all of it…Thank you so much Lori for reading this with such Love…You are also a beaming light for others…Heart to heart Robyn


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