Earth Angle Insight Day 43-Awake


In this Golden Age…words like awake…get tossed around…yet does it really matter if you understand it…I think not…this word can get “in the way” and become another concept. The minute I label myself or you as either “Being Awake” or “Asleep”…there is separation…with no reality to experience unity..

Yet in the reality of  “knowing” ourselves to be “spirit”…we end the separation..we become one with all people…
and situations become an ever flowing matrix..accepting all…

Being non reactive…effective…with no person, place. or thing as our enemy…choosing peace…

Heart to Heart Robyn

2 thoughts on “Earth Angle Insight Day 43-Awake

  1. Thank you my friend…yes to it all especially the part.”one can be awake, but still be asleep”…this can be placed into the formless as well, when I refer to spiritual awakening…and being awake to the illusions we create.. I have been on an Byron Katie. journey as of late and one of my favorite quotes ” No name , no thought, can possibly be true in an ultimate sense.” ” It’s all provisional:it’s all changing”…”The dark ,the nameless, the unthinkable.-that is what you can ultimately trust” ” It doesn’t change, and it’s benevolent. “When we realize this, we have to laugh” “There’s nothing serious about life or death” Heart to Heart Robyn


  2. Lovely. One can be awake, but still be asleep – i have that issue a lot. Like a mental power nap or something. Then, later on, I am like… ‘ohh, that’s what they were referring to.”

    I may be way off here. Nevertheless, nice article, Robyn.


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