Soul family

To my blogging and FB soul family. I wanted to post this again for you all. Many of you I have never met in the physical, yet you are also my family. Blessed/bliss heart to heart.❤️❤️❤️💞💞💞🌞🌞🌞😇😇😇💙💙💙💜💜💜 imageTo all who read this … I see you!!! I made this plural as I wrote this to a friend today……I started blogging 2.5 years ago and there is a woman who put our spiritual journeys in a book. Full self expression, art, ❤️💜💚💗💙💛😃😃, all an expression of whole and complete. Sacred journey my friends. 💗💗The vulnerability of sharing the openness of your heart. 🐬🐬🐬🐬When we no longer listen “out there”, yet we honor divine presence in us, “as us” and come together. Yes yes yes😃😄❤️💜💚💗💙💙💛as your journey in New Earth is divine, perfect, blessing of all life. We live eternal in this now without fear of any “illusions”. This is complete in the conscious evolution of “Now”. There is no past in the heart! Only 💜❤️💙💚now. Evolution of eternal, timeless, ageless life… That is the truth spoken for All in this “one” matrix. I am u, and u are me, with or without “this” body we are All connected. There is no pain and suffering, only illusions. When we step into unconditional ❤️💜💚of self we have the collective as our ❤️💜💚team. We have found each other in soul family just BEing ❤( as this is what you already are) and that is “enough”. We are always “enough” as we are emptied of the illusions and step into divine presence! You are one special woman or man .. Reborn / Ecstatic/😃😜😄😝💛💗💚💚💜❤️️bliss/ blessed, in this NOW!!


IMG_1885Seeing all of life from the void. We have no answers. There are no questions


We give to life overflowing as we recognize our truth… that we breathe the entire Cosmos.

Truly releasing all that we know.

So that we can be in the flow.

We rest even when we are on the GO.

Heart to Heart Robyn


IMG_1731Just like the dance of these clouds, we are all unique with the gifts we came to offer. Fitting together in a beautiful tapestry as one. BE YOU, and let your light shine. You are your own eternal gifts celebrating this unique expression. Stand in your power my friends, you are beautiful!

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight-From Stillness To Nothing

When nothing becomes “everything” we live in stillness. We no longer need to explain, believe, make wrong, or even think.

The number 9 (reflection) comes into play, where mirrors of the highest possibility prevail. Simply reflectingIMG_1631 Accessing and integrating all beings, where light is shined on darkness, darkness shows us the light, light returns to itself, and the playing field seems to beam with love.

Vibrational  opposites exist at the same time simultaneously. ALL frequency’s generate a pulsation that attracts its possibilities. As “gatekeepers” and angels of light,  we “SEE” in the dark.  Where we are one, and we simply love.


Divinity expressed as oneself, being with newness and wonder, the unknown, where there is no past or future.

No longer needing to understand or know, we come together with gratitude and love, recognizing the integration of the Divine ONE.

You becomes WE and WE becomes ONE. Crystalline BEING where separation is a thing of the past and WE simply are.

heart to heart Robyn


Earth Angel Insight Day 73-Inner Calm

When we live as each moment is brand new, resting in the stillness within, an inner calm and peace resides in us, flowing with each moment as we dance to the synchronicity and rhythm of the “NOW”. Take a breath and notice this stillness…as you enter into this eternal formless infinity of possibility.IMG_1136

Earth Angel Insight Day 70-Multidimensional

IMG_0513Wow! Powerful energy (magnetic field) opening up so much and mother “Gaia” smiling as our higher frequencies can ground in now!!! Let the “LOVE” light shine. We have entered into a new timeless space that has been tough to even explain, Yet  I will start by sharing a powerful “dream” I had. I was swimming in very murky water, with diesel trucks and fuel floating around me. I was swimming very effortlessly, as I swam to shore and came out of the water without a drop of “MURK” on me I got in an elevator and the construction worker calmly told me, “This is not how you get there”.

I consciously told myself to go into the light and I traveled through the veil into a BEAUTY FULL place of “Light”. I gathered the infinite light in me and brought it back to Earth “Gaia” and have felt this incredible sense of peace and love. Even as I describe this simple journey, the feeling of peace prevails.

Our  “New Earth” has been able to receive the multidimensional frequencies (I call Christ Consciousness), according to my inner “stillness”. When I went about my day yesterday and today I was given a chance to practice this, in the mist of chaos, watching the chaos move instantly into order, without taking away from my inner stillness frequency. We are powerful beings when we can be completely present to whatever comes up, grounded in stillness. Just like walking meditation and prayer, we can now move about in many grounded dimensional spaces without “leaving the body”. This “New Earth” is changing so quickly, many will experience the very quick surrendering and lower energies dissipation as life shifts. I say thank you to all who work with each other in the divine and “Mother Gaia” for her Love.

With Gratitude Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insights Day 69-Integration

IMG_2174With the Partial Solar Eclipse assisting us with this “light body” energy. All that is out of balance comes up, bringing our creations into the highest possibility’s. In this universal perfection, we may or may not like what comes up, yet it is not personnel how the universe responds. We are able to observe our different ways of being as we “integrate” towards “Zero Point Energy”.

So what is Zero Point Energy? Zero Point Energy is being in alignment with our polarities. Many have experienced this in meditation or prayer, yet it is now “time” to integrate this peaceful clear balance in our everyday life .We find those deep pockets within our collective selves where anything is possible. Grounding our spiritual essence to the very fabric of our being. Unwavering in our stillness, we can live in multidimensional states, recognizing we are magical synergistic beings.

Happy Eclipse!  Heart to Heart Robyn

Can we be happy in a world full of Chaos?

IMG_2343=1″ />// (3) Robyn Cabral   This is from Eric Allen and fits so well with us “light’ beings, I wanted to share.<meta http-equiv=”X-Frame-Options” content=”DENY” />//

∞ “Can we be Happy in a world filled with Chaos? YES! We can Feel Deeply for those going through great challenges and Help them Without becoming overwhelmed. We can be Fully Aware of ALL the great challenges in the world without ingesting them. We can learn to Live in Love and Peace while others try to pull us down into Fear, Anger, and Hatred. This is the Strength and Power that it takes to Lift others and make Positive Changes in the world. It is NOT ‘denial’ to face our challenges with Love and Peace. It is, in fact, a ‘Very High Level of Consciousness’. It takes a great deal of Courage. May we All find the Courage to Live this way, one day soon.” ∞