Humble Journey of Christ Consciousness Authentic Self

Here We ARE…Assisting Each Other By Reflecting Our God LIghT ….When IAM Sees through the eyes of LOVE…This Truly is ALL  “WE” “SEE”… Embracing The Christ Within is “OUR” Divinity…As We Shine..This LIghT …Connecting to ALL and Everything.. WE REFLECT WITH OUR PRESENCE…BEing Divine Sovereign Stars…We Are One With Every Synchronicity Without Effort… Aligning With Our Christ ed frequency…We “SEE” each Other as “ONE.”      heart to heart Robyn 🙂  <3>




IAM that IAM

When the IAM spirit meets the IAM presence “oneness” is everywhere.  Meeting Prem Babba in Maui Tuesday night I started this journey inward, as though his eyes, I entered into a state of peace , where no illusions exist. My heart flew open as if it had the capacity to fly ,and all suffering and pain revealed itself as this heavy illusion that I chuckled about.

I looked around and there were some looking back at me, I approached a young man, his eyes a bit turned down. I said “I think I may have turned into pure light. he said “I see that” as even my phone flashlight turned on. I said “I had been carrying in me some Past ( past life that was revealing itself from the 1700’s) he said “funny you should mention that. .i just had a reading from the 1700’s” I said “go on” He said ” I am not sure if I can because it is so heavy”  I said ” It’s ok I have Mother Mary on my left shoulder” . He said well ” I Killed my wife and children in that life”  I said ” I think I had done the same in the 1700’s as well.”

We both stood up and hugged each other and said “I love you” knowing we had healed up this illusionary heaviness, where suffering had worked its way in! He finally felt worthy enought to go up to Prem  Babba

He came back to his seat, we hugged again and said “I Love You” as I realized I was no longer carrying the pain and suffering into any of my now moments again.  I laughed and sang with the young people on stage.

When we make that choice to BE the joy within, there is only love and compassion. Overflowing into Divine Creation! I let this all go and so it is.

heart to  heart  Robyn


Earth Angel Insight Day 104- Light Body Activations


Where we are “right now”, in this process of light body activation, is unique to each person in its own perfection. When we transmute and transform lower vibrational fears, pain, suffering, guilt, blame and shame, we literally raise in vibration and become lighter. Knowing that nothing “outside” can hurt us and we are exactly in life’s perfect moment. As we clear through these cycles, we no longer create karma as all past is transformed into the moment of “now”, where we have access to all and everything, no longer being run by our past, or that of our ancestors. Trusting that all is well.

I personally am in this body that is transformed from a carbon body to a crystalline body. Many are experiencing this transformation as visions of light and electric currents coming through the body as if we put our finger in a light socket. This moment of acceptance is when all joy peace love prosperity and truth become one with source. We ground in cosmic consciousness, golden light body, violet/indigo light body and rainbow body.( being the three light body activations). Just as our newborns coming in, we see, hear, taste, touch and feel with newness. All of life is glorious, as we live in the gratitude that we are all connected in the ever expanding consciousness of one. IMG_1555This picture was taken Feb 2014 as I was told Mother Mary was in the picture behind me. With Love and gratitude Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 99- Awakend From Ego Based Earth Drama

IMG_0844Getting “home” yesterday, my ego based earth drama, seemed to be slipping me away, as I watched how I want things to be a certain way for myself and others. I watched how my life had been supported by my belief systems and the truth of the matter is I was “Being” full of myself.

Yet as quickly as this drama seemed to be taking me on a ride, I went into non-resistance of the moment and the forms that I saw seemed to no longer exist in the drama zone or 3D world. It became very clear to me that as I give “space to all that is” there is this simple inner space that does not require anything of me. I no longer have the answer for another or even myself when it comes to their life path. The inner space of joy that remains has no resistance to what is so anymore.

I now surrender to all limitations and illusions. Being completely fulfilled by the “now” moment, where aliveness is in the center of stillness, where ego created earth drama ends. I have absolute gratitude for all I have shown myself as a reflection of self from others, and awaken to the stillness within, allowing this moment, to be as it is, saying yes to this now.

Allowing for this ascension journey to unfold, I have recognized that my “need” for words may change and that I have no idea what to expect. Being back here in Maui allows for many silent days, as this seems to be my path. Others may be the new writers of tomorrow’s world, yet this timeless journey for me is endless, grounded in this now, I say yes to the unknown. Sending out love and light to all, as I approach my 100th insight, where another shift has occurred.

Heart to Heart RobynIMG_0514

Earth Angel Insight Day 96- You Are Divinity

imageAfter searching far and wide, clearing, letting go, being with, all that is, we realize that all the ego driven illusions, seem to finally become silent. There is no resistance in this space, only an openness to the flow of the moment. There is a sense of humor in this silence, as peace sweeps over us.

