Earth Angel Insight Day 68-Renewal

IMG_0588As we look at this moment with the light speed with which it was given, we are cleansing, and we are able to have a sense of renewal. This renewal is constant and  we can remain still “inside” as the changes take place within and around us. We have entered into our “light bodies” where we flow with the healing changes, emotional, physical, mental shifts, allowing for our DNA to shift as well. We have literally created an opportunity to renew with love, transforming our being and our world.

In humble awareness, we enter into our lives, trusting that our light bodies are impacting our ways of “being”. As all rises to the surface to be cleansed. We no longer feel the urgency that we once felt to “clear”, as we know all is in perfect timing. Our energy portals and “light” workers have helped to connect the “power” within to our very high vibrations that are reaching way beyond our humanness.

Simply be aware of the shifts that our everyday life encounters present to us, thank those who challenge us, as with gratitude we simply see we have been given an opportunity to rebirth and renew. We truly are unlimited, eternal beings integrating our “NEW EARTH”.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Our approaching tropical storm/hurricane is another form of renewal for our island here in Maui.  Coming from stillness within “as in the eye” all is well. Adding a picture of our tropical “renewal”. image

Earth Angel Insight Day 50-Inspired

IMG_0574As I step into my automatic writing on this 5oth day for Earth Angel Insight, I am deeply humbled and inspired. I never really thought I would start a blog or create a place to explore the many insights that seem to flow through me. Grateful that others have been inspired as well. Every time I step into absolute stillness, I am amazed at the flow of expression that I read from your many blogs, and feel inspired for humanity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your openness, love, kindness, generosity, gratitude, humbleness, sincerity,creative persistence, exploration, fearlessness and mastery have opened my heart beyond words.

As I allow for the words to come to me, entering into what I call the “zone”, all that has been cleared from my “view” drops away, spirit is all that remains. The words that I write come to me as if they were meant for exactly this moment. My ego goes through a process of seeing itself, where I become its friend, inviting it in if it so chooses, thus allowing for, rather than fighting against the process of writing to unfold…

Inspiration lies in serenity for me these days. When living  from this place of non-resistance becomes the norm,  no longer living by “The Story” of who we are, yet from spiritual being, where the stories seem to drop away, where separation is a four letter word, and we “ARE” inspiration. “BEING” that which we no longer seek. We are PEACE, where LOVE is an inside job,and serenity remains. BE the world you want to “SEE”…Inspired by the connection to all humanity..We are the change we have been looking for, miraculous miracles “within” we are unstoppable.

With Gratitude..Heart to Heart Robyn


Earth Angel Insight Day 46-Being

IMG_1522Eckhart Tolle quote “The joy of Being, which is the only true happiness, cannot come to you through any form, possession, achievement, person or event-through anything that happens.””That joy cannot come to you-ever.”” It emanates from the formless dimension within you, from consciousness itself and thus is one with who you are”

This is where serenity all the events, people, places, and things come and go…the unchangeable formless peace within us is joy was never anything the veil lifts showing us all the illusions..we no longer are attached to form..yet flow with life from within…BEING oneness… BEING love….

Heart to Heart Robyn



Earth Angel Insight Day 45-“It Let’s Go Of Us”


When we are bound by the forms that come and go and constantly change..we can have a stressful thought..

When we question the “thought” we do not let go of it…”It lets go of us”…It no longer means what we thought it meant

Quote from Eckhart Tolle…”The world changes because the mind that projected it has changed” …this is when we realize we already “are”

When we fill our hearts with gratitude, we do not package our love with demonstration or proving our love…we experience it….then

we find we “have” everything we need…. Heart to heart Robyn



Earth Angel Insight Day 44-Love


All of life,  its many experiences,  even death,  is LOVE  to me……

From this place of gratitude my heart sings…

Stillness rests in my soul from this unnamed non specific place where oneness resides…

Without form as a reference, eternal love sings it’s song…

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight-Day 41-Sanity

This is a quote from Bryron Katie, “Sanity does not suffer” ” A clear mind is beautiful and only sees its own reflections”

Life will show us exactly what we are calling in…our own thoughts create separation..pain..despair..until we have undone everything…

When we are clear.. we are lovers of “What Is”..we look forward to everything…no matter how it shows up..anything we attempt to call “Bad” drops away and we realize NOTHING outside of ourselves can affect our Sanity…This is where paradise lives…in this stillness…

