Center Point

HERE WE ARE…..CENTER POINT…..When we see with our hearts all and everything…consciousness reflects itself back to that CENTER POINT… in our Hearts. When we see through our heart center …all is beautiful…and we no longer question what just happened. We embrace all and everything with the heart of this amazing “Heaven on Earth”. I SEE with my heart… and I SEE YOU.  (6 days of photos) Find that BEAUTY in your heart…share your heart with the world…lets BE this together. IF we can Transmute OUR own heart we can BE our heart for the ALL. Heart to Heart Robyn… (freedom and courage)



All shapes and sizes, light and darkness, good and bad, right and wrong, disappear like this sunset, when we hear this whisper, you are divinity in motion, embodying this truth, we see through the eyes of the “one” wide open heart.

I dedicate this post to Nikki Krause as she faces her fears as a young lady just diagnosed with the C word. Seeing perfection with the vibration of love entering every cell in her being with grace and gratitude. And so it is.   Heart to Heart Robyn