Earth Angel Insight Day 82-Observer

IMG_1205There is a moment when we are so “awake” that we become the observer of all of our words, thoughts, stories, automatic responses, and ultimately the space between thoughts. This silence or space between thoughts becomes our entry into higher forms of consciousness, even though these higher vibrations have always existed, we consciously choose awareness as our way of “BEING”

This process comes through “clearing” our history, embracing exactly what is “so”. The integration of action from this place of observation, is a journey which can only unfold by entering into transmutation, creating space to conscious living was never meant to fly us into the atmosphere, yet was meant for us to ground into right “now”. We respond rather than react with our unlimited choices, realizing our magical creativity becomes the highest possibility in the moment. When our shadow self comes in we embrace it, bringing in so much love, that it no longer runs us. We have no resistance to the mirrors we create, yet start with acceptance, transmuting our very “Being” by “Being” love.

Before acceptance of what we have created, we run around reacting to the many people that come and go, spend many hours agonizing about the future or the past, Living from this place of “  I had a good day” to “I had a bad day” ,coming from the ego desperately clinging to perceived pleasures or pain, and we bounce like a ping pong  balls between events and people.

Conscious living is simple when we awaken and no longer live on a tightrope, we see ourselves in “all” and “everything”, not as an egotistic “I” where we cling and are attached, yet as a universal “I” where the miracle of “oneness” unfolds leaving separation as a distant illusion.

On a personal note I will be heading to Texas for two weeks to help with Dad, as my sister Lori heads to Michigan,  she welcomes in her daughters first child and her first grandchild. (Lori is visiting me in Hawaii until the 19th). Then we head back to Dallas where Dad is. Blogging is limited when I am with family.

The picture above is of my sister Lori, an angel who lives with my father who had a stroke in 2011, My brother Steve with Max who has been the reflection of foundation for all the girls, My sister Patti, whose genius supersedes us all, and then me, Robyn, seeing my light and embracing life, through the unlimited possibility’s. I have gratitude for the reflections of my family,especially when our shadows show their face.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 70-Multidimensional

IMG_0513Wow! Powerful energy (magnetic field) opening up so much and mother “Gaia” smiling as our higher frequencies can ground in now!!! Let the “LOVE” light shine. We have entered into a new timeless space that has been tough to even explain, Yet  I will start by sharing a powerful “dream” I had. I was swimming in very murky water, with diesel trucks and fuel floating around me. I was swimming very effortlessly, as I swam to shore and came out of the water without a drop of “MURK” on me I got in an elevator and the construction worker calmly told me, “This is not how you get there”.

I consciously told myself to go into the light and I traveled through the veil into a BEAUTY FULL place of “Light”. I gathered the infinite light in me and brought it back to Earth “Gaia” and have felt this incredible sense of peace and love. Even as I describe this simple journey, the feeling of peace prevails.

Our  “New Earth” has been able to receive the multidimensional frequencies (I call Christ Consciousness), according to my inner “stillness”. When I went about my day yesterday and today I was given a chance to practice this, in the mist of chaos, watching the chaos move instantly into order, without taking away from my inner stillness frequency. We are powerful beings when we can be completely present to whatever comes up, grounded in stillness. Just like walking meditation and prayer, we can now move about in many grounded dimensional spaces without “leaving the body”. This “New Earth” is changing so quickly, many will experience the very quick surrendering and lower energies dissipation as life shifts. I say thank you to all who work with each other in the divine and “Mother Gaia” for her Love.

With Gratitude Heart to Heart Robyn