Earth Angel Insight Day 102-“Our Reality”


We are light, source consciousness, vibrating with our New Earth.

The vibration with which we choose to resonate creates our reality.

When we choose love, we vibrate at a high frequency, creating more love.

Remembering who we are is why we came to this Earth School

We are ALL Earth Angels

Resonating as one, we bring a collective, peaceful, stillness to our planet

Where all of life flourishes.

Heart to Heart

Abraham Hicks – Indigo Children

I just got done reading a very magical story from my friend Trini (through the eyes of the rainbow child) and this video confirms what we talked about today. Let us ALL remember who we are and let our light shine, through the eyes of our collective child we can brighten the world. We are all Divine children.

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Eckhart Tolle – What is my Responsibility

Even though Eckhart Tolle video taped this in 2009
The ability to CLEAR our state of consciousness remains the same responsibility that creates the world we see around us….grateful for the acceleration he was talking about, which I wrote about in my last post. Very powerful message to all on this path….

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Eckhart Tolle·119 videos
A Q&A selection from the July 2009 EckhartTolleTV Issue

Is the desire to take personal responsibility for things in life purely ego-based? In response to this important question from one of our members, Eckhart reminds us that it is our state of consciousness in any given moment that creates the world we see around us.

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Earth Angel Insight Day 101- Timeless Space

IMG_2546WOW! That is the first word that comes to me when I look back on this last year. Many of us seem to be experiencing this incredible shift of acceleration in consciousness that has all moments come together as one. As I write this it has been almost one month since I have posted, yet it seems like yesterday, (or more like the same moment). So much has shifted in the last year in the big picture that I feel like a microcosm of all this shifting. I am going to write these shifts as “we”, because I feel if you are reading this, these shifts are in your space as well.IMG_0263

No 1) Whatever has been percolating up to the surface to cleanse has happened!

No 2) Whatever relationships are no longer working (in relationship to energy fields) have disappeared!

No 3) Whatever “identity” we thought we had no longer exists!

No 4) We are able to “observe” all of “our” behaviors, past illusions, and creations with compassion rather than “fixing”!

No 5) We no longer “see” through the eyes of separation, yet through the eyes of oneness!

No 6) Our egos become displaced as we observe ourselves through others!

No 7) We no longer “need” to defend, make wrong, separate, or “argue” our point!

No 8) We collectively see each other through the eyes of love!

No 9) We have gone “inside” ourselves to discover we have always been “enough”!

No 10) We no longer “need” to prove ourselves to others, or even to ourselves.!

No 11) We have recognized that “things” and “people” are not our “possessions”!

No 12) We stand “for” rather than fight against!

No 13) We thank those who have challenged us, for we have seen our illusions!

No 14) We have entered into a state where inner peace is our mantra

No 15) We have entered into a state of reverence that this moment is all that is.

No 16) Lastly from my light to yours we have gratitude!

Heart to Heart Robyn