Forgiveness is unnecessary when we realize there are no mistakes… When we welcome things as they are…there is no need to change ..convert..improve or heal you..true love is letting each other find their way…

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight-Day 40-Within

This week I have joined in a writing challenge to find “The Angle” that best enhances my
rather than look “outside” for the answer…I said to myself “Go Within”…

Immediately..with irony as the calling card..I received my matter my punctuation..grammar..
spelling or fundamentals…I want my posts to best describe what it is like to go within and let go
of the external distractions…connecting to our spiritual selves together…with the light within being
my guide…to this place that is tranquil and still…bringing us together in a very high vibration…

Maybe this has happened automatically…yet speaking these words..allows for “The Angle” to reveal itself…
which takes me out of the physical…into our spiritual dance together…which sings in harmony with all
of life…bringing in more and more light…allowing for…rather than being against…

From this “ANGLE” “I” becomes “WE”…”THEM” becomes “US”…there is no separation…only light…
where “BEING”…with all it’s variations..becomes a virtual world…where harmony..serenity
and stillness guide us..

This is the “Angle” that says look and speak from within my friend…your place of high vibration…”BE” a guiding light..
as all is perfect in this moment…

Thank-you to my fellow bloggers and writing 201 to have me look deeper to “The Angle”
Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight-Day 38-The Moment

IMG_0454The Moment…so many of us have been exploring the possibility of “BEING” in the moment..with all it’s magnificence ..I have made the observation…that there is really nothing else…”no finding myself”..”no helping someone else find themselves”…just the magnificence and magic of “NOW”…loving in this “NOW”

So my journey took me through this 58 years to rest in this now…I call it an “active stillness”…where we all hang out when we have cleared our past…no need to act a certain way…jump on one foot…meditate for hours…chant for days…or need to be “SPECIAL”…as WE ARE ALL POWERFUL.. SPECIAL.. UNBELIEVABLY GIFTED… SPIRITUAL BEINGS!

This does not take away from the amazing “BEINGS” who have helped to guide us on this journey of when I look at you..I see myself ..and without that reflection…I cannot be in this “time and space”..

All my density…shifts into this moment when I interact with you…as I no longer see through the eyes of what I thought was my separate self..I see through the eyes of all “selves”…exploring this “NOW” with an ever expanding newness…where there is endless possibility…genius…in this holographic light grid..that connects us all together..

There is no “better than” or “less than” in this holographic grid of light..just a vibrational energy that links us all in this ageless timeless space..allowing for full brilliance..powerful genius…amazing capabilities..and acceptance of all its many forms…

Thank you for your contribution as we create together that which generates the “magic of now”..where all is a “MIRACLE”

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight-Day 36- ” THE DREAM”

IMG_1512We never really left heaven..we just believed in the idea of separation…”The Dream” says I am this body and this form… love and us from the illusion that we are at “effect” of what we create…when we realize that we are spiritual beings connected as one
we step into this way of “BEING” called love…where peace remains inside us..and heaven on earth prevails…

The veil of separation is lifted when we see all of our creation with love and forgiveness… My sister-in-law gave me such a beautiful
possibility to lift this veil with her coming to me with my heart open..I will forever be different…as nothing can ever be lost..spiritually seeing that was the illusion…entering this ageless timeless space…with gratitude

Heart to Heart Robyn….. (I will be online less in the next week or so as I travel)
(thank you to all who have been in this space of love with me…we have wonderful thoughts to share together)

Dialogs From a Course of Love …No Loss..Only Gain…Godstuff

IMG_14631 – No Loss / Only Gain

“We are one self. How else could we be capable of receiving what we give? How else could our lives be capable of experiencing no loss but only gain? Why else would we have to share ourselves to know ourselves? (Dialogues of A Course of Love, Day 11)”

2 – Mystical

This is the truth, though it is a mystical concept and therefore difficult to understand, difficult to wrap our minds around. How can we be one self with others? How can the many be one?

3 – God-Stuff

We are all “God-stuff.” We are all differentiated from the Godhead. And the universe(s) is constantly expanding, and so there is always growth (though no real change). When we recognize that we are all one, that there is no loss but only gain, we know that what we “lose” goes to our brother or sister, who is actually one with us. So we only expand into a spacious self, as A Course of Love says. This spacious self recognizes that all are One, that we lose nothing when we spread abroad the intangibles.

