Earth Angel Insight Day 78-Great Full

IMG_2640A perfect time to be “Great Full” is when the road is rocky, bumpy, challenging or even just when things seem to be stagnant. This is when we can shift our way of being. Many of you may know that “our” old ways of being come in so we can look with whole new eyes, giving us a chance to clear our energy field, and possibly get us to a place of acceptance  The number 78 is a 6 in the world of numbers, giving rise to vision and acceptance.

I want to share from my heart a few experiences of my history, so that this may remind us all that we as a collective have been the light posts for this new earth. When I was born I had a severe lazy eye that at 3 years old was unable to be corrected by surgery, so I wore very thick glasses strapped to my head and a black patch over my eye. I fell into a 16 foot dry well on my head at 4 years old, and had a near death experience that showed me the light, yet was to experience the darkness first. As a teenager I was engulfed by emotional highs and lows and hospitalized in my early 20’s for a psychotic episode. I thought as many did in this darkness that this earth was far to much to take, seeking to ease my pain through relationships, achievements, and anything external. I went through a divorce when my daughter was 12 years old, then financially crashed in 2008. All the time going through this, I would repeat to myself, God is all there is, I am one with God. This was the teachings of religious science.

Then because I was no longer “chasing” anything outside of myself, I began the process of self-love. One of my very good friends passed away in her sleep in 2010, she came to me and said you are going to give my eulogy on forgiveness, which was waiting for me to share. Because of the collective shift in 2012 to a softer energy field of “inner love”, my experiences were changing swiftly. I am married to a wonderful man who has journeyed into the unknown with me, (we married in 2006) a year after my mother passed away. I was never in the relationship to complete me, or change him, we have experienced each other as raw as it gets, through tears, laughter, love and growth, coming into this new space realizing  that none of it defines us.

The experience of this moment has been possible because of our collective shift, being in conscious awareness of the illusions in what we “see”. We can become “one’ with it, experiencing life from a place of serendipitous adventure, opening our hearts to the infinite universes within.IMG_1306

Soustice Rising ~ Ascension Notes: More Light; More Awareness; More Love – 11/25/2014

Powerful message from Kara. Thank you!

Forever Unlimited

Soustice Rising ~ Ascension Notes: More Light; More Awareness; More Love – 11/25/2014

November has been a time to dive more deeply into the goo that the October Eclipse Cycle and the powerful portal of 11:11 awakened us to. It’s all a part of our deep transformation. Many have been revisited by childhood memories, old relationships and old patterns that simply don’t serve them any longer. We’re in different spaces and indeed, we’re different people. And as we’ve reviewed the past, we spontaneously set it free and focus more fervently on the New that we are all creating. It is important to remind ourselves that we’re not alone. Many are experiencing similar things. There has been more letting go of those with whom we no longer resonate along with other guided choices we’ve made.

Especially surprising and powerful has been the dissolution of what some thought were “forever relationships,” like…

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Happy Thanks Giving

I wanted to fill you all in on some personal updates, as we enter into this Thanksgiving Holiday. My first update is our little doggie Coco has been better, and her doctor says the mass in her chest has remained the same.IMG_1530

Secondly I am heading to Dallas, to take a road trip to Austin with my sisters, my sweetheart step daughter has invited us “all” to her new house for Thanksgiving. Loving that we can come together to celebrate, a very special day, as my Daughter Aly turns 22 on Thanksgiving Day, and for my birthday (the day after), we all get to go see engineer Aly’s awesome place of work at IBM.IMG_0011IMG_2175

I have such gratitude for life and the infinite universes in every one of us, as we come from the heart and experience ourselves as divine consciousness, may we care without carrying the burdens of density, entering into the divine dance of playfulness, joy and laughter.In synchronicity with this eternal now,IMG_2206

Christ-consciousness Is Our Innate Consciousness

Celia Hales posts from “A Course of Love” open our hearts. Here is a sample of one of her latest posts about Christ Consiousness


“Again let me remind you that we are speaking of the new. There has always been a state of consciousness that we are here calling Christ-consciousness. There has never been a sustained Christ-consciousness in form. . . . It [Christ-consciousness] is your innate consciousness, a consciousness far too vast to be learned but one easily shared by all. (Treatises of A Course of Love: Treatise on the New, 12.22)

1 – Jesus

Jesus is here alluding to his recommendation that we, ourselves, assume a Self that is of form, physical form. And that we remain on earth to sustain this form, this “elevated Self of form.” Previously, many who attained this state did not long maintain the body (from A Course in Miracles). But we are encouraged, though not required, to give another possibility a chance. We are encouraged to remain in physical form on a sustained basis, exhibiting Christ-consciousness…

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Earth Angel Insight Day 77 Part Two- Reflection

IMG_0392When we realize our experience is nothing more than a reflection of our many selves coming back to us through different frequencies, we become one with all of life. We no longer carry the burdens of it, yet care for it. Our love for all of life’s creations, even for those most challenging creations of ours, brings us to a deeper sense of peace and stillness and we become a snowball of light, forever renewing itself as a brighter and clearer frequency.

This clear frequency is another term for “Christ Consciousness”,where we no longer see ourselves separate, yet as a frequency of light.connected to all and everything,

Earth Angel Insight Day 77-Timeless Space

IMG_0507When we enter into “the zone”, “the moment”,”the flow”, serendipity, we enter into this timeless space or universal consciousness. Time is nothing more than an illusion we created for convenience sake, and soon became confused by it. Getting to work or school “on time”, forgetting what our flow is, we step into “TIME” and “DEADLINES”. Just the word DEAD LINES can be an eyeopener to how DEADLY we can run our lives. Stress is the number one KILLER in this country. with all the focus on outer this and that, we can run our lives into overdrive, forgetting we are “TIMELESS”

Oh yes we watch ourselves age and the house and car get older, yet these “facts” are also based in illusions of fear. When WE are creating a world where “there is never enough time”, then life force ceases. Our creativity becomes stifled by fear.

So what then is timeless space? Timeless space is when we are so “in the moment”, that we “become” what we are doing. Our full attention is on it, for the pure experience of the moment. Whether doing the dishes, or at work, taking care of details, We become “ONE” with our “DOING”  and we are “BEING” timeless.

Amazing serendipity takes place when we are no longer live from the past and future, yet enter into the “TIMELESS NOW”. All the so called DEAD LINES become timeless lines, as everything gets done in its perfect timing, we rest into the miraculous creativity of universal consciousness as everything simply flows.

Earth Angel Insight Day 76- Vortex

IMG_0618We have entered into what many may call a vortex of higher frequency. The definition of a vortex is a whirling and spinning mass in a limited area. This vortex encompasses our universe due to the many changes that our galaxy has encountered and brings our earth and and all life forms into a higher frequency.

Being aware of this occurrence, allows us to flow with the vortex, even though we may feel like we are in a washing machine.This very awareness has us become conscious of all our ways of being and its reflection to one another.

Whatever is in lower frequency will get washed away when we flow with it. If we resist we will become stuck in the wash cycle.This cycle is where suffering exists and can be very painful.

When we have gratitude for all the experiences we have, we see with clear eyes and hearts, fully waking up, grounded in the vortex, as the veil has been lifted, living from this heart frequency.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 73-Inner Calm

When we live as each moment is brand new, resting in the stillness within, an inner calm and peace resides in us, flowing with each moment as we dance to the synchronicity and rhythm of the “NOW”. Take a breath and notice this stillness…as you enter into this eternal formless infinity of possibility.IMG_1136