Earth Angel Insight-Day 65-Mastery

IMG_2120When we truly clear the illusions of outer world distractions we attain Mastery. As I take myself on the road this week, joining a group of people that are from a whole different mindset, yet truly come from the heart, I open to having no opinions, attitudes or preconceived thoughts about how things will be, should be, or have been.

Mastery is allowing for all experiences, people, places and things to be exactly as they are, without entering into the chaos that may seem real, we have an opportunity to have inner peace and stillness as we “travel” through  the moment. Taking action becomes alignment with our highest possibility, where we align with this high vibration.

Remembering our highest truths illuminates light, and we assist in the ascension of the whole, as we are all connected to the light that shines within.

So let your light shine, even during the darkness, and watch yourself soar, joining the birds in flight.

I will be offline for about one week as I will be on a ship, sharing when I get back.

My husband is now the doggie angel for sweet Coco as they spend some moments together, amazing she is still very peaceful with her condition, being such an incredible teacher.

Heart to Heart Robyn



Stephanie South, w Lilou Mace – Noosphere, Knowledge via Sun, 5D body

This is our “NEW NOW” interconnecting our Biosphere called Noosphere! by Stephanie South.

Higher Density Blog

Lilou Mace

The Noosphere – literally, “mind-sphere” or Earth’s mental sheathe – is a word and concept jointly coined by Édouard Le Roy, French philosopher and student of Henri Bergson, Jesuit paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, and Russian geochemist, Vladimir Vernadsky, in Paris, 1926. At the root of the primary definition of noosphere is a dual perception: that life on Earth is a unity constituting a whole system known as the biosphere; and that the mind or consciousness of life – the Earth’s thinking layer – constitutes a unity that is discontinuous but coextensive with the entire system of life on Earth, inclusive of its inorganic support systems. A third critical premise arising from the first two is that the noosphere defines the inevitable next stage of terrestrial evolution, which will subsume and transform the biosphere.

How this evolutionary shift might occur is at the crux of the experiment, Noosphere…

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Earth Angel Insight Day 64- Fall Equinox

IMG_1563The fall Equinox Monday September 22nd 3:29 PM Hawaii time. A surge of gravitational energy in assisting our frequencies. followed by a New Moon on the 24th of September. My “I AM” has asked to be guided by my guides and those who help in this vibrational shift to allow our frequencies to tap the incredible creative potential that each of us has come to share with each other.

Creative genius has many forms and this “New Now” is exploding on to our planet with an all powerful source, (God energy) , with each person stepping into this in different ways. Between the dream state and our conscious state is something that can be called an altered state. There is profound stillness in this altered state where all potential rests. With the assistance of the Equinox we can as a collective have visions, feel, taste and smell with new senses. beyond our world of 3 dimensions is a world of multiple dimensions where we can tap into source, telepathy and much much more.

Being a guide of source energy is what drives me to write, there is no guidepost into the directions my writing will take me other than I will call on source to guide me. Lifting the veil is easy with faith as fear drifts away, seeing with “New Eyes” means allowing the “I AM”  presence of God “source” to engulf our  being and ground us in this New Light. We are all “Light Source” as all “Old Energy” “Illusions” drop away. We simply ask to connect and then be still. Lets all take a moment to ask to connect to source 9/22/2014-20+2 cooperation and balance. Our New NOW…

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 63-Depth

IMG_1289Beyond the intellect, beyond words, and thoughts there is depth, the space between thoughts where pure consciousness rests..This pure consciousness does not have an on off switch, yet its stillness is profound.  When we are clear before we speak or write, the words and thoughts just flow through this creative depth.

This space of awareness has no ending and no beginning, it lives in the ageless, timeless eternal space we call life. When we come from this depth, thoughts do not run us, and we have access to multidimensional living, where our thoughts are a manifestation of deeper truths.

Depth lives in the awareness of this now moment. where fear, anger and pain bodies become very light and we manifest through our God frequency, accessing all of our possibilities.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 62-Integration

IMG_1584As the “AWARENESS” of the word integration comes into my being, the visions of multidimensional living come together in this moment.

When we no longer live from “FEARING” and “WANTING”, integration of awareness is what is left. This “BEING” is called forward from Inner Awareness where freedom rests. Because “NOW” is the only place where life can be found, we no longer live from some future moment or from some past experience. We  “INTEGRATE” the future and the past not by our thoughts, yet through our awareness of “NOW”

Quote from Eckhart Tolle ” When you step into the Now, you step out of the content of your mind.” When your attention moves into the Now, there is an alertness. It is as if you are waking up from a dream, the dream of thought, the dream of past and future. Such clarity, such simplicity. No room for problem making. Just this moment as it is.”


Heart to Heart Robyn

Just a note I am enjoying every “MOMENT” with my dog Coco as she is doing well.

Earth Angel Insight Day 61-Celebration

Coming from universal truth celebration can be an everyday experience… We usually wait for birthdays, anniversaries and such, to say we are celebrating. Today is a new day to celebrate, a new moment to have gratitude, so let’s live as if life itself is to be celebrated!
The specifics of this moment of celebration are impacting all of our lives through energetic gateways of divine love and divine will, opening all into the possibility of celebration in harmonic symphony. The world changes because the mind that projected it has changed, and we realize we already have everything we need. So go for it and find your inner celebration shining through!

As inner celebration shines outer celebration is in everything and everywhere..the 3 most recent for me of Beau Bradshaw (1 year old great nephew)image ,and my mothers birthday is today, she would have been 82, good friend Kiera Einhorns birthday, and being here in Texas with my father who is almost 81,image

Lastly that Coco (our doggie) is celebrating with my husband in Hawaii while I am here.

Heart to Heart Robyn