Earth Angel Insight Day 67-Ascension

IMG_0291So here we are, simplistic in our stillness, yet amazed by the vibrational shifts that are with us.  There has been much talk of ascension in near death experiences or meditation, yet we are in a new vibrational possibility. This possibility allows us to stay grounded in our bodies yet “BE” ascended.. The visions that have come to me about this are that “light grids” and “holographic dimensions” have already surrounded our planet and our universe, yet many are choosing to collectively rise, making it possible for us to ground in these higher dimensions. Different than “out of body” experiences, where we could float above our bodies. We ground in” Ascension” in everyday living.

Ascension is simply living on earth in high vibration. If you are reading this now, you have already experienced this shift. The earth and ALL its inhabitants have gone through a MASTER CLEANSE in the past two years. Starting in November 2012, no one has been left out of the ascension process. Wherever we are, is where we start, as there is a necessary cleansing that takes place, surrendering to the process, we find more ease in our day. We enter into our experiences different, with NO NEED to understand, we simplify our lives.

With this cleanse, similar to a body cleanse, we integrate a new way of being into our lives. Attachments no longer run us, as we observe rather than defend. There is no battle to win or lose, no fixation on the chaos that used to trigger us. We experience each moment fully with no history running us. We are FREE.

So simply ask yourself to flow, allow for, rather than be against, and observe all of the clarity and purity that takes place as we integrate.

IN oneness, Heart To Heart RobynIMG_2341

Thank you Full Blood Moon Eclipse for helping us all cleanse in this early morning !

My photos have never been enhanced when I take them so that I can share what the unfiltered lens shows, very bright double sun and angel orbs. 10/08/14

4 thoughts on “Earth Angel Insight Day 67-Ascension

  1. Trini you have “LIVED THIS”. transcendence is your middle name!! I have learned from you my friend as we “FLOW” into our next experience. Human “BEING” is collectively rising and I am grateful for this moment! Much love to you girl! Coimg onto your page of insights this weekend! Heart to Heart Robyn


  2. Hi Robyn, Your post today is certainly giving me a lot to think about. I am relating to it on many levels. (did you have me in mind when you wrote this piece? LOL). I’ve certainly been feeling this transition – feeling it in every part of my life. I feel like I’ve been in labor for the past couple of years. LOL 🙂 At least with this new moon comes relief.
    Take care my friend and thanks again for the awesome post. Peace and love, Lorlinda

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    • Yes Labor is a great way to describe our collective history.!! I had just written in my last post I would write about this transition, at the same time you sent me the email, So yes all in perfect “timing”. The great part with this ascension process is we go back into our “lives” and it is so very different..It does not mean that “hardship”, “loss” is never going to creep in, yet it seems that we are traveling with light speed on how we process these “moments”. Our journey is amazing and grateful to “BE” In this eternal ageless now! Much love as we create “EASY” labor!! HA!


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