We begin to wake up, recognizing the vastness of our universal selves, seeing our divinity in everything. This is where eternal infinity rests, inside us, smiling from the inside, expressing ourselves to ourselves. We become the wayseers, without any need to change, heal or correct another, we simply are.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 93-Light Gifters

When life gives us an opportunity to shift, will we contract or expand? As master, director, and writer of the script that appears before us, will we shine light on what we “SEE” and simply”BE”? image

When we no longer carry the illusions of separation, we can flow in our life without having “WHAT HAPPENS”or”WHAT WE THINK” run us, yet step into the simple flow of awareness.

Instead of “working at shining our light”, we simply are the light, our natural state, where we gift each other “ourselves”, the stars that we are, a perfect fit in the Cosmic Puzzle!

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 88-Frequency Upgrades

Frequency Upgrades

Frequency Upgrades

Here we are in this moment Dec. 27th 2014 in the middle of frequency upgrades. Those of us who have been experiencing these energy shifts feel lighter, and literally filled with light.
Recently returning to Dallas to be with family, the challenge to stay in higher vibrations has been easier, feeling this challenge is perfect timing, as always, I have embraced this “new now”

It has been asked of me to explain the process of frequency shifts and it’s impact on all of us. I can only speak from the experience and information I get as a Wayseer. Our universes are very vast and in each one of us we are also infinite. We live in multidimensional experiences and have many different simultaneous frequencies.

When a “portal” or “gateway” opens up we have an opportunity to enter into higher dimensions. Many times becoming formless as the frequencies increase. The level at which we can manifest and create on this earth plane in higher frequency is 5D/6D where our form vibrates in Love. As multidimensional levels of “enlightens” traveling in other dimensions, we as a collective can stay grounded, in this multiplex of holographic experiences.

The 25th through 29th gateway has opened to Christ Consciousness, 12th demension, this gateway is powerful and shifts our earth, and each embodied spirit will experience this shift differently. The new babies coming in will be upgrades of our “old selves” We will forgive with divine grace, spread our light with peacefulness, and honor each embodied spirit to complete their divine missions. Some beings will transition into the light, through releasing their physical form, some will resist with free will, yet others will choose to enter the light in physical form, remembering why we are here.

Honoring our individual journey, yet entering into collective unity, I will continue to write as part of my mission for being here, gratitude for this “now moment”, I say thank you to all who have embraced me in this last linear year, seeing you all in the light.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 79- Synchronicity

IMG_1410When our collective intention is to “BE NOW”, we start to pay attention with intention into higher action and we recognize that it has always been synchronistic. Yet this “New Earth” synchronicity is conscious living. Where our higher self, Christ Consciousness is behind our actions.

When Eckhart Tolle talks about the “pain body”, he talks about how our perceptions, thoughts, and emotions distort our “reality”, creating all kinds of illusions. He states that “awareness” the moment when we observe these illusions, cannot be taught our read about in a book, yet when we “awaken”, we can be guideposts to the ways of being that can transform the collective.

One way that we can do this is to “BE” non-reactive to our “pain body consciousness”. recognize it for what it is, simply an illusion. When we clear our “own” pain bodies, we are being a guidepost of light. Accepting the “Moment” exactly as it is. We begin to wake up. Then the true essence of our being emerges, what I call God light comes into our experience, as this great sense of relief ends our suffering. Never a Utopian view of this inner peace,” yet a moment to moment acceptance and recognition that “we are one”, creating in this eternal now.

On a personal note sharing the experience of the “New Earth” dynamics in corporate America,  it was very uplifting to see that Aly “My” daughter” works in a total “co-creative” environment. Her engineering position allows for her to work in a circle of about 12 people. Half are women, half are men. She is a developer ( 1 of 6) and  there are 6 designers. They have cartoon characters designed next to their names, as to take the ego out of the room. They co-create with white boards asking for everyone’s input, being told “not to work long hours”, and take each Friday at home to rejuvenate, and even encouraged to go to a coffee shop for inspiration. “Thank you GOD” I said to myself.  We are truly creating our “New Earth”. I left there with a sense of peace in my heart.

Thanking all of us for the shift in consciousness, as we create “our” New Earth”

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 77 Part Two- Reflection

IMG_0392When we realize our experience is nothing more than a reflection of our many selves coming back to us through different frequencies, we become one with all of life. We no longer carry the burdens of it, yet care for it. Our love for all of life’s creations, even for those most challenging creations of ours, brings us to a deeper sense of peace and stillness and we become a snowball of light, forever renewing itself as a brighter and clearer frequency.

This clear frequency is another term for “Christ Consciousness”,where we no longer see ourselves separate, yet as a frequency of light.connected to all and everything,