Sacred Union Revealed

imageThe very depths of my soul is wide open, my heart is the heartbeat of humanity. My desire for Sacred Union is greater than all my fears. I cry with the tears of the child wanting reunion with the mother. I dive in, where every part of my BEing is revealed. Where I die to myself daily. As there is no “other” in this Union. This Union is in me as me, as with all that have come before, I choose this path, where pain is but a distant calling, as my heart finds itself, in itself, in the “one”. Without this Union, there can be no other, so I rest in the white light, meditating, being in silence where I am called. Letting go to all moments, past present and future. I answer the call. To come home. With only my bucket of water in hand, I find my way, being guided with intention, into the grounded abyss. Where bliss/ blessings and gratitude reside. Thank you for hearing my prayer. IAM that IAM ❤️ I let go and so it is.  Heart to Heart Robyn