Earth Angel Insight Day 107- New Earth

I am going to open this post with a quote “To awaken within the dream is our purpose now. When we awaken within the dream, the ego created earth drama comes to an end and a more benign and wondrous dream arises. This IS the NEW earth.” Elkhart Tolleimage

We have entered into a very powerful experience, one of expanding light and awakening, integration of higher frequencies is possible to be aware of and live in. Without attachment to our lower frequencies, our ego seems to drop away without the necessity for earth drama. We are currently experiencing the “Lions Gate” where powerful light helps us honor our divine selfs. 8 represents abundance and power and today we have triple 8’s. ” I happened to be pulled to post today and discovered that it is also day “8” for this post 1+7.”

This “NEW” earth power is very different than “OLD” earth power. There is no desire for control, manipulation, greed, anger, pain and suffering. There is no fear of lack. There is a peace and serenity in all of life’s experiences, including all those experiences we may call “challenging”. When we experience life where duality is an illusion, we no longer defend, and hold on with attachment. We realize that we have nothing to fear as it is only our illusions that create fear.

There is no “How To” or “How Not Too”  as we are all exactly where we are in our evolution. With no right or wrong to defend or to be better than, we see that all of life is in us, and we flow into our process without judgement of better than or less than. This is the journey of the “human” to recognize itself as one. Eternal, ageless, timeless being.

Heart to Heart Robyn


Earth Angel Insight Day 101- Timeless Space

IMG_2546WOW! That is the first word that comes to me when I look back on this last year. Many of us seem to be experiencing this incredible shift of acceleration in consciousness that has all moments come together as one. As I write this it has been almost one month since I have posted, yet it seems like yesterday, (or more like the same moment). So much has shifted in the last year in the big picture that I feel like a microcosm of all this shifting. I am going to write these shifts as “we”, because I feel if you are reading this, these shifts are in your space as well.IMG_0263

No 1) Whatever has been percolating up to the surface to cleanse has happened!

No 2) Whatever relationships are no longer working (in relationship to energy fields) have disappeared!

No 3) Whatever “identity” we thought we had no longer exists!

No 4) We are able to “observe” all of “our” behaviors, past illusions, and creations with compassion rather than “fixing”!

No 5) We no longer “see” through the eyes of separation, yet through the eyes of oneness!

No 6) Our egos become displaced as we observe ourselves through others!

No 7) We no longer “need” to defend, make wrong, separate, or “argue” our point!

No 8) We collectively see each other through the eyes of love!

No 9) We have gone “inside” ourselves to discover we have always been “enough”!

No 10) We no longer “need” to prove ourselves to others, or even to ourselves.!

No 11) We have recognized that “things” and “people” are not our “possessions”!

No 12) We stand “for” rather than fight against!

No 13) We thank those who have challenged us, for we have seen our illusions!

No 14) We have entered into a state where inner peace is our mantra

No 15) We have entered into a state of reverence that this moment is all that is.

No 16) Lastly from my light to yours we have gratitude!

Heart to Heart Robyn

The Beauty Of This Now

IMG_0115Several quotes from   Eckhart Tolle have been in my field and I wanted to share the beauty of this now.

As a collective we are in the new now  “When we allow the moment to be as it is, we dissolve the ego”  Eckhart Tolle

With this awakening, ego based earth drama ceases, there is no resistance as time dissolves, we enter our collective divinity and have no “needs” as we no longer identify with form as our power, yet come from within our divinity where anything is possible.

When we have our full attention in now, life is not what happens, yet life is what is transforming in the moment, the space between form.

Coming from this inner space between thoughts, words and all form, is where serenity lies, in this stillness all is clear and all is possible and we have come home.

This space is where I have been residing, so words flow with the moment and my desire to write has been less and less.

This does not mean I will be gone from wordpress, yet my writing is much less these days.

Love to all I have connected with on wordpress as I feel your love.  Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 99- Awakend From Ego Based Earth Drama

IMG_0844Getting “home” yesterday, my ego based earth drama, seemed to be slipping me away, as I watched how I want things to be a certain way for myself and others. I watched how my life had been supported by my belief systems and the truth of the matter is I was “Being” full of myself.

