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It is quite simple, to the heart, “one”simply is the mystery, where an infinite explosion of bliss rests, never to be “found” “over there” the heart is pure joy lit up inside as an unconditional transmuting playground in all moments. All that IAM is reduced to this pin point in the heart where all manifestation (creation) begins revealed as humble “love” warriors, we simply are. Heart to Heart Robyn Cabral ( the tribe)

For the Fear of Death — MakeItUltra™

“It comes down to this: the only way to truly overcome our fear of death is to live life in such a way that its meaning cannot be taken away by death. It means fighting the impulse to live for ourselves, instead of for others. It means choosing generosity over greed. It also means living […]

via For the Fear of Death — MakeItUltra™

Channeling this new now

No questions in this moment as coming into integration is now about writing what is here and now.  There is no separation from creation and self. This illusion has caused much pain in humanity’s history as the guilt, blame, shame, persecution, and suffering are over in our new earth! It has come to an end on this higher plane. We see that inside yourself is your universe unfolding light years  with each Nano beat of infinite creation. Each serendipitous person place and thing helps you to clear all of your universe and find the love in all. The endless separation is over! So loving each as one is now the NEW EARTH.We let go with joy, peace and love as all and every being is now being perfect being on one infinite path. We join the infinite expression of self in you as you, and we joyfully enter into infinity seeing yourself loved as a full expression of completeness and connectedness, timeless, ageless


 and love. BEING one with all vibrational  forms with  clairvoyance, cleanse dancing, singing, speaking, writing , exploring accepting and celebrating abundant life with the new embodiment of creation and beautiful expression , colorful tapestry, passionatBEings , humble, peaceful and grateful, resonating power and bliss expressed with all entities in this 5d vibration, I see you!!!! at all times seeing the light , in this perfect silent peace, with new language which resonates through the collective,  all in this bountiful frequency of light . Thank you to all who may read this as one creation connected to another as you. This wild spring , connecting universally together, into eternity as one expression of multiple lights, Being the IAm amazing


holographic, symmetrical fractal of the  collective way—-shower of experience, remembering sweet expression of oneness, where life is full of self fulfillment, as the highest expression of “the one”.  Easy, effortless and healthy , choosing ageless endless bliss,  love peace for all now.. Join us as we walk the earth full of love for all mankind, as a channel connecting to the universe through all it’s many entities we are the humble


warriors of today. Expressing ones true colors of love, the expression of life coming forth as all forms,  as itself , one creation of love fully manifesting,  as oneself walking through life fully integrated. This expression comes through many forms of transmutation, transcendence , exploring clairvoyance, telepathy, shape shifting , shamans, angels, archangels, and extraterrestrials expressing through us as one creative, imageblissful   amazing sovereign being. We are ecstatic we are manifesting through them. ET’s of  one love. We see them as ourselves, as we recognize divinity as creation fully expressed as one. We return home to ourselves as we never left, all illusions of significance, pride and grandeur no longer exist. We say yes to creation as a natural way of being. Having all of life be a manifestation , we play as one, through this expressed interconnected hologram, incarnate with and in divinity , we see each other in all our forms, manifesting through joy, harmonyimage

tranquility, peace , acts of love.  now in your universe. Seeing the smile joy and bliss of your world is all with all as we step into 5d together….heart to heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 105- “One with Reality”

When we understand we are one with reality, we don’t seek, because we realize what we have is what we want..

Everything makes sense as we no longer superimpose our thinking onto reality.

When we make “a mistake” we realize immediately it was not a mistake, and recognize the value of the apparent mistake.

We no longer live with would have, could have, should have.

Forgiveness is no longer necessary, as we recognize the totality of the moment from the infinite possibilities to the one.

Heart to heart RobynIMG_0112

Earth Angel Insight Day 85-Golden Age

imageMany people have questions about this so called Golden Age, as they turn the T.V. on to the news of the hour. Yet our frequencies are rising with the power of love like a power wash!

