Earth Angel Insight Day 60- Inner Peace

I am off to Texas for 10 days tomorrow..I will post a day or two while I visit family.IMG_1554

Quote from Eckhart Tolle “If peace is what you really want,then you will choose peace. If peace mattered to you more than anything else and if you really knew yourself to be spirit rather than the little me, you would remain nonreactive and absolutely alert when confronted with challenging people or situations. You would immediately accept the situation and thus become one with it rather than separate yourself from it. then out of your alertness would come a response. Who you are (consciousness), not who you think you are (a small me), would be responding. It would be powerful and effective and would make no person or situation into an enemy.

Being “with all that Is” allows us to experience life from the harmonic frequency, we experience inner calm and stillness where nothing can keep us in turmoil. We are what we have been looking for! POWERFUL,PEACEFUL, PRESENCE! 

Heart to Heart Robyn


Earth Angel Insight Day 59-“Waking Up”

Two nights ago while in an altered state, the influx of light was SO POWERFUL, it was tough to just be with it, YET BLISSFULL! , a form of death, asking this vibration to come in gradual, being told this is how “powerful” pure consciousness is. Yikes, telepathically hearing,  just “BE WITH THIS”.

With the agreement to be a Wayseer- time and fear are moving out of the way, with thoughts from the past eliminated. Being fresh in every moment, as each new now unfolds, Where awareness is the anchor, being propelled into higher states simply by coming from the stillness between thoughts. All that we have been looking for is in each and every one of us, unfolding with our agreements. Each moment has always been unfolding in perfection, showing us what we want. Coming into this lifetime to wake up from the “dream” and honor our collective magnificence, “our oneness” recognizing we are everything .

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 58-Beauty

IMG_1283In this moment of “NEW EARTH” “beauty” has its definition expand into the depths of the spirit, the connection to to all of life and death, as we are propelled into the higher frequencies, as old frequencies let us go, we “SEE” into the world with new “eyes”, no longer having “old definitions” of beauty. As “WE” the collective consciousness see with “new eyes”, we see beauty in the eyes of everyone and everything,  no longer defining beauty by the external, yet seeing beauty inside, where spirit rests.

Beauty is there in the young and old, birth and death, new and decaying , as our awareness shifts to see only “BEAUTY”..our world is BEAUTIFUL. Each experience shines light back at us, as we live in a light that expands brighter and brighter without boundaries. Our “BLISS” is inside us..gradually expanding as the veil of LOVE has lifted and we shift. The definitions we once lived by are gone.

Just a side note, Coco has been doing better, showing us such beauty in spirit and unconditional love… having  gratitude to all of life and its infinite beauty, forever changing its form. yet living forever in spirit in this eternal now. Coco has taught us to live in “NOW”, as we embrace this moment we are “LOVE” ,with calm peaceful beauty.

Heart to Heart Robyn





Earth Angel Insight Day 57- Death Transitioned To Peace

IMG_0472Writing this in this now as our Coco spends her last days with us…Whenever any kind of deep loss occurs in our lives….something inside of us dies…there seems to be a disorientation…a deep sense of sadness and pain can occur…accepting that it is there…being aware of any mind-made story, becoming aware of what lies behind the emotion, where fear no longer lives, this inner peace emerges.

This Quote from Eckhart Tolle sums it up… “Whenever death occurs, whenever a life form dissolves, God, the formless and unmanifested, shines through the opening left by the dissolving form. That is why the most sacred thing in life is death. That is why the peace of God can come to you through the contemplation and acceptance of death”


Heart to Heart Robyn


Earth Angel Insight-Eternal Now

IMG_0535Entering into the space of present moment “stillness”.  Stepping out of the illusion of “The Dream”, where identification with “my thoughts”,” my things”, “my perceptions and experiences” create separation, stepping into the realization that all of life, consciousness, awareness ,the Joy of” BEING”, where life is a dance , in eternal space, where form is simply the playground in this moment.

Eckhart Tolle quote “The collective disease of humanity is that people are engrossed in what happens, so hypnotized by the world of fluctuating forms, so absorbed by the content of their lives, they have forgotten the essence, that which is beyond content, beyond form, beyond thought.” They are so consumed by time that they have forgotten eternity,which is their origin,their home,their destiny”. “ETERNITY is the living reality of who you are”!