Yet as quickly as this drama seemed to be taking me on a ride, I went into non-resistance of the moment and the forms that I saw seemed to no longer exist in the drama zone or 3D world. It became very clear to me that as I give “space to all that is” there is this simple inner space that does not require anything of me. I no longer have the answer for another or even myself when it comes to their life path. The inner space of joy that remains has no resistance to what is so anymore.

I now surrender to all limitations and illusions. Being completely fulfilled by the “now” moment, where aliveness is in the center of stillness, where ego created earth drama ends. I have absolute gratitude for all I have shown myself as a reflection of self from others, and awaken to the stillness within, allowing this moment, to be as it is, saying yes to this now.

Allowing for this ascension journey to unfold, I have recognized that my “need” for words may change and that I have no idea what to expect. Being back here in Maui allows for many silent days, as this seems to be my path. Others may be the new writers of tomorrow’s world, yet this timeless journey for me is endless, grounded in this now, I say yes to the unknown. Sending out love and light to all, as I approach my 100th insight, where another shift has occurred.

Heart to Heart RobynIMG_0514

Earth Angel Insight Day 98-Peace Within

image When we remember that all we see comes from within, that all that we touch is a manifestation of peace or unrest, we find that the journey within becomes our sacred path, and we connect in our hearts, finding peace within.
We were never alone in this infinite universe as our light within shines as bright as the brightest star, finding its expression in universal consciousness, humbling us to remember it was never about our separate selfs, grasping, holding, fearful of an ending, yet about connecting in our heart, even when someone or something seems gone, we are connected in divinity, where we remain eternal and timeless, where words are no longer needed, we are at peace, grounding this into our physical world where there has never been separation, only unlimited source within.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day-97-Grounded In Our Divinity

IMG_0454“Waking Up” can be unraveling to some, if grounding has been difficult. I heard a saying today about grounding as related to an electrical current. We will be shocked if our electric currents have not been grounded. Therefore remembering to bring ourselves into trusting our higher insights and grounding them into our body, makes the journey very light. As “light beings” we are no longer forgetting our divinity as a whole, and unable to be in the physical body. Yet assisting ourselves in the very transformation of our universe, through our eternal selves.

As we cleanse, clear and rest in our body, we connect. There is no fear in this higher realm. We truly transmute our very being. I personally have dance and yoga as my sacred space of connection. Rest, nutrition and nature are also very big in assisting us to access our divinity. As we no longer mistrust ourselves, we vibrate at a very high frequency, where we transform our bodies core DNA into a 3 strand helix, accessing 13 dimensions.

Accessing our genius is our natural state, where we tap into the collective, as billions of alternative solutions become easy to access. There is no separation of egos in this realm, only the highest possibility of existence emerges, and we recognize our piece of the holographic matrix. Contributing to ourselves, from ourselves, in the collective whole. I call this our collective God space, ever expanding in joy, peace, harmony, and love.

So ground in my friends, as we are all on this ride together, in this ageless, timeless now.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 94-The Miracle of You!

imageAs we go inside we start to discover that we already are the Miracle of Life! It is not what we said, created, did, thought we should do, did not do, and on and on, that defines us. We AlREADY ARE! All ego drops aside, exposing its illusions! Even when ego wants to grasp on to spiritual superiority, we can chuckle at its humor.

When we wake up and return HOME to ourselves, we realize that the illusions of “not good enough” are simply stories that run out of gas, these stories may be pretty hard to let go of, yet once we start to peel the onion back, we recognize the pearl inside all of us!

Returning home to ourselves, no longer being run by our thoughts or circumstances, or others thoughts or circumstances, we find that space of peace and love, where we rest in ourselves “AS” creation, manifesting unlimited possibility’s by simply “BEING”.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 93-Light Gifters

When life gives us an opportunity to shift, will we contract or expand? As master, director, and writer of the script that appears before us, will we shine light on what we “SEE” and simply”BE”? image

When we no longer carry the illusions of separation, we can flow in our life without having “WHAT HAPPENS”or”WHAT WE THINK” run us, yet step into the simple flow of awareness.

Instead of “working at shining our light”, we simply are the light, our natural state, where we gift each other “ourselves”, the stars that we are, a perfect fit in the Cosmic Puzzle!