When our frequency is in the higher vibrations, even the most difficult observation can shift as if a light bulb got turned on. We are “light”, like the brightest stars we can imagine, connecting to each other with no boundaries. It’s only when we want to protect our small self “the separate self” that we wonder what are these people talking about?

During the holidays families have an opportunity to get together and challenge each other to love no matter what histories (illusions) may be hiding in the background. Our reflections can be huge eye openers, showing us the path to opening.

This GoldenAge is about unison without separation, as we enter into a Galactic and Cosmic shift, called the 7th Sun, creating purification of old energies, where we dance to a different drummer. One of Crystilline DNA. We smile much more, and we listen from our hearts, bringing joy, peace and harmony into our inner body, reflecting it outward to manifest in magical ways.

Love in the deepest part of your being, and see where it takes you, now and always we dance the dance in the light. Gracefully entering into 2015, this “Golden Age”

Heart to Heart Robyn

Happy Thanks Giving

I wanted to fill you all in on some personal updates, as we enter into this Thanksgiving Holiday. My first update is our little doggie Coco has been better, and her doctor says the mass in her chest has remained the same.IMG_1530

Secondly I am heading to Dallas, to take a road trip to Austin with my sisters, my sweetheart step daughter has invited us “all” to her new house for Thanksgiving. Loving that we can come together to celebrate, a very special day, as my Daughter Aly turns 22 on Thanksgiving Day, and for my birthday (the day after), we all get to go see engineer Aly’s awesome place of work at IBM.IMG_0011IMG_2175

I have such gratitude for life and the infinite universes in every one of us, as we come from the heart and experience ourselves as divine consciousness, may we care without carrying the burdens of density, entering into the divine dance of playfulness, joy and laughter.In synchronicity with this eternal now,IMG_2206

Earth Angel Insight Day 76- Vortex

IMG_0618We have entered into what many may call a vortex of higher frequency. The definition of a vortex is a whirling and spinning mass in a limited area. This vortex encompasses our universe due to the many changes that our galaxy has encountered and brings our earth and and all life forms into a higher frequency.

Being aware of this occurrence, allows us to flow with the vortex, even though we may feel like we are in a washing machine.This very awareness has us become conscious of all our ways of being and its reflection to one another.

Whatever is in lower frequency will get washed away when we flow with it. If we resist we will become stuck in the wash cycle.This cycle is where suffering exists and can be very painful.

When we have gratitude for all the experiences we have, we see with clear eyes and hearts, fully waking up, grounded in the vortex, as the veil has been lifted, living from this heart frequency.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 56- “New DNA”

A brief comment I wrote on DNA and transformation in this lifetime.
Grounding in this New DNA looks something like this for me.IMG_1029

We are all in the possibilities of “NEW DNA”. Where history is but a distant whisper. We experience every moment in a new now. A “NEW” incarnation in this lifetime. Still loving all of the ancestral “3D” and “past life” 4D experiences, that were all perfect for us. Yet being released into 5D were “love” is expressing itself in every “NEW” now. Where history is created from “nothing”, yet we experience it from everything.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight-Day 40-Within

This week I have joined in a writing challenge to find “The Angle” that best enhances my posts..so
rather than look “outside” for the answer…I said to myself “Go Within”…

Immediately..with irony as the calling card..I received my answer..no matter my punctuation..grammar..
spelling or fundamentals…I want my posts to best describe what it is like to go within and let go
of the external distractions…connecting to our spiritual selves together…with the light within being
my guide…to this place that is tranquil and still…bringing us together in a very high vibration…

Maybe this has happened automatically…yet speaking these words..allows for “The Angle” to reveal itself…
which takes me out of the physical…into our spiritual dance together…which sings in harmony with all
of life…bringing in more and more light…allowing for…rather than being against…

From this “ANGLE” “I” becomes “WE”…”THEM” becomes “US”…there is no separation…only light…
where “BEING”…with all it’s variations..becomes a virtual world…where harmony..serenity
and stillness guide us..

