Earth Angel Insight Day 47- The Illusion

What if we lived every day from the perspective of a spiritual “BEING”?  The MASTER of duality, where we recognized that our very thoughts create fragmentation and the illusion of separation, as Eckhart Tolle states ‘Every thought implies a perspective, and every perspective, by its very nature, implies limitation”.” Living under the illusion that “I am this and you are that”

When we lift the veil of separation, we live in the reality of the unified whole, where we have always been,  unveiling this consciousness, we connect as if we are “ONE”, no longer yearning for anything, yet recognizing we are everything, coming from nothing, where there is nothing to “GET” and  nowhere to “GO”.

Heart to Heart RobynIMG_1505” BEING NOW”

Earth Angel Insight-Day 38-The Moment

IMG_0454The Moment…so many of us have been exploring the possibility of “BEING” in the moment..with all it’s magnificence ..I have made the observation…that there is really nothing else…”no finding myself”..”no helping someone else find themselves”…just the magnificence and magic of “NOW”…loving in this “NOW”

So my journey took me through this 58 years to rest in this now…I call it an “active stillness”…where we all hang out when we have cleared our past…no need to act a certain way…jump on one foot…meditate for hours…chant for days…or need to be “SPECIAL”…as WE ARE ALL POWERFUL.. SPECIAL.. UNBELIEVABLY GIFTED… SPIRITUAL BEINGS!

This does not take away from the amazing “BEINGS” who have helped to guide us on this journey of when I look at you..I see myself ..and without that reflection…I cannot be in this “time and space”..

All my density…shifts into this moment when I interact with you…as I no longer see through the eyes of what I thought was my separate self..I see through the eyes of all “selves”…exploring this “NOW” with an ever expanding newness…where there is endless possibility…genius…in this holographic light grid..that connects us all together..

There is no “better than” or “less than” in this holographic grid of light..just a vibrational energy that links us all in this ageless timeless space..allowing for full brilliance..powerful genius…amazing capabilities..and acceptance of all its many forms…

Thank you for your contribution as we create together that which generates the “magic of now”..where all is a “MIRACLE”

Heart to Heart Robyn

Dialogs From a Course of Love …No Loss..Only Gain…Godstuff

IMG_14631 – No Loss / Only Gain

“We are one self. How else could we be capable of receiving what we give? How else could our lives be capable of experiencing no loss but only gain? Why else would we have to share ourselves to know ourselves? (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 11)”

2 – Mystical

This is the truth, though it is a mystical concept and therefore difficult to understand, difficult to wrap our minds around. How can we be one self with others? How can the many be one?

3 – God-Stuff

We are all “God-stuff.” We are all differentiated from the Godhead. And the universe(s) is constantly expanding, and so there is always growth (though no real change). When we recognize that we are all one, that there is no loss but only gain, we know that what we “lose” goes to our brother or sister, who is actually one with us. So we only expand into a spacious self, as A Course of Love says. This spacious self recognizes that all are One, that we lose nothing when we spread abroad the intangibles.

4 – Sharing

When we share ourselves in conversation, we actually become more of what we truly are. We are sharing and in that process, actually gaining a sense of ourselves as One. We do not have to be extroverts to experience the release that we get through sharing. It is an experience that all can relate to and enjoy.

Earth Angel Insight-Day 32-Unstoppable

IMG_1283Living with the spirit of kindness and joy…no matter what people may challenge us with… we can live in this “peaceful” place”…as we have full acceptance of exactly what is happening.. there is no “fear”… as we no longer see “them over there”…as a problem…yet more as an opportunity to find our true self…”our unshakable center”..that can stay in high vibration..even if the entire world were to cave in…we would remain a beacon of light…our true nature…unstoppable…”not able to be stopped” as an amazing vibrant beam of radiance…penetrating into the darkest of corners…embracing all and everything in our path…

Our greatest spiritual teachers…Buddha…Jesus…Mohammad…Yogananda…Gandhi…Mother Mary…were all placed in harms way to show the path of peace…this is our legacy..that of love..that of being unstoppable…without judgement…as we judge another we judge ourselves…so thank those who challenge us see our highest truth..that of unshakable unstoppable LOVE…BE the change.. as we have entered into this vibration of LOVE with acceptance of all of “OUR” history…no matter what part of the globe…or universe..or language you speak…we ARE unstoppable right here and right now…vibrating this powerful light together as one!

This was inspired by the challenges of a fellow blogger from India…who has completely opened his heart..and I thank him for having the words to speak after his post….inspiring me to blog these words… and opening my heart…YOU ARE ALL MIRACULOUS… as I share my journey together with you all…I am blessed

Heart to Heart Robyn

P.S All of the pictures I have posted are from my own Iphone or Ipad…and this one is just simply “Miraculous” as I pulled off the road by my condo….inspired by the light…

5D New World Living…a New Vibration

This post finds me in present moment…being aware of transcending into the multidimensional realities of this moment…I say yes to the miraculous…being creator of my reality.. at cause ..seeking nothing…being light…my journey to this moment has been interesting to many…yet timeless … Continue reading