I just received this blogger award

Thank you so much Afsheen…I am honored … http://afsheenanjum.wordpress.com/2014/07/01/most-influential-blogger-award-sister-hood-of-the-world-bloggers-award/ Rules To accept the award, the awardees must do the following:

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Interesting things about myself…

1.) I believe in eternal life…(ageless and timeless)

2.) I have had a near death experience at 4 years old..

3.) I believe forgiveness and love change the world…

4.) I practice acceptance as a mirror for my light to shine…

5.) I believe we are all connected separated only by a thin veil…(heaven on earth)

6.) I love colorful clothes and love to dance (Especially Zumba)…

7.) I am married to my best friend Hoppy

8.) I feel my only daughter Aly is the biggest gift God gave me…

9.) I grew up in Michigan..lived 25 years in California..have lived 10 years in Maui

10.) I love people!!! I have worked 34 years as a dental hygienist connecting to many…Blogging is a passion.. it has only been 90 days
meeting so many incredible people…thank you ALL for your contribution to me..on to figuring out how to nominate fellow bloggers..I am still learning how to do this..Heart to Heart Robyn

I nominate Line at http://pathsofthespirit.wordpress.com/


June 30, 2014 at 11:46 pm

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I nominate http://puritywaves.wordpress.com/ Jamila with sisterhood of the world blogger award


June 30, 2014 at 11:56 pm

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I nominate Celia http://celiaelaine.wordpress.com/ with the sisterhood of world blogger award


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I nominate Shannon ahttp://angelicview.wordpress.com/t with the sisterhood of world blogger award


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I nominate Sindy athttp://bluebutterfliesandme.wordpress.com/ with the sisterhood of world blogger award


July 1, 2014 at 12:07 am

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I nominate Laurie at http://lauriesnotes.wordpress.com/ with the sisterhood of world blogger award


July 1, 2014 at 12:13 am

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I nominate Meliza at http://thenewsageblog.wordpress.com/for the sisterhood of world blogger award


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I nominate http://namenews5.wordpress.com/ for the sisterhood of world blogger award


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I nominate Lani at http://lanivcox.wordpress.com/ for the sisterhood of the world blogger award

July 1, 2014 at 12:25 am

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I nominate Lorrie at http://lorriebowden.com/ for the sisterhood of the world blogger award

July 1, 2014 at 12:31 am

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I sure hope I did this correctly ..if not I am learning..Thank you Robyn

July 1, 2014 at 12:34 am

Earth Angel Insight-Day 36- ” THE DREAM”

IMG_1512We never really left heaven..we just believed in the idea of separation…”The Dream” says I am this body and this form… love and forgiveness..free us from the illusion that we are at “effect” of what we create…when we realize that we are spiritual beings connected as one
we step into this way of “BEING” called love…where peace remains inside us..and heaven on earth prevails…

The veil of separation is lifted when we see all of our creation with love and forgiveness… My sister-in-law gave me such a beautiful
possibility to lift this veil with her coming to me with my heart open..I will forever be different…as nothing can ever be lost..spiritually seeing that was the illusion…entering this ageless timeless space…with gratitude

Heart to Heart Robyn….. (I will be online less in the next week or so as I travel)
(thank you to all who have been in this space of love with me…we have wonderful thoughts to share together)

Lifting The Veil….

IMG_1505News of my husbands 56 year old sister passing away tonight was like a dream…the interesting thing was I was driving when my husband called me…I put the phone down and a swarm of birds surrounded my car…Renate was sending me a message of beauty..although it was unexpected how she past in her sleep…my husband looked at me when I got home and said..”what a peaceful place she is at now”…we felt we had both lifted the veil between the here and now in this dream we were having… and could reach her …we will celebrate her life and hold the torch of light for all those who will miss her…we love you Renate…come visit us as we lift the veil to reach you and you us…we feel you here with us…as we do not question that your journey brought you to this eternal now…where you live in our hearts forever…thank-you for helping us reach this ageless… timeless… eternal space…

We are are dancing with you…Heart to heart Robyn and Hoppy

Earth Angel Insight-Day 35-Illusions

IMG_1251Illusions-a false idea or belief…a deceptive impression or appearance…a fellow blogger posted an article on the belief that many people believe is one perfect “soulmate” or person who could fulfill the fantasy of perfection in relationship…to my amazement…the belief is as high as 75 percent…therefore putting most relationships into a very precarious state..as the minute the relationship does not meet that expectation…poof…out the door.. one or both may go…

Do not get me wrong when we attract a very dark side of ourselves that has not been healed up..sometimes poof ..gone… is the only way to get to our next level of healing…as a wayseer..every word we speak to another is someplace inside us..every moment of darkness or light is an opportunity to heal..every time we allow for another to heal around us..we are healed

