Sacred Heros

IMG_3746NO LONGER in the grips of the death cycle. WE are free!  simply BEING  JOY . We are Shamans stepping into our pray as Sacred Heroes.  Breathing in and out the cosmic waves of all of creation. Through  sacred paths of release we step into our prayers. Knowing we are connected to all of creation, with nothing to hang onto, or hide from, we come together in the heart, where the HERO lives.  Heart to Heart Robyn


Earth Angel Insight Day 107- New Earth

I am going to open this post with a quote “To awaken within the dream is our purpose now. When we awaken within the dream, the ego created earth drama comes to an end and a more benign and wondrous dream arises. This IS the NEW earth.” Elkhart Tolleimage

We have entered into a very powerful experience, one of expanding light and awakening, integration of higher frequencies is possible to be aware of and live in. Without attachment to our lower frequencies, our ego seems to drop away without the necessity for earth drama. We are currently experiencing the “Lions Gate” where powerful light helps us honor our divine selfs. 8 represents abundance and power and today we have triple 8’s. ” I happened to be pulled to post today and discovered that it is also day “8” for this post 1+7.”

This “NEW” earth power is very different than “OLD” earth power. There is no desire for control, manipulation, greed, anger, pain and suffering. There is no fear of lack. There is a peace and serenity in all of life’s experiences, including all those experiences we may call “challenging”. When we experience life where duality is an illusion, we no longer defend, and hold on with attachment. We realize that we have nothing to fear as it is only our illusions that create fear.

There is no “How To” or “How Not Too”  as we are all exactly where we are in our evolution. With no right or wrong to defend or to be better than, we see that all of life is in us, and we flow into our process without judgement of better than or less than. This is the journey of the “human” to recognize itself as one. Eternal, ageless, timeless being.

Heart to Heart Robyn


Earth Angel Insight Day 101- Timeless Space

IMG_2546WOW! That is the first word that comes to me when I look back on this last year. Many of us seem to be experiencing this incredible shift of acceleration in consciousness that has all moments come together as one. As I write this it has been almost one month since I have posted, yet it seems like yesterday, (or more like the same moment). So much has shifted in the last year in the big picture that I feel like a microcosm of all this shifting. I am going to write these shifts as “we”, because I feel if you are reading this, these shifts are in your space as well.IMG_0263

No 1) Whatever has been percolating up to the surface to cleanse has happened!

No 2) Whatever relationships are no longer working (in relationship to energy fields) have disappeared!

No 3) Whatever “identity” we thought we had no longer exists!

No 4) We are able to “observe” all of “our” behaviors, past illusions, and creations with compassion rather than “fixing”!

No 5) We no longer “see” through the eyes of separation, yet through the eyes of oneness!

No 6) Our egos become displaced as we observe ourselves through others!

No 7) We no longer “need” to defend, make wrong, separate, or “argue” our point!

No 8) We collectively see each other through the eyes of love!

No 9) We have gone “inside” ourselves to discover we have always been “enough”!

No 10) We no longer “need” to prove ourselves to others, or even to ourselves.!

No 11) We have recognized that “things” and “people” are not our “possessions”!

No 12) We stand “for” rather than fight against!

No 13) We thank those who have challenged us, for we have seen our illusions!

No 14) We have entered into a state where inner peace is our mantra

No 15) We have entered into a state of reverence that this moment is all that is.

No 16) Lastly from my light to yours we have gratitude!

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 91-Living Aloha

Living Aloha is deep in the heart of all of us. Although I have lived in Maui for 10 years, I believe Aloha is at the root of “All” of our highest truth. A friend posted this from an article she found.

Kahuna David Bray “Come forward, be in unity and harmony with your real self, God and Mankind.” “Be honest, truthful, patient, kind to all life forms, and humble” “To the Hawaiian of old, aloha meant “God in Us”

This is another definition of Aloha that we as a collective can resonate with “To consciously manifest life joyously in the present, this is our Prime Directive”

As we enter into our day, when life seems to bring challenges, seeing them as opportunities in the form of Aloha, has us see them in ways that allow for the old to no longer take us away from Aloha!

Let us “consciously manifest joy in the present”!

Heart to Heart Robynimage


Earth Angel Insight Day 81- Self Mastery

When we re-integrate and connect our lower and higher selves, our journey brings us to a place where we realize we have always been home, With intention we observe our natural magical, unlimited selves, living in a timeless now, honoring our self mastery. Where our home is no longer a temporary space, yet manifest in the moment to moment synchronized flow of “now”.

