All shapes and sizes, light and darkness, good and bad, right and wrong, disappear like this sunset, when we hear this whisper, you are divinity in motion, embodying this truth, we see through the eyes of the “one” wide open heart.

I dedicate this post to Nikki Krause as she faces her fears as a young lady just diagnosed with the C word. Seeing perfection with the vibration of love entering every cell in her being with grace and gratitude. And so it is.   Heart to Heart Robyn

Blissful 5D Energy Coming in for the Solstice and Full Moon

Blissful 5D Energy Coming in for the Solstice and Full Moon By Diane Canfield With the Solstice and full moon upon us, we have some awesome  blissful energy coming in. These energies are of  5D and the higher realms. They come in to uplift us and transform us into our new 5D light body package. The energies from it have been intense this entire last week. It has lifted somewhat today. If you have had issues sleeping this is the reason. Todays energy is light and there is a happiness of new beginnings in the works today. The last few weeks we have been dealing with overheating, fatigue and lack of sleep as the light body continues to unfold. Many insights have come through and new awareness. The Divine Feminine is stepping even more into its new role as the new leaders. The old systems are no longer effective as we gain more insight and awareness of the new possibilities for peace and harmony in the 5th and higher dimensional awareness. There will be many who will hang on to the old

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IMG_1828Ok here we GOOOOO…… I am having my last 3D experience in the physical world this week with a biopsy on my left breast. I have been told I am doing this for my doctor to complete what she feels is her “job” here. We are here together in this multidimensional space to help release the the “past” and BE CLEAR in the world of 3D and enter 5D.  I have been told I will no longer have any clearing to “DO”, as of June 27th. TODAY WE ARE Experiencing the biggest push to release we have had to date. Even though linear time is an illusion. We as a cosmic consciousness are experiencing the solstice. Right here, right now, stepping into cosmic consciousness is the gift of multidimensional realities. I am personally stepping into cosmic unconditional LOVE! I am very grateful for this moment and the PURGING of “pain” in the 3D world.

LOVE LOVE LOVE to my my angels out there Heart to Heart Robyn

No pressure – Part two

Ok so I no longer live in linear time. ( TODAY) I was suppose to see this as WE “Molly and I” vibed up a huge rainbow on back to back days! June 5th and 6th I love her description of the energy and halo vibes, I also see Halos. BEING humbled by so much these days and having these incredible angels come into my life here on FB makes me cry with gratitude! Thank you for this share Molly!

2020 Spiritual Vision


Good day Angels, Lightworkers and Loves!  How are you doing?  Ten days ago I made a pressure cooker analogy and that energy is back.  So please keep in mind, no pressure.  The winds/energy/currents are STRONG!  Keep it simple, stay close and if needed find a way to relieve the pressure.  Much is going on now that our human mind doesn’t understand.  It will in moments and then in the future as all of this energy becomes our new normal.  First, we have to experience this.  For me, floating in the ocean was a great rest/reset.  So if you don’t have an ocean, take a bath or find a pool.  Go neutral.

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The Rainbow Effect

Sindy this is SO TRUE RIGHT NOW!!! “Obstacles, only perception. Create, and paint, write and dream your beauty, our liberty, and our expansion into a harmonic, timeless, Oneness, that can tune into an individual channel, or location





Namaste. In true love. I am really feeling rainbows, and seeing them in love. It could be tied to the sad event in Orlando, but it is a very happy benevolent feeling. The seven rays of the angelic’s, are really coming in strongly in my existence. The act of watering the garden becomes a vibrant and transcendent event. The colors pop and life is vibrant. Creating our Quantum Cosmic Now.

Obstacles, only perception. Create, and paint, write, and dream your beauty, our liberty, and our expansion into a Harmonic, Timeless Oneness, that can tune into an individual channel, or location.

The connections are really strong for me now in meditation. The helpers are there, they are at our service.

Much love~

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Changing of form

Wanted to reblogg on Angel Frequency originally!

2020 Spiritual Vision


I started this blog to offer just a perspective.  My desire was to, inspire.  I offer what I receive from Spirit as a possible reminder, and at times, I teach what I believe, live and have experienced.  Often though, I am just a human being sharing a story.  I have grown so much from blogging.  Each post is an honor and I am truly touched by each interaction.  Thank you for reading, commenting and being a part of my journey; better together.    Right now though, in this moment, I am… in a bit of shock. 

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