Earth Angel Insight-From Stillness To Nothing

When nothing becomes “everything” we live in stillness. We no longer need to explain, believe, make wrong, or even think.

The number 9 (reflection) comes into play, where mirrors of the highest possibility prevail. Simply reflectingIMG_1631 Accessing and integrating all beings, where light is shined on darkness, darkness shows us the light, light returns to itself, and the playing field seems to beam with love.

Vibrational  opposites exist at the same time simultaneously. ALL frequency’s generate a pulsation that attracts its possibilities. As “gatekeepers” and angels of light,  we “SEE” in the dark.  Where we are one, and we simply love.


Divinity expressed as oneself, being with newness and wonder, the unknown, where there is no past or future.

No longer needing to understand or know, we come together with gratitude and love, recognizing the integration of the Divine ONE.

You becomes WE and WE becomes ONE. Crystalline BEING where separation is a thing of the past and WE simply are.

heart to heart Robyn


Earth Angel Insight-REFLECTIONS

IMG_1388With gentle guidance from source and reflections all around, with gratitude for all that has risen into the light, “I”see you. For we are one.  rising to love for all of life.  One source reflecting on itself Realizing “WE” were never separate, yet connected in this beautiful tapestry. “I” honor “YOU”. Seeing your heart connecting to mine.

heart to heart Robyn