Heart to Heart Robyn  IMG_1485

Earth Angel Insight Day 79- Synchronicity

IMG_1410When our collective intention is to “BE NOW”, we start to pay attention with intention into higher action and we recognize that it has always been synchronistic. Yet this “New Earth” synchronicity is conscious living. Where our higher self, Christ Consciousness is behind our actions.

When Eckhart Tolle talks about the “pain body”, he talks about how our perceptions, thoughts, and emotions distort our “reality”, creating all kinds of illusions. He states that “awareness” the moment when we observe these illusions, cannot be taught our read about in a book, yet when we “awaken”, we can be guideposts to the ways of being that can transform the collective.

One way that we can do this is to “BE” non-reactive to our “pain body consciousness”. recognize it for what it is, simply an illusion. When we clear our “own” pain bodies, we are being a guidepost of light. Accepting the “Moment” exactly as it is. We begin to wake up. Then the true essence of our being emerges, what I call God light comes into our experience, as this great sense of relief ends our suffering. Never a Utopian view of this inner peace,” yet a moment to moment acceptance and recognition that “we are one”, creating in this eternal now.

On a personal note sharing the experience of the “New Earth” dynamics in corporate America,  it was very uplifting to see that Aly “My” daughter” works in a total “co-creative” environment. Her engineering position allows for her to work in a circle of about 12 people. Half are women, half are men. She is a developer ( 1 of 6) and  there are 6 designers. They have cartoon characters designed next to their names, as to take the ego out of the room. They co-create with white boards asking for everyone’s input, being told “not to work long hours”, and take each Friday at home to rejuvenate, and even encouraged to go to a coffee shop for inspiration. “Thank you GOD” I said to myself.  We are truly creating our “New Earth”. I left there with a sense of peace in my heart.

Thanking all of us for the shift in consciousness, as we create “our” New Earth”

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 78-Great Full

IMG_2640A perfect time to be “Great Full” is when the road is rocky, bumpy, challenging or even just when things seem to be stagnant. This is when we can shift our way of being. Many of you may know that “our” old ways of being come in so we can look with whole new eyes, giving us a chance to clear our energy field, and possibly get us to a place of acceptance  The number 78 is a 6 in the world of numbers, giving rise to vision and acceptance.

I want to share from my heart a few experiences of my history, so that this may remind us all that we as a collective have been the light posts for this new earth. When I was born I had a severe lazy eye that at 3 years old was unable to be corrected by surgery, so I wore very thick glasses strapped to my head and a black patch over my eye. I fell into a 16 foot dry well on my head at 4 years old, and had a near death experience that showed me the light, yet was to experience the darkness first. As a teenager I was engulfed by emotional highs and lows and hospitalized in my early 20’s for a psychotic episode. I thought as many did in this darkness that this earth was far to much to take, seeking to ease my pain through relationships, achievements, and anything external. I went through a divorce when my daughter was 12 years old, then financially crashed in 2008. All the time going through this, I would repeat to myself, God is all there is, I am one with God. This was the teachings of religious science.

Then because I was no longer “chasing” anything outside of myself, I began the process of self-love. One of my very good friends passed away in her sleep in 2010, she came to me and said you are going to give my eulogy on forgiveness, which was waiting for me to share. Because of the collective shift in 2012 to a softer energy field of “inner love”, my experiences were changing swiftly. I am married to a wonderful man who has journeyed into the unknown with me, (we married in 2006) a year after my mother passed away. I was never in the relationship to complete me, or change him, we have experienced each other as raw as it gets, through tears, laughter, love and growth, coming into this new space realizing  that none of it defines us.

The experience of this moment has been possible because of our collective shift, being in conscious awareness of the illusions in what we “see”. We can become “one’ with it, experiencing life from a place of serendipitous adventure, opening our hearts to the infinite universes within.IMG_1306

Earth Angel Insight Day 71- Activation Ground Zero

So here we are being called to ground and serve this great planet of ours! When we ask to be grounded in Love, we are assisted in this awesome vibration. Remember we are in this together as ascension to higher states of being have called us forward. We are amazing mutidemsional beings, with starseeds in all of us.

This is what I think I would look like in another universe, so I call it my Pink Alien universe self! Enjoy your holiday with love and abundance! We are an altered Earth with baby steps in infinity!