Then and only then will we come into our relationships with honoring all parts of ourselves…I too went through a divorce to find my light..he reflected to me all that I was to heal up…and without our darkness together I would not have known the light I know now…There is no blame… shame… guilt …pain…or loss when we KNOW..this is our creation…as it relates to all of our life…

We will attract EXACTLY that which we call out to our universal mirror…when we find ourselves in the light…darkness will show itself..yet this time we recognize it as a darkness flowing through us…thus the light can continue to shine…we now have enough light bodies on the planet to have instant healing…powerful peace… and love that no outside influence can shake…

Many of us chose to come in to BE WITH all of our illusions to have compassion and be the gatekeepers…as the truth be told…we create it ALL..no longer the illusion of what he or she did to me..yet the THANK YOUS for showing us our darkness…stepping into our light…no longer at EFFECT of what seems to be outside of ourselves..the ILLUSION of the perfect person is really about our own illusion of self…

I am married to my best friend..yet have no attachments to him being the perfect mate…as we have agreed to share each others journey together… there is only the openness of that which I reflect ….holding the torch of light for all humanity is what I chose to BE..with no attachments to how it shows up for another…Heart to heart Robyn

Universal Love

The undeniable proof of Universal Love surrounds you; the way a parent looks at their child, the way lovers touch, the way old friends greet each other with a hug. Still need more?

Reblogged Look at yourself! The Universe created you with love; you are its gift of love to your Earth-plane. ~ Creator …posted by the Creator Writings…Thank you Robyn

The Creator Writings


The undeniable proof of Universal Love surrounds you; the way a parent looks at their child, the way lovers touch, the way old friends greet each other with a hug. Still need more?

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Dialogs From a Course of Love …No Loss..Only Gain…Godstuff

IMG_14631 – No Loss / Only Gain

“We are one self. How else could we be capable of receiving what we give? How else could our lives be capable of experiencing no loss but only gain? Why else would we have to share ourselves to know ourselves? (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 11)”

2 – Mystical

This is the truth, though it is a mystical concept and therefore difficult to understand, difficult to wrap our minds around. How can we be one self with others? How can the many be one?

3 – God-Stuff

We are all “God-stuff.” We are all differentiated from the Godhead. And the universe(s) is constantly expanding, and so there is always growth (though no real change). When we recognize that we are all one, that there is no loss but only gain, we know that what we “lose” goes to our brother or sister, who is actually one with us. So we only expand into a spacious self, as A Course of Love says. This spacious self recognizes that all are One, that we lose nothing when we spread abroad the intangibles.

4 – Sharing

When we share ourselves in conversation, we actually become more of what we truly are. We are sharing and in that process, actually gaining a sense of ourselves as One. We do not have to be extroverts to experience the release that we get through sharing. It is an experience that all can relate to and enjoy.

Earth Angel Insights—My Near Death Experience

Encouraged by a fellow blogger to share my near death experience as a 4 year old…I think about what promises I made on that faithful day and say.. thank you to all who may read this… from my heart to yours…

The day was a special one…when we would as a family all go up to my grandparents cabin…a little over 2 hours from our small hometown in Michigan…the year was 1960…and excitement was in the air….my parents had 4 small children..so quite an accomplishment to make it happen. I was the oldest girl…( originally posted that 1952 was the year of the death experience…yet this was the year my soul miscarried in my mother, and 1960 was the year I fell in the well…I was born in 1956)…there are no mistakes…

Soon after we arrived…the life changing event that changed all of our lives..was to happen…father had to open a 16 foot dry well.. working on getting water turned on inside the cabin…while Mom was inside changing diapers on the baby… Dad had thought that we were all in the cabin… as he was getting another tool…yet my brother and I were playing outside on the other side…running around the cabin…bees came out of a log and I ran straight backwards on my head… into the bottom of the cement well..

I stayed in my body..feeling no pain..and having an amazing sense of peace…. I remained conscious…when we arrived at the 2nd hospital I lifted out of my body and started to watch the doctors as they were working on me…I was a bit confused by the chaos…and wanted to tell them I was fine…yet I instinctively knew I had no words to speak…I was reading their minds and watching…I could see my Mom and Dad in the other room and just started to lift to this eternal blissful place….seeing this amazing bright light…I zipped really fast up into this angelic realm where I could see beautiful angel like faces in a circle and a hand reaching out to me…I had no fear…no pain..no time..no age…simply the most blissful feeling that to this day I have experienced…everything was spoken without opening my mouth …as I felt like I had returned home…I had nothing to say…