“BEING “ETERNAL IN THIS NOW   Heart to Heart Robyn

Our Little Dog Coco

IMG_0150I have been offline the last couple days as our 15 year old Cockapoo  (baby girl to us) , dog Coco, has developed a heart condition. She is my ultimate challenge of coming from trust, that this moment is indeed “perfect” for her, giving her medication to help her be her spunky self, and integrating each moment as it is. We have agreed, (my husband and I) that we would never keep her longer than what calls us to do so, letting her determine her time with us. I will be online less as I hang out with her. I am on Holiday, the beginning of Sept., being away for 10 days, and being “in this moment”, with her. Love to you all

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 56- “New DNA”

A brief comment I wrote on DNA and transformation in this lifetime.
Grounding in this New DNA looks something like this for me.IMG_1029

We are all in the possibilities of “NEW DNA”. Where history is but a distant whisper. We experience every moment in a new now. A “NEW” incarnation in this lifetime. Still loving all of the ancestral “3D” and “past life” 4D experiences, that were all perfect for us. Yet being released into 5D were “love” is expressing itself in every “NEW” now. Where history is created from “nothing”, yet we experience it from everything.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insights—My Near Death Experience

Earth Angel Insight -Day 55 Intuitive Synchronicity
Some may be aware of the Lions Gate or Diamond Light Grid infusing into our consciousness. Allowing us to expand into our power, where we “ground in”, the gifts we came to share…I posted this “Near Death Experience” about a month ago, and wanted to intuitively share it again today, coming from kindness and joy in our heart center, I see your light.

Angel Frequency

Encouraged by a fellow blogger to share my near death experience as a 4 year old…I think about what promises I made on that faithful day and say.. thank you to all who may read this… from my heart to yours…

The day was a special one…when we would as a family all go up to my grandparents cabin…a little over 2 hours from our small hometown in Michigan…the year was 1960…and excitement was in the air….my parents had 4 small quite an accomplishment to make it happen. I was the oldest girl…( originally posted that 1952 was the year of the death experience…yet this was the year my soul miscarried in my mother, and 1960 was the year I fell in the well…I was born in 1956)…there are no mistakes…

Soon after we arrived…the life changing event that changed all of our lives..was to happen…father had to open…

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Maryam Mirzakhani becomes first woman awarded math’s “Nobel Prize” from Stanford University, became the first woman to be awarded the Fields Medal

Since I was just in Austin visiting my daughter this article came up on my computer to share with my “new” family as well.

So happy Maryam received this! FIRST FOR A WOMAN IN MATH! I believe this is a breakthrough for all women in S.T.E.M. Aly, Marika, and Julia all advanced in their fields with Math/Economics, Biology/Science/Eco Safety/Regulations, and Computer Science / Mechanical Engineer/ Inventor.Yet only 9 percent of these fields are filled by women. I believe that my step-girls and my daughter have respect in their professions.They have contributed hugely to their communities. Marika undergrad Math, Grad school Econ (Stanford), currently Econ professor at University of Texas (Austin)…Julia. (Molecular Biology)…safety and regulations, worked GE international, now Auto desk SF, and Aly Mechanical Engineering/Computer Science IBM/Management/ Inventor Austin. (All male dominated fields.)

Aly brought 150 female students from Middle schools in her area to learn about engineering at UC Merced, and was ambassador of engineering. All of these professions are wide open to women here in the US, unlike Maryam’s start which was much more difficult in Iran.

A huge thumbs up to all woman who stand side by side with their male classmates and co-workers making there mark on society and living fearless!

I added this paragraph for this article. Women of heart are the new leaders. We are the conscious evolution along side our beautiful male equals. Together we raise the vibration of our planet. Thank you to all Men and Women who give their gifts through their heart.

ROCK ON MY FRIENDS. Aly and I and friend this weekend in AustinIMG_1792.JPG

Earth Angel Insight Day 54-Transience

IMG_1025This quote sums up life from the viewpoint of the observer. I asked to be guided to the words for this moment and its message to me now..I asked, Where am “I” in this moment in time?…The answer was humbling …. From Eckhart Tolle….