Heart to Heart RobynimageIMG_1397

Earth Angel Insights Day 69-Integration

IMG_2174With the Partial Solar Eclipse assisting us with this “light body” energy. All that is out of balance comes up, bringing our creations into the highest possibility’s. In this universal perfection, we may or may not like what comes up, yet it is not personnel how the universe responds. We are able to observe our different ways of being as we “integrate” towards “Zero Point Energy”.

So what is Zero Point Energy? Zero Point Energy is being in alignment with our polarities. Many have experienced this in meditation or prayer, yet it is now “time” to integrate this peaceful clear balance in our everyday life .We find those deep pockets within our collective selves where anything is possible. Grounding our spiritual essence to the very fabric of our being. Unwavering in our stillness, we can live in multidimensional states, recognizing we are magical synergistic beings.

Happy Eclipse!  Heart to Heart Robyn

Can we be happy in a world full of Chaos?

IMG_2343=1″ />// (3) Robyn Cabral   This is from Eric Allen and fits so well with us “light’ beings, I wanted to share.<meta http-equiv=”X-Frame-Options” content=”DENY” />//

∞ “Can we be Happy in a world filled with Chaos? YES! We can Feel Deeply for those going through great challenges and Help them Without becoming overwhelmed. We can be Fully Aware of ALL the great challenges in the world without ingesting them. We can learn to Live in Love and Peace while others try to pull us down into Fear, Anger, and Hatred. This is the Strength and Power that it takes to Lift others and make Positive Changes in the world. It is NOT ‘denial’ to face our challenges with Love and Peace. It is, in fact, a ‘Very High Level of Consciousness’. It takes a great deal of Courage. May we All find the Courage to Live this way, one day soon.” ∞

Earth Angel Insight Day 68-Renewal

IMG_0588As we look at this moment with the light speed with which it was given, we are cleansing, and we are able to have a sense of renewal. This renewal is constant and  we can remain still “inside” as the changes take place within and around us. We have entered into our “light bodies” where we flow with the healing changes, emotional, physical, mental shifts, allowing for our DNA to shift as well. We have literally created an opportunity to renew with love, transforming our being and our world.

In humble awareness, we enter into our lives, trusting that our light bodies are impacting our ways of “being”. As all rises to the surface to be cleansed. We no longer feel the urgency that we once felt to “clear”, as we know all is in perfect timing. Our energy portals and “light” workers have helped to connect the “power” within to our very high vibrations that are reaching way beyond our humanness.

Simply be aware of the shifts that our everyday life encounters present to us, thank those who challenge us, as with gratitude we simply see we have been given an opportunity to rebirth and renew. We truly are unlimited, eternal beings integrating our “NEW EARTH”.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Our approaching tropical storm/hurricane is another form of renewal for our island here in Maui.  Coming from stillness within “as in the eye” all is well. Adding a picture of our tropical “renewal”. image

Earth Angel Insight Day 67-Ascension

IMG_0291So here we are, simplistic in our stillness, yet amazed by the vibrational shifts that are with us.  There has been much talk of ascension in near death experiences or meditation, yet we are in a new vibrational possibility. This possibility allows us to stay grounded in our bodies yet “BE” ascended.. The visions that have come to me about this are that “light grids” and “holographic dimensions” have already surrounded our planet and our universe, yet many are choosing to collectively rise, making it possible for us to ground in these higher dimensions. Different than “out of body” experiences, where we could float above our bodies. We ground in” Ascension” in everyday living.

Ascension is simply living on earth in high vibration. If you are reading this now, you have already experienced this shift. The earth and ALL its inhabitants have gone through a MASTER CLEANSE in the past two years. Starting in November 2012, no one has been left out of the ascension process. Wherever we are, is where we start, as there is a necessary cleansing that takes place, surrendering to the process, we find more ease in our day. We enter into our experiences different, with NO NEED to understand, we simplify our lives.

With this cleanse, similar to a body cleanse, we integrate a new way of being into our lives. Attachments no longer run us, as we observe rather than defend. There is no battle to win or lose, no fixation on the chaos that used to trigger us. We experience each moment fully with no history running us. We are FREE.

So simply ask yourself to flow, allow for, rather than be against, and observe all of the clarity and purity that takes place as we integrate.

IN oneness, Heart To Heart RobynIMG_2341

Thank you Full Blood Moon Eclipse for helping us all cleanse in this early morning !

My photos have never been enhanced when I take them so that I can share what the unfiltered lens shows, very bright double sun and angel orbs. 10/08/14