Humble Journey of Christ Consciousness Authentic Self

Here We ARE…Assisting Each Other By Reflecting Our God LIghT ….When IAM Sees through the eyes of LOVE…This Truly is ALL  “WE” “SEE”… Embracing The Christ Within is “OUR” Divinity…As We Shine..This LIghT …Connecting to ALL and Everything.. WE REFLECT WITH OUR PRESENCE…BEing Divine Sovereign Stars…We Are One With Every Synchronicity Without Effort… Aligning With Our Christ ed frequency…We “SEE” each Other as “ONE.”      heart to heart Robyn 🙂  <3>




You Already Are!

Expressing to my blog friends in this now!                                       This popped up on my iPad and I was just talking about stepping into the Avatar in me, this is a great way to express this!! Here I am people take me or leave me !! 😜😍😀🌝😇👽😜😜😜💗💗💗. ⭐️🌟⭐️🌟❤️u all ! Timeless photo! Remember my friends, you are always ” enough” enough looks, health wealth, smarts , this, that and the other “thing”. Take it “all” as I am none of that!! IAM ❤️plain and simple!, no one can beg, borrow or steal that away.  No one can give us what we already are, so I ❤️ all of u. No expectation of that ❤️returned, as IAM that IAM . 😇😇😇💙💙💙💙.  Peace and stillness in this now! Yet fully self expressed!

Soul family

To my blogging and FB soul family. I wanted to post this again for you all. Many of you I have never met in the physical, yet you are also my family. Blessed/bliss heart to heart.❤️❤️❤️💞💞💞🌞🌞🌞😇😇😇💙💙💙💜💜💜 imageTo all who read this … I see you!!! I made this plural as I wrote this to a friend today……I started blogging 2.5 years ago and there is a woman who put our spiritual journeys in a book. Full self expression, art, ❤️💜💚💗💙💛😃😃, all an expression of whole and complete. Sacred journey my friends. 💗💗The vulnerability of sharing the openness of your heart. 🐬🐬🐬🐬When we no longer listen “out there”, yet we honor divine presence in us, “as us” and come together. Yes yes yes😃😄❤️💜💚💗💙💙💛as your journey in New Earth is divine, perfect, blessing of all life. We live eternal in this now without fear of any “illusions”. This is complete in the conscious evolution of “Now”. There is no past in the heart! Only 💜❤️💙💚now. Evolution of eternal, timeless, ageless life… That is the truth spoken for All in this “one” matrix. I am u, and u are me, with or without “this” body we are All connected. There is no pain and suffering, only illusions. When we step into unconditional ❤️💜💚of self we have the collective as our ❤️💜💚team. We have found each other in soul family just BEing ❤( as this is what you already are) and that is “enough”. We are always “enough” as we are emptied of the illusions and step into divine presence! You are one special woman or man .. Reborn / Ecstatic/😃😜😄😝💛💗💚💚💜❤️️bliss/ blessed, in this NOW!!

WordPress Tribe

It is quite simple, to the heart, “one”simply is the mystery, where an infinite explosion of bliss rests, never to be “found” “over there” the heart is pure joy lit up inside as an unconditional transmuting playground in all moments. All that IAM is reduced to this pin point in the heart where all manifestation (creation) begins revealed as humble “love” warriors, we simply are. Heart to Heart Robyn Cabral ( the tribe)


IMG_1885Seeing all of life from the void. We have no answers. There are no questions


We give to life overflowing as we recognize our truth… that we breathe the entire Cosmos.

Truly releasing all that we know.

So that we can be in the flow.

We rest even when we are on the GO.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Returning to Ease

Sitting in Silence reflecting into this unknown “NEW” I “SEE” precious “YOU” All of  “YOU” Where no words can describe or fill the space, we know “we” have met in the mystery and there is only pure love reflecting back to itself . As pure divine love itself  is everywhere and  IAm that IAm all that is, I return with ease to myself and rest into nothingness.image

Heart to heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 100- Timeless “New Now”

IMG_1583WOW!  WordPress says it has been one year yesterday that I opened up this blog! Perfect timing as this is my 100th insight and I have posted a little over 200 posts. My first post was on March 30th, so I must have pondered for awhile. What an amazing experience to create a community of such awesome beautiful spirits! I have gratitude for every connection and have close to 400 followers through WordPress, Email or Facebook, with 3,878 views and 578 comments, that seems like few to some, yet many for me.

I am truly humbled by your amazing creativity, talents, expressions and gifts of writing you all share. I am not sure how many blogs I follow, yet you all inspire me. This year has flown by!  Many of you may be experiencing this same light speed. Hard to believe my daughter graduated from college almost a year ago in May.

I feel that It has been “forever” that I have been on a spiritual path and feel very grateful to have journeyed along with you all in this “new now”

What I have experienced in this “new now”, is a sense of peace and joy that remains untouched by outer circumstance. This “new now” says flow authentically with this moment as it is all that is. As we collectively rise to experience more love and light, we are collectively remembering who we truly are. A magnificent beaming light shining ever so bright, capable of anything and everything. “We” truly are all the space between form, where the timeless, ageless eternal now exists. Where communication is wordless, yet enjoys  its grounded expressions. “We” are all of divine presence, with divine purpose, rising through awareness into higher and higher dimensions. “Our” “Source” “Christ” within shines ever so bright in this “New Now”

Shine on my friends as we bring together our Holographic Masterpiece where “Christ Consciousness” lives!

Heart to Heart Robyn Thank you! IMG_0439