Tribute to “Coco” our best friend.

She loved with all her might, she played and forgave,
She was our best friend, living in our hearts forever,
Thank you “Coco” for all you gave to us.
We are happy that you can rest in peace.
You taught us how to “BE” unconditional.
You taught us how to love unconditional.
You will always be loved. 8/99-2/15

Coco passed in my husbands arms at 11pm Hawaii time. I was on the phone with him as our trip had been delayed due to ice storms. She was very active and happy until she was ready, as we had her with us for 6 months after her doctor told us she had a tumor. Grateful for it all.
She taught us so much. Thank you all for your loving support as I posted about her Cancer and your love helped so much. Feeling forever one. Heart to heart Robyn.

Traveling from State to State

imageI am currently traveling cross country in a timeless place. With my intention of assisting in a cross country move with my sister, I remain in peaceful support as we drive 1200 miles from Texas to Michigan. Seeing through the eyes of wonderment and presence, remaining open to all that is. Sprinkling light and love!

I will be rarely posting in the next week as I will have very little internet connection. Taking you all in love on my journey! Heart to heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 98-Peace Within

image When we remember that all we see comes from within, that all that we touch is a manifestation of peace or unrest, we find that the journey within becomes our sacred path, and we connect in our hearts, finding peace within.
We were never alone in this infinite universe as our light within shines as bright as the brightest star, finding its expression in universal consciousness, humbling us to remember it was never about our separate selfs, grasping, holding, fearful of an ending, yet about connecting in our heart, even when someone or something seems gone, we are connected in divinity, where we remain eternal and timeless, where words are no longer needed, we are at peace, grounding this into our physical world where there has never been separation, only unlimited source within.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day-97-Grounded In Our Divinity

IMG_0454“Waking Up” can be unraveling to some, if grounding has been difficult. I heard a saying today about grounding as related to an electrical current. We will be shocked if our electric currents have not been grounded. Therefore remembering to bring ourselves into trusting our higher insights and grounding them into our body, makes the journey very light. As “light beings” we are no longer forgetting our divinity as a whole, and unable to be in the physical body. Yet assisting ourselves in the very transformation of our universe, through our eternal selves.

As we cleanse, clear and rest in our body, we connect. There is no fear in this higher realm. We truly transmute our very being. I personally have dance and yoga as my sacred space of connection. Rest, nutrition and nature are also very big in assisting us to access our divinity. As we no longer mistrust ourselves, we vibrate at a very high frequency, where we transform our bodies core DNA into a 3 strand helix, accessing 13 dimensions.

Accessing our genius is our natural state, where we tap into the collective, as billions of alternative solutions become easy to access. There is no separation of egos in this realm, only the highest possibility of existence emerges, and we recognize our piece of the holographic matrix. Contributing to ourselves, from ourselves, in the collective whole. I call this our collective God space, ever expanding in joy, peace, harmony, and love.

So ground in my friends, as we are all on this ride together, in this ageless, timeless now.

Heart to Heart Robyn

A Message to Lightworkers – The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan – 2-6-15

Caroline Oceana Ryan Channels and explains the Ascension Process with a message to all “Beings of Light”

Higher Density Blog

Caroline Oceana Ryan

The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth- and sixth-dimensional beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends and fellow journeyers upon the Ascension path!

We see you in your constant endeavors, and we cheer you on as you climb ever higher in your Ascension, toward that which you have known before, and will again—the joy, beauty and fulfillment of the higher realms.

And yet, we are not surprised that so many have moments in which they doubt their Ascension is occurring.

For it is not the simplest nor the easiest way, to ascend to the next dimension, while still physically upon the Earth.

But it is what you have chosen—to ascend while still in a physical body, rather than wait until you leave this body to move up to the fifth dimension.

Understand that those of us already on that level (many having ascended in…

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Thank you Randy for writing this universal truth. I have been assisting with family, unable to post as often, connecting in love with this powerful message. Grateful to be able to share this message!

Universe is just a Thought !

LOVEA four letter word
fills the entire cosmic space,
Covers the farthest galaxies
along with an infinitesimal ace.
Love is in the
life & death of a star,
It’s the only thing responsible
for who we are.
Love draws the elements together
& makes them link,
It’s in the air,fire & water we drink.

Love puts life into
carbon,oxygen & nitrogen molecules,
And eventually turns them into
lions,humans & mules.
Love holds up a cell to survive,
Love is what keeps
the Earth alive.

are its other names,
With love, any problem
can be easily tamed.
Love is the fruit of
a wholesome deed,
Love is all that you will need.

Love is the life
which you continuously dream,
Once you wake up,
You’ll experience this Love–
The One & Only Supreme.

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