This is the “Angle” that says look and speak from within my friend…your place of high vibration…”BE” a guiding light..
as all is perfect in this moment…

Thank-you to my fellow bloggers and writing 201 to have me look deeper to “The Angle”
Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight-Day 38-The Moment

IMG_0454The Moment…so many of us have been exploring the possibility of “BEING” in the moment..with all it’s magnificence ..I have made the observation…that there is really nothing else…”no finding myself”..”no helping someone else find themselves”…just the magnificence and magic of “NOW”…loving in this “NOW”

So my journey took me through this 58 years to rest in this now…I call it an “active stillness”…where we all hang out when we have cleared our past…no need to act a certain way…jump on one foot…meditate for hours…chant for days…or need to be “SPECIAL”…as WE ARE ALL POWERFUL.. SPECIAL.. UNBELIEVABLY GIFTED… SPIRITUAL BEINGS!

This does not take away from the amazing “BEINGS” who have helped to guide us on this journey of now..as when I look at you..I see myself ..and without that reflection…I cannot be in this “time and space”..

All my experiences..my density…shifts into this moment when I interact with you…as I no longer see through the eyes of what I thought was my separate self..I see through the eyes of all “selves”…exploring this “NOW” with an ever expanding newness…where there is endless possibility…genius…in this holographic light grid..that connects us all together..

There is no “better than” or “less than” in this holographic grid of light..just a vibrational energy that links us all in this ageless timeless space..allowing for full brilliance..powerful genius…amazing capabilities..and acceptance of all its many forms…

Thank you for your contribution as we create together that which generates the “magic of now”..where all is a “MIRACLE”

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth angel Insight Day 24-Sight

IMG_1418 Leaving for Texas in two hours and wanted to post about what is sight? There are all kinds of interpretations to what we see externally…yet when we really “turn on” our sight…we find that all sight comes from within…

Understanding this ability to create sight within…is what has us truly “wake up”…the external comings and goings are all wonderful…yet when I sit in the world of internal sight…all of life is available…there are no limits to this kind of sight…only expanding one’s own consciousness… into the vastness of the unknown…as this is the place I call “nothing”…where I do not “know” …therefore I see…

It is a wonderful experience to come from this place …so ask yourself.. Can I be still enough inside to “not know”.. to just “BE”?…as sight becomes the universal consciousness of all creation…when we clear our mind of “knowing” and come from “nothing”…this is truly “SIGHT”…then all of creation is available to us…

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 23-Integration

IMG_1289We made it back to Maui…late last night…finding myself whirling with great moments…wanting to share so much…yet finding that when I integrate my thoughts and feelings…I can speak them in less words with greater impact…

Being at my brothers…integrating family that had not all been together for 8 years …priceless…helping to bring calm to myself and others as we were surrounded by the northern San Diego fires…thankful…IMG_1242

On to Aly’s (My Daughters) graduation… the last 8 years…(including all the honors and AP courses of high school) prepping to become an engineer… as a young adult of 21… being so inspired…that I spelled inspiration wrong on my original post a couple days ago!

I was able to integrate in myself the power of love that a parent has for their child…realizing that my love for her is really beyond words…we have had many moments of struggle..as our past would indicate that we have our differences…yet this is no longer of any importance…as I see that my struggles came within ME…as I recognize that the mirrors of the tapestry of my life in front of me…gave me my depth..my courage… my ability to go within…as the darkness of my days have also led me to the stars…grounding me …in this magnificent eternal now…

IMG_1369Lastly we ended our stay in Yosemite…the most miraculous place I have ever seen…inspired by the vastness and beauty of this great earth of ours…seeing also through the depth of my husbands eyes.. . I feel that I engulfed its majestic nature…integrating it into my soul… being reminded…we are one…universal consciousness exploding from the eyes of freshness within…I feel its serenity…saying thank you to this moment of integration…coming back into my daily life with a sense of stillness…being aware of my wholeness…

IMG_1355We vibrate at the level of our souls journey.. perfect in its timing…for me this seems to be in alignment with no longer feeling separation…our conscious and unconscious choices help us step into integration with ourselves…having no set destination….yet being aware of this eternal now…Heart to heart Robyn