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 92 – Authentic Living

imageThis “New Now” is all about Authentic Living, where we live our life more in tune with what we were created to be. Living the truth we know and feel within. Living our inner greatness. Our ability to be in connection with our own true essence, and act in alignment with that essence. This way of living allows us the opportunity to be transparent and vulnerable. The opportunity to be genuine, standing in the presence of all our imperfections, living an open, honest and engaged life, where we trust our intuitions, and the flow of our life. Forever going deeper into oneself we discover that which is uniquely ours to express and share. We are all a unique expression of the whole and it is “time” to shine!

Our “old selfs” has us live a life that ignores our true gifts and talents while performing assigned or inherited roles. This quote sums it up ” Our old selfs send false information about who we are and what we ” should” be doing with our life. It blocks the information to our intuitive authentic self, and drains our energy. Relying on information from our old self means we put our trust in a broken compass.”

So let this 1/11 energy of creativity and confidence, assist us in maintaining our authentic living!

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 91-Living Aloha

Living Aloha is deep in the heart of all of us. Although I have lived in Maui for 10 years, I believe Aloha is at the root of “All” of our highest truth. A friend posted this from an article she found.

Kahuna David Bray “Come forward, be in unity and harmony with your real self, God and Mankind.” “Be honest, truthful, patient, kind to all life forms, and humble” “To the Hawaiian of old, aloha meant “God in Us”

This is another definition of Aloha that we as a collective can resonate with “To consciously manifest life joyously in the present, this is our Prime Directive”

As we enter into our day, when life seems to bring challenges, seeing them as opportunities in the form of Aloha, has us see them in ways that allow for the old to no longer take us away from Aloha!

Let us “consciously manifest joy in the present”!

Heart to Heart Robynimage


Earth Angel Insight Day 89-Seeing Extraordinary In The Ordinary

imageBy going inimageside to where my heart sings, I see extraordinary in the ordinary. There may be some people who think I live in the clouds and have no idea what it would be like to live their very ordinary or even painful life.

I am here to say I lead a very grounded ordinary life, with one major exception, I see love in everyone and everything. This I am proud to say has me recognize our collective magnificence. As” we”  truly are the brightest star in all of the Galaxies connecting to each other, with intertwining gifts and creative talents that go beyond the confines of form.

As my heart has opened to source consciousness and vibrates love, even the murkiest of water can see its spark of crystalline structure and transcend into it’s true self. As in a course of love we become a holographic circle of selves coming back to “self” with inspiration as our tool, crossing over into higher and higher dimensions. Sharing with each other in our ordinary lives the power of love.

As we accept and share with each other in love, anything is possible!  Make 2015 ” BE” your year of love!

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 88-Frequency Upgrades

Frequency Upgrades

Frequency Upgrades

Here we are in this moment Dec. 27th 2014 in the middle of frequency upgrades. Those of us who have been experiencing these energy shifts feel lighter, and literally filled with light.
Recently returning to Dallas to be with family, the challenge to stay in higher vibrations has been easier, feeling this challenge is perfect timing, as always, I have embraced this “new now”

It has been asked of me to explain the process of frequency shifts and it’s impact on all of us. I can only speak from the experience and information I get as a Wayseer. Our universes are very vast and in each one of us we are also infinite. We live in multidimensional experiences and have many different simultaneous frequencies.

When a “portal” or “gateway” opens up we have an opportunity to enter into higher dimensions. Many times becoming formless as the frequencies increase. The level at which we can manifest and create on this earth plane in higher frequency is 5D/6D where our form vibrates in Love. As multidimensional levels of “enlightens” traveling in other dimensions, we as a collective can stay grounded, in this multiplex of holographic experiences.

The 25th through 29th gateway has opened to Christ Consciousness, 12th demension, this gateway is powerful and shifts our earth, and each embodied spirit will experience this shift differently. The new babies coming in will be upgrades of our “old selves” We will forgive with divine grace, spread our light with peacefulness, and honor each embodied spirit to complete their divine missions. Some beings will transition into the light, through releasing their physical form, some will resist with free will, yet others will choose to enter the light in physical form, remembering why we are here.

Honoring our individual journey, yet entering into collective unity, I will continue to write as part of my mission for being here, gratitude for this “now moment”, I say thank you to all who have embraced me in this last linear year, seeing you all in the light.

Heart to Heart Robyn