New Earth

As the harvest moon and eclipse take form,  our frequency has shifted. I painted on the eve of  9/15/16 and as the sun came up this am, I went to my painting, 9/16/16 and painted the frequency shift.  I felt the shift happen over night, even though this shift of purging all of the past 3D frequency , has happened in my consciousness , as the “one”, this transmuting is on going in the collective. Now is time for compassion for all humanity, as we connect in ❤️love to the all. Check in on yourself in the moments of observation of this dramatic shift for the collective. Choose your frequency in this now . We as a soul group can raise the collective just by BEIng . Divine sovereign creative  BEings. ❤️Rocks our world! This is what we signed up for, and it is in the here and now!! Eternal, timeless, and ageless, grounded in 5D and above. We are the way showers and this is the “time”.  Each has a divine role in our sovereignty, and we thank ALL who have participated in this Matrix. I love you as you are my ️️reflection. We are here to “see” the “One” in the all and simply BE.  Heart to Heart Robyn