What is a rainbow child ?

IMG_1565ANSWER.. WE ARE ALL RAINBOW CHILDREN.. as  the babies come in recently some are emitting frequencies of pure source “God” energy …many of us are drawn to these children… many of us have them in our families… they come in with amazing energy… fear has no power over them…they wake up happy..with the frequency of Lauve (love)..serenity…powers to shine the lyght (light).. as this is our true nature…our God light…so why do we have so many of these children now?..as we look through the history of vibrational frequencies on our planet ..these children can FINALLY come in…because we have raised frequencies with our God Lauve…pure source Lyght…BEING PURE SOURCE vibrational energy is what they share.. just by being here…the challenges for them is that they pick up all energies around them..as they are channels for us to see ourselves in the Lyght..many people will be bothered by so much pureness..as many ask the questions WHY? … it challenges the very beliefs of our egos…that is why… as they want drastic change…the rainbow child will work for the betterment  of our mother earth..as a natural part of their vibration… no longer having the fear of the prior vibrations…it is natural to experience change as normal.

Does this mean the energies and vibrations did not matter before?…NO… yet the energy from the past no longer serves us… as WE ALL  BECOME RAINBOW CHILDREN ..in alignment with the NEW EARTH..one of GOD centered “LAUVE” “LOVE”…we change…mother Gaia is slowing coming into alignment with our true nature…as the earth has been pulsing at much faster and higher frequency ..we all have the same opportunities to come into our GOD self or RAINBOW SELF..this is the reason for the PURE RAINBOW CHILD…as the Star Child and Indigo Child from the past  merge together with our  ” PURE GOD SOURCE”… ” the planet lyghts up to open the grids of unification and holographic matrixes …into the one mind..the brane world..bringing us all together in oneness..as we spread joy and love “LAUVE” to all…the choice is ours to align..as each has  “ETERNAL” life as its destiny.

What is transcendence?

IMG_1296Coming together with some common language has always been a way to communicate effectively…and it seems that words take on there own form as we use them …hence  the word “TRANSCENDENCE”…I prefer to call it “TRANSENDANCE” or TRANS SEND DANCE…meaning receiving and sending in dance…so what does that look like and feel like?…as I have experienced this movement of rising into these higher vibrations…it is definitely a dance…a place where we access higher levels of communication…where telepathy and clairvoyance hang out…and where our bodies remain very” LIGHT” or  “LYGHT”… where there is an awareness of transforming into the “light”… having  a sense of floating…yet “BEING” grounded on the earth plane.. no longer having to meditate for hours…it is a common stillness that comes from within..as we go through our every day life…accessing this moment in time as the dance unfolds…with oneness being our guide.. as each and every person brings us our messages… we are guided by the flow of our day…

This is a very awesome “TIME” or “TYME” as we no longer feel we are running out of “TIME”…starting to first feel longevity and then feeling “ETERNAL”…this is the place where we rest.. in ageless timeless eternal space..as there is no “time”…just our presence in this moment…which brings us such peace and serenity it feels like  mother GAIA is singing…all the animal kingdom..people.. places.. and things.. light up as the “SUN” from within us shines.. My first experience of this “light”” lyght” came to me when I had a near death experience as 4 years old..and feel greatFULL that we can rise into this way of BEING without leaving the physical body behind… just BEING grounded in this now..no longer living in the past or future …we transcend.

What is 5D?

IMG_0241IMG_0912Today is the beginning of everything new..as 5D calls us to look at the freshness… the newness of each moment. Our DNA and RNA have changed into this multi-vibrational “BEING”..as it talks to us through our instincts and our clairvoyant freshness…one where darkness is a whisper in the night… this is where Karma no longer exists..and the moment creates a new reality with each breath..as many ask the question..have I done enough?..or have I  been good enough?… this is no longer necessary…as Karma is but a faint whisper…with no charge or energy on it…we no longer live in the past. What I want to say to all who have been wondering if we are returning to light “BEINGS”..the answer is we were always “LYGHT “or “LIGHT BEINGS”. There has been enough of us who paved the way for others to shine..allowing the grids of light to illuminate the earth.

As this “LYGHT” shines from all the open portals and holographic grids we transcend into this “5D ENERGY”…this requires us to focus on forgiveness and love “LAUVE” .. 5D vibration is the realization that we are “CREATOR”…we automatically find peace and serenity … no longer working “AT” anything.. yet we simply “ARE”..as our “EFFECTS” are simply that with which we “CAUSE”… our NEW DNA and RNA sees everything as a” MARACULOUS NEWNESS”…5D is the overlay on this earth plane with many choosing this vibrational path .. we create a calm presence and 3D is simply another vibration..as well as 4D’s Magic…conversations will  automatically go to the ones who want to hear our message.. that of “LAUVE” …and all else falls away.


5D New World Living…a New Vibration

This post finds me in present moment…being aware of transcending into the multidimensional realities of this moment…I say yes to the miraculous…being creator of my reality.. at cause ..seeking nothing…being light…my journey to this moment has been interesting to many…yet timeless … Continue reading