( Choosing to write what BEing has grounded in this moment)IMG_3282

The words “I am This or That… or you are This or That” is separation. Simple as that! Are we wanting more separation? or are we seeing the matrix of oneness in all of our BEing.

Well honestly separation has made me important, yep! What an I opener to see that! What it has done is bought me the package, look at “ME”.  Hey peeps yes I have “done the work” as my screaming ego wants to even label that!!!

So a new now, especially after 17 hours of meditation,  letting go fully ! NO TURNING BACK!

SOME would look at my life and say Easy for her to say, she lives in MAUI and is a spoiled brat, calling on her family in times of what the F… did I just step into, yet giving no power to the observation of this illusion, transmutation has its hold.

Ever since dying as 4 year old in the 16 foot dry well, death was never a fearful thing, nor is anything else for that matter NOW. So what was it that until this moment had me hang on for dear life to “the ego”. MY answer came in really LOUD!

That somehow if I truly let go of all labels… I was a failure with what I had been given. I had already died, so how was I going to express all the love I had inside me without having a label. (work in process) Even GOD and GODDESS….Yep labels! (4D …5D yep labels)

Oh boy fast forward to now! When my journey took me to Australia  ( 7 weeks ago) (label)    ( as no time) where I spent 10 days with a am amazing sacred friend, I discovered my INNER BEing, where sacred love rested. Where IAM that IAM rests, and is divine in and of itself. Did this all happen without really embracing all and everything. NO. Some of the most interesting tears came with seeing all the attachments to “others and things”. Especially when I came home from this trip. YIKES! Seeing the end of suffering, pain and heartache, came at a cost of letting ego no longer lead this journey of self. Honest as it was, I was blown away by its grip.

Most (if not all of my family) thought it “selfish” ( oh yea it was about “time”), of me to leave my marriage where expansion of self had reached its peak years prior. Fear of the unknown was my ego saying, what the heck?. Yet here IAM grounded in Inner Sacred Love. (another label ), yet one that seems to come from beyond the veil)  Fully self expressed in it, as I write this.

IT seems 20 thousand lite years ago! Some family talks to me, some do not. Some friends speak to me, some stay the heck away, as I may challenge their status quote. ( karma talk) (just another label) illusion. Seeing love in ALL in this now seems to bring all closer to the transmutation of all the” illusions” where feeling intelligence (label) rests. All that I have written up until this moment can be deleted in the NOW as emptying ourselves fully, means exactly that. I had 10 thousand or more emails in my phone when I got to Australia, important that “I” was “ha” Graeme took my phone after contemplating throwing it into the river, and deleted 10 thousand emails one by one. He also deleted all my messaging and even their names. Wow was that a lesson of perceived “illusion” attachment. The other huge “illusion” that of BEing love was for those who could be loving back. Loving has no boundaries, yet we make the choice to be in relationship, in love always, as it is “inside” we find it. Sex is the other “illusion” of love. This planet of ours, along with myself, had a heavy “engram” on “this” being the way “we” express “love” Oh boy snap and then snap, WHAT? Thank goodness for this observation, and “no more labels”, as this one would have been loaded with FIRE in prior posts. We can “CLEAR” “EMPTY” ourselves and BE in this union, yet pathways to home, get distorted, without inner work first. Knights and princesses and kings and queens (even in the 4th) (Labels as they are) are so distorted when looked through the eyes of the other being that “love”. Yes it is reflected back, yet only when we totally let go into self love.  Trusting this bridge I speak about next. Ha 🙂 AS WE are love fully embraced in the “oneness” Most powerful when we choose from BEing clear in the NOW.

What I have discovered is that I have formed a bridge in my ” inner world” for humanity. Where acceptance of self, with all that this creation brings, brings togetherness, brings WE. Yes I still want to label, yet the call for sacred union of self is greater than that! As this truth inside has already taken form.

So where does this peace within rest as I speak this?,. It rests inside “we are always already home”,  nothing to prove and no where to go. There is a man on Maui that just keeps walking wrapped in trash bags, and I have “labeled”him “freedom”. As others look at him and let go of “ego” they see whatever they see. I have no answers for anyone nor do I profess to even remotely have the answers for me. Yet as this “BIRTH” “died to old self day” transmutes this moment, NOW takes on a new beginning.  I have many Birth days as IAM truly lives in the mystery of now, where empty and nothing is SO JOY FULL.

REsting in inner peace is home NOW. Guided from inside where love overflows!!! The opening to all and everything is in the moment of NOW and I see it, whatever that is. Ha!

In the Mystery     Heart to Heart Robyn (  I may have no words after this post) HA!