Earth Angel Insight Day 95- Precious Moment

IMG_2120Each moment is a precious moment. When we truly enter into this moment as it is, we recognize that we have the ability to love, fully, freely, without boundaries. The greater our capacity to love, the greater we recognize who we truly are. As we truly are a magnificent light that lights up the world, one precious moment at a time! Sending love to all of you in this “New Now”

I want to dedicate this post to my dear friend and co-worker Francis, who recently released her body and entered into her next precious moment in the light, I connect my heart to yours my friend forever into eternity.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 89-Seeing Extraordinary In The Ordinary

imageBy going inimageside to where my heart sings, I see extraordinary in the ordinary. There may be some people who think I live in the clouds and have no idea what it would be like to live their very ordinary or even painful life.

I am here to say I lead a very grounded ordinary life, with one major exception, I see love in everyone and everything. This I am proud to say has me recognize our collective magnificence. As” we”  truly are the brightest star in all of the Galaxies connecting to each other, with intertwining gifts and creative talents that go beyond the confines of form.

As my heart has opened to source consciousness and vibrates love, even the murkiest of water can see its spark of crystalline structure and transcend into it’s true self. As in a course of love we become a holographic circle of selves coming back to “self” with inspiration as our tool, crossing over into higher and higher dimensions. Sharing with each other in our ordinary lives the power of love.

As we accept and share with each other in love, anything is possible!  Make 2015 ” BE” your year of love!

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 87-Heavenly

imageListening to Christmas Music I ran across an Eckhart Tolle quote ” Heaven is an inside job”, as he was explaining what higher frequency consciousness is. He said the details of manifestation in “New Earth” is not the important part.

It is clear to me at this moment, that all the details are truly being created by BEING love. That this flow of love and peace truly is an inside job, with manifestations being an outword expression of our collective consciousness coming into our world as if Heaven had returned to earth, each of us having our individual creativity, assisting in lifting this veil, as illusions fade away.

Feeling Grateful for this moment

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 85-Golden Age

imageMany people have questions about this so called Golden Age, as they turn the T.V. on to the news of the hour. Yet our frequencies are rising with the power of love like a power wash!

When our frequency is in the higher vibrations, even the most difficult observation can shift as if a light bulb got turned on. We are “light”, like the brightest stars we can imagine, connecting to each other with no boundaries. It’s only when we want to protect our small self “the separate self” that we wonder what are these people talking about?

During the holidays families have an opportunity to get together and challenge each other to love no matter what histories (illusions) may be hiding in the background. Our reflections can be huge eye openers, showing us the path to opening.

This GoldenAge is about unison without separation, as we enter into a Galactic and Cosmic shift, called the 7th Sun, creating purification of old energies, where we dance to a different drummer. One of Crystilline DNA. We smile much more, and we listen from our hearts, bringing joy, peace and harmony into our inner body, reflecting it outward to manifest in magical ways.

Love in the deepest part of your being, and see where it takes you, now and always we dance the dance in the light. Gracefully entering into 2015, this “Golden Age”

Heart to Heart Robyn

Happy Thanks Giving

I wanted to fill you all in on some personal updates, as we enter into this Thanksgiving Holiday. My first update is our little doggie Coco has been better, and her doctor says the mass in her chest has remained the same.IMG_1530

Secondly I am heading to Dallas, to take a road trip to Austin with my sisters, my sweetheart step daughter has invited us “all” to her new house for Thanksgiving. Loving that we can come together to celebrate, a very special day, as my Daughter Aly turns 22 on Thanksgiving Day, and for my birthday (the day after), we all get to go see engineer Aly’s awesome place of work at IBM.IMG_0011IMG_2175

I have such gratitude for life and the infinite universes in every one of us, as we come from the heart and experience ourselves as divine consciousness, may we care without carrying the burdens of density, entering into the divine dance of playfulness, joy and laughter.In synchronicity with this eternal now,IMG_2206

Earth Angel Insight Day 73-Inner Calm

When we live as each moment is brand new, resting in the stillness within, an inner calm and peace resides in us, flowing with each moment as we dance to the synchronicity and rhythm of the “NOW”. Take a breath and notice this stillness…as you enter into this eternal formless infinity of possibility.IMG_1136

Earth Angel Insight Day 67-Ascension

IMG_0291So here we are, simplistic in our stillness, yet amazed by the vibrational shifts that are with us.  There has been much talk of ascension in near death experiences or meditation, yet we are in a new vibrational possibility. This possibility allows us to stay grounded in our bodies yet “BE” ascended.. The visions that have come to me about this are that “light grids” and “holographic dimensions” have already surrounded our planet and our universe, yet many are choosing to collectively rise, making it possible for us to ground in these higher dimensions. Different than “out of body” experiences, where we could float above our bodies. We ground in” Ascension” in everyday living.

Ascension is simply living on earth in high vibration. If you are reading this now, you have already experienced this shift. The earth and ALL its inhabitants have gone through a MASTER CLEANSE in the past two years. Starting in November 2012, no one has been left out of the ascension process. Wherever we are, is where we start, as there is a necessary cleansing that takes place, surrendering to the process, we find more ease in our day. We enter into our experiences different, with NO NEED to understand, we simplify our lives.

With this cleanse, similar to a body cleanse, we integrate a new way of being into our lives. Attachments no longer run us, as we observe rather than defend. There is no battle to win or lose, no fixation on the chaos that used to trigger us. We experience each moment fully with no history running us. We are FREE.