4 – Sharing

When we share ourselves in conversation, we actually become more of what we truly are. We are sharing and in that process, actually gaining a sense of ourselves as One. We do not have to be extroverts to experience the release that we get through sharing. It is an experience that all can relate to and enjoy.

Earth Angel Insights—My Near Death Experience

Encouraged by a fellow blogger to share my near death experience as a 4 year old…I think about what promises I made on that faithful day and say.. thank you to all who may read this… from my heart to yours…

The day was a special one…when we would as a family all go up to my grandparents cabin…a little over 2 hours from our small hometown in Michigan…the year was 1960…and excitement was in the air….my parents had 4 small quite an accomplishment to make it happen. I was the oldest girl…( originally posted that 1952 was the year of the death experience…yet this was the year my soul miscarried in my mother, and 1960 was the year I fell in the well…I was born in 1956)…there are no mistakes…

Soon after we arrived…the life changing event that changed all of our lives..was to happen…father had to open a 16 foot dry well.. working on getting water turned on inside the cabin…while Mom was inside changing diapers on the baby… Dad had thought that we were all in the cabin… as he was getting another tool…yet my brother and I were playing outside on the other side…running around the cabin…bees came out of a log and I ran straight backwards on my head… into the bottom of the cement well..

I stayed in my body..feeling no pain..and having an amazing sense of peace…. I remained conscious…when we arrived at the 2nd hospital I lifted out of my body and started to watch the doctors as they were working on me…I was a bit confused by the chaos…and wanted to tell them I was fine…yet I instinctively knew I had no words to speak…I was reading their minds and watching…I could see my Mom and Dad in the other room and just started to lift to this eternal blissful place….seeing this amazing bright light…I zipped really fast up into this angelic realm where I could see beautiful angel like faces in a circle and a hand reaching out to me…I had no fear…no age…simply the most blissful feeling that to this day I have experienced…everything was spoken without opening my mouth …as I felt like I had returned home…I had nothing to say…

Then without seeing anyone…I heard a booming that echoed through the are not done mind wanted to speak yes I am..yet no words would come out…just the thought I will go back was there…yet I wanted to stay…the voice told me I had much teaching to do…that I would teach forgiveness..and that I had much to learn …and would understand …that I came back to make this agreement…and I had a choice…in my mind I said yes I will go back

As fast as I had left my body…I was back in my body…in a crib in the recovery room in the hospital…I was scared looking around me…yet still had no pain…only a shaved head…( I found out later my parents were told “If” I lived I may never walk.. talk…eat…or even come out of a coma ever again)… yet when I woke up I was standing up throwing my toys to the girl next to me and talking to her like nothing happened..never even having a headache…they called me the miracle child…and after 3 days of observation I was able to go home.

With my life being constantly surrounded by angels and spirits…as I grew up…I had no real avenue to share my experiences…so I did not talk about them for years…

Entering into this blogging world with full acceptance to share my experiences… my agreements as a gatekeeper and wayseer are coming forward to share and… I feel blessed that I chose to come back…

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 29-BEING

IMG_1554Waking up..loving up…living up…BEING…as I contemplate this simple state…I look around and EVERYTHING is bright…Full of LIFE…ever expressing itself…as if my inner core is just as connected to life as a new born baby seeing the world for the first time…

My first experience with this blissful state of being…was when I had my near death experience…(4 years old) and all I felt was bliss…I kept thinking to myself…there is something I must “DO” to get back to that state..that feeling of being so connected..where nothing but creation itself was inside of me…pondering…seeking…joining this and that group…reading everything I could put my hands on…attending church…and still feeling incomplete…living in dualism…

Fast forward 50 years later…surrendering…BEING in full acceptance of self…unconditional with oneself…and BANG…nothing to get…realizing all of life…without exception is in all of us…I was already “THERE”…taking this U TURN to the everyday blissful state called life…No longer feeling the need for correction of self…or of others…with no dualism…feeling that eternal life..this state of BEING..was possible here on earth…with no need to “GO” anywhere…resting in the silence inside..where no past or future exist..I say YES

Gratitude for this ageless timeless eternal now…”BEING”…Heart to Heart Robyn