Then without seeing anyone…I heard a booming voice..one that echoed through the heavens..you are not done yet..my mind wanted to speak yes I am..yet no words would come out…just the thought I will go back was there…yet I wanted to stay…the voice told me I had much teaching to do…that I would teach forgiveness..and that I had much to learn …and would understand …that I came back to make this agreement…and I had a choice…in my mind I said yes I will go back

As fast as I had left my body…I was back in my body…in a crib in the recovery room in the hospital…I was scared looking around me…yet still had no pain…only a shaved head…( I found out later my parents were told “If” I lived I may never walk.. talk…eat…or even come out of a coma ever again)… yet when I woke up I was standing up throwing my toys to the girl next to me and talking to her like nothing happened..never even having a headache…they called me the miracle child…and after 3 days of observation I was able to go home.

With my life being constantly surrounded by angels and spirits…as I grew up…I had no real avenue to share my experiences…so I did not talk about them for years…

Entering into this blogging world with full acceptance to share my experiences… my agreements as a gatekeeper and wayseer are coming forward to share and… I feel blessed that I chose to come back…

Heart to Heart Robyn

A Beautiful Thought

Love This…a Beautiful Thought…from fellow blogger Pat Cegan

Source of Inspiration


The power of one beautiful thought has no limit.
Our thoughts go out to shape the world.
We are the makers of our destiny.
The power of one beautiful thought has no limit.
Suffering ends when we change our point of view.
Our realities are created one thought at a time.
The power of one beautiful thought has no limit.
Our thoughts go out to shape the world.

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A Place of Retreat / A Place of Safety and of Rest

From fellow Blogger MIRACLES EACH DAY..this touches my soul…


1 – Freedom

“Freedom from want, freedom from lack, freedom from repression, are what we will now enjoy together on our mountain top retreat. We have not removed ourselves from life in any way, and yet we have reached a place of retreat, a place of safety and of rest, a place away from ‘normal’ life and the lack of freedom you have experienced there. (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day Nine)”

2 – Blessings

What a blessing this quotation promises! We have all known a lack of freedom in our everyday lives. We have so much that presses us on all sides.

3 – No Worrying

But there can be an end to such thinking. We can walk through a normal day without worrying about relationships, work, love. If we are attuned to the Christ within, we will know how to let go of those things that impinge…

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Earth Angel Insight Day 34—Thrive

IMG_1297Thrive—flourish..prosper..blossom…bloom…advance…succeed…what a wonderful place to be coming from…some of you..through posts you have written and I have responded to…know that I chose an interesting path…I was given many challenges..being a highly “sensitive” being …growing up in a very closed mouthed traditional family…I spoke when I was spoken to…and my experience with spiritual “GENIUS” was limited to Sunday School..where I was told we were all sinners…I was confused by my visions…my spirit communications..my sensitivity to other dimensions…

So what better way I thought to make it through it here… than to DIVE into 3D …becoming one of the group of misfits..( feeling separate)..looking to fit in.. do not get me wrong..I used my abilities to exit and travel out of my body..yet never really meeting “ANYONE” to talk about spiritual enlightenment or shamanic journeys…It was as if being here meant shove it all in this dense 3D space and figure it out…

I found that shoving it all “IN” had me reach 3 severe breaking points in my life …without much awareness of why I was having these huge breaks in “Reality”…as a fellow blogger posted..the Shaman views a breakdown as a “blessing” for spiritual connection..as others (ancients) work with us to connect in spirit form to be the “healers” the “way seers” the “gate keepers”….sometimes taking many years to “see” this because of free will..(ego)

Allowing for our DIVINE CALLING to come through…no matter how others may perceive it…is “THRIVING” …we step into the flow in every area of our lives…no longer is it a curse to “BE DIFFERENT”…yet a blessing…where what others think about us is really none of our business..yet living as if HUMANITY has been waiting for us to simple be a guide…a bright light…a beam…a blossom…blooming …and I might add..this may show up very traditional…genius lies in the question one can ask of oneself…with unlimited answers as to how to fulfill that question…”What is my piece of the matrix of humanity?”…the collective…what shows up in our “eternal” way of “BEING” that continues to “THRIVE”…even without my currant physical form here…where being still is easy…not in my body no longer moving..yet our collective stillness in divine spiritual connection…as it shines through…and EVERTHING is BRIGHTER…The GOLDEN AGE EMERGES BY allowing for our greatness..no longer hiding out..yet THRIVING..as we shift from seekers…to divinely perfect..allowing our DNA to shift into our true crystilline nature…we enter 5D and above…Thank you for participating on this journey of thriving with me….

Heart to Heart Robyn