So simply ask yourself to flow, allow for, rather than be against, and observe all of the clarity and purity that takes place as we integrate.

IN oneness, Heart To Heart RobynIMG_2341

Thank you Full Blood Moon Eclipse for helping us all cleanse in this early morning !

My photos have never been enhanced when I take them so that I can share what the unfiltered lens shows, very bright double sun and angel orbs. 10/08/14

Earth Angel Insight Day 56- “New DNA”

A brief comment I wrote on DNA and transformation in this lifetime.
Grounding in this New DNA looks something like this for me.IMG_1029

We are all in the possibilities of “NEW DNA”. Where history is but a distant whisper. We experience every moment in a new now. A “NEW” incarnation in this lifetime. Still loving all of the ancestral “3D” and “past life” 4D experiences, that were all perfect for us. Yet being released into 5D were “love” is expressing itself in every “NEW” now. Where history is created from “nothing”, yet we experience it from everything.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 30-Divinity

IMG_1563Divinity…Divine Nature…Godliness…Deity..Holiness…or a fluffy creamy candy made with stiffly beaten egg whites…thinking this is probably pretty much one and the same!

As a young person able to identify with the divine in another..reading the highest qualities I saw in those around me.. yet never really seeing this in myself or “fitting in”… divinity (divine nature)… was foreign to me… except in church…where I thought God was…

Then I heard this phrase “God is all there is and I am one with God”…feeling this made sense…I became a practitioner..taking prayer requests from others and praying with them…I was grateful for my early beginnings..yet still always felt this degree of separation with “believers” and “non-believers”…so I quickly ditched the theory that I needed to attend church to be “WHOLE”

As I studied this that… this that…EVERYTHING kept coming back to this unshakable truth…you are already “WHOLE”…and coming “HOME” meant…”BEING” divinity…which some would say..easier said than embodied…and I would say to that are your own creator…and have always been…no less than DIVINE.

I was asked by a friend to post this spiritual truth in what would be my last post for a few weeks…having self time to go even deeper…I will be in silence for 14 days…I am going to be reading your posts..liking them..yet will come back in and post on June 21st… We are connected in frequency here and in I am never really gone..I leave you with this for now


Remember that everyone reflects to you your creation..thank them..even when we cannot see the reason or is your creation…LOVE it…it is your divinity… divinely connected to this holographic universe…we call ONE.

Heart to Heart Robyn ( as a side note I will reserve the right to post if I cannot help burst onto this page when I am in silence)

Earth Angel Insight Day 28-Surrender

IMG_1581Some would say surrender is a sign of weakness…yet when I speak of surrender…I speak of strength…to surrender in love is the highest vibration we can bring to each other..thus bringing lightness of our form to our planet..the more I have surrendered to love…the more the sparks of love connect to this miraculous grid of high vibration…The vibration I call 5D and above..5th dimensional living has our bodies live in eminent light ..forming into multicolored sparks..with crystalline structure.. thus we forms grids shining and connecting to each other..

So surrender to this moment in love and observe the very brightness of the miraculous unity consciousness of love…

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 19- Change

IMG_1180So much of our lives we talk about the changes we go through… some changes seem big…some seem small…yet change is the constant in our lives..
I am leaving tomorrow to go to my daughters college graduation… WOW…seems like yesterday she was heading off to college…ready to open up her world…she took that change and just expanded and learned and created so much…I am so proud of her contribution to everyone in her life..I open my arms as they expand into wings… as she goes on her way to her next destination in Austin Texas as an engineer…

Leaving to go witness this change..having whatever emotions I may have about it… seeing so much beyond the details…there is one common denominator … change is always there…seeing ourselves connecting together …we can harmonize in universal consciousness and experience every change as a wonderful tapestry of life’s IN foldment…no matter how it may show up…embracing all change …we are synchronizing with the moment…and life becomes a never ending movement that flows with unlimited possibilities…where the universe seems to be at our fingertips…seeing through the eyes of light…we expand …Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 9-Gratitude

IMG_1128After a miraculous day…feeling the abundance of an amazing sunset last night..friendship…the love of a child…dancing..
singing…connections from all over the world…laughing with my husband..sharing and receiving….I feel as if everything
is in very high vibration…which is in sharp contrast to parts of the history that I created…

So today is about gratitude…gratitude for everything…as many of my life experiences may have been labeled as ‘Bad” in my life…
I always have managed to look at all those experiences and say…do I have gratitude?…and EVERY single time,… something flashes back at me and says created that experience… so of course I have gratitude…one of the more recent biggies is when my husband and I had invested most of our retirement money in the 3rd largest Ponzi Scheme in the country…and poof it was all gone…I am honest… at first it hit me like a brick in the forehead..yet I learned so much about letting go and having nothing own me..or me owning it…I actually became free…

Losing a child even when that child has not been born yet…was my other biggie…I went into darkness when I first had that experience..only to emerge with so much compassion for others and much more light…

Lastly I had a couple really big breakdowns…in my 30 something to 40 something …seeing all the darkness of these experiences… I realized all of these moments were the lies and illusions of forgetting who I was…even the other two biggies I mentioned earlier… all illusions…

I have emerged over a process of this lifetime to remember the ageless…timeless…eternal being that we all are…having no Karma…or past that hangs on … I have gratitude for everything…and as I speak these words I feel this inside me… I give thanks to all that is coming… and all that has been… Heart to Heart Robyn