“Once you see and accept the transience of all things and the inevitability of change, you can enjoy the pleasures of the world while they last without fear of loss or anxiety about the future. When you are detached, you gain a higher vantage point from which to view the events in your life instead of being trapped inside them. You become like an astronaut who sees the planet Earth surrounded by the vastness of space and realizes a paradoxical truth: The earth is precious and at the same time insignificant”

I am grateful for the awareness that this truth brings, and I rest in this moment without fear of loss or anxiety about the future, precious and insignificant at the same time, as my ego self sees itself and is set free, to enjoy each moment as if through the eyes of a new born child.

Heart to Heart Robyn



Earth Angel Insight Day 53- Revelation

I am going to start this post from a response of my fellow blogger Trini

“Yes ,that is true! 🙂 Keeping our inner calm is everything, and freedom comes from the ability to be tuned into ourselves and feel that our soul is free and detached from the material world with all its egocentric desires and temptations 🙂 I hope everything goes well with you in the storm! 🙂 Keep us posted! Lots of  Love to you”

IMG_1363  Maui sunset 8/8/14 First BLUE sunset

This is my current post. First I want to tell you all I am thanking the hurricanes that were spreading their ancient wisdom on all of  us,  what a surprise revelation indeed. Without figuring out how, what, when, why, or where the impacts of these storms were taking place. All control “LET GO OF ME” with my “egocentric” desires and temptations along with it. This REVELATION was like a slowly rising sunrise where every worry that was hanging out in the “small me” was disappearing to the light. Everywhere I looked I saw smiling faces in the storm, children playing, amazing cloud formations, an abundance of birds where coming together to feast, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, even falling trees and branches were a thing of beauty clearing away the path for new!

My spirit emerged in a more fluid core, having no desire to control anyone or anything, all duality let go of me, I was no longer looking outside to what was happening as my core, yet recognized I am the core, I am the hurricane, the mountains, the ocean, the manifestation of all the “illusions” that have come to me, and I say” THANK YOU!  Thank-you for letting me “SEE” through the eyes of detachment from fear, my “EGO SELF” and what revelations continue to appear…

What appears to me in this new moment of now is that even though I may have been convinced that the hurricane was separate from me…this is no longer the case…as we are all and everything, with no definition keeping us from the magnificence of our eternal being, where spirit rests, the timeless, ageless GoldenAge appears to us, as we no longer seek  to find “something,” as we are already” home”….IMG_1455 sunrise on Maui 8/10/14


Heart to Heart Robyn


Earth Angel Insight Day 52- Upgraded Awareness

IMG_1375As I come into this Saturday after our first (ever) hurricane (tropical storm) past over with calmness  in our area , (the southeast corner of  Maui). I feel a sense of upgraded awareness, where my natural instincts have become the norm and all else seems to drop away. During the passing of storm Iselle, I listened inside to the mountains and volcanoes around us that were talking to me.  I told people that our Big Island was going to take care of hurricane Iselle, especially the two biggest mountains in the world., on Big Island, where the center (eye) past.

My doubts dropped away and I drove to work in the middle of the storm, I marveled at the amazing formation of clouds and the swirling of our beautiful ocean. I saw the remnants of  a many branches and wind damage, yet listened to my inner calm, the mountain inside me as I drove along.  This created a presence in my office where service to my patients was the priority, stillness prevailed and we were all absolutely at peace.

I told my girlfriend, there were others that had the opposite experience, even buying weapons to protect their goods,  if  the storm wiped us out. This acute awareness during the storm was a huge gift to me, where the stress of the outside world was but a glimmer in my consciousness. I was aware that sleeping was also vital as well, and that if my physical body maintains service for others, that I get my rest.

Coming into this next storm, Julio. looking as if it may go well off to our north, I am reminded that life gives us STORMS if we THINK they are STORMS.  Life gives us BEAUTY in the storm if that is what we see and BE. So in our lives when you are IN a storm, SEE through the eyes of  your calm still intuitive center, and as you look around,  life is AMAZING! With all the beauty that the moment brings! I will keep you posted on the upcoming storm, with its beauty, intuitive safety, and presence.

Heart to Heart Robyn