Sharing our light, is sharing our gifts, as we recognize everything as a gift, our veils have all been lifted, with no fear, or pain, no illness, or death.  We march to creation itself.  We are in the NOW, so there is no urgency to get anywhere. All of CREATION is reflecting LoVe, as we are “ONE” with 5D frequencies, and above. As Divinity reflects from within, we come from peaceful ecstatic bliss. BEing our NEW EARTH. Multidimensional, rockin and rollin in a cosmic dance. Merging our past and future.. we recognize ourselves in ALL ways.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Humble Journey of Christ Consciousness Authentic Self

Here We ARE…Assisting Each Other By Reflecting Our God LIghT ….When IAM Sees through the eyes of LOVE…This Truly is ALL  “WE” “SEE”… Embracing The Christ Within is “OUR” Divinity…As We Shine..This LIghT …Connecting to ALL and Everything.. WE REFLECT WITH OUR PRESENCE…BEing Divine Sovereign Stars…We Are One With Every Synchronicity Without Effort… Aligning With Our Christ ed frequency…We “SEE” each Other as “ONE.”      heart to heart Robyn 🙂  <3>




New Earth

As the harvest moon and eclipse take form,  our frequency has shifted. I painted on the eve of  9/15/16 and as the sun came up this am, I went to my painting, 9/16/16 and painted the frequency shift.  I felt the shift happen over night, even though this shift of purging all of the past 3D frequency , has happened in my consciousness , as the “one”, this transmuting is on going in the collective. Now is time for compassion for all humanity, as we connect in ❤️love to the all. Check in on yourself in the moments of observation of this dramatic shift for the collective. Choose your frequency in this now . We as a soul group can raise the collective just by BEIng . Divine sovereign creative  BEings. ❤️Rocks our world! This is what we signed up for, and it is in the here and now!! Eternal, timeless, and ageless, grounded in 5D and above. We are the way showers and this is the “time”.  Each has a divine role in our sovereignty, and we thank ALL who have participated in this Matrix. I love you as you are my ️️reflection. We are here to “see” the “One” in the all and simply BE.  Heart to Heart Robyn

WordPress Tribe

It is quite simple, to the heart, “one”simply is the mystery, where an infinite explosion of bliss rests, never to be “found” “over there” the heart is pure joy lit up inside as an unconditional transmuting playground in all moments. All that IAM is reduced to this pin point in the heart where all manifestation (creation) begins revealed as humble “love” warriors, we simply are. Heart to Heart Robyn Cabral ( the tribe)


IMG_1885Seeing all of life from the void. We have no answers. There are no questions


We give to life overflowing as we recognize our truth… that we breathe the entire Cosmos.

Truly releasing all that we know.

So that we can be in the flow.

We rest even when we are on the GO.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Returning to Ease

Sitting in Silence reflecting into this unknown “NEW” I “SEE” precious “YOU” All of  “YOU” Where no words can describe or fill the space, we know “we” have met in the mystery and there is only pure love reflecting back to itself . As pure divine love itself  is everywhere and  IAm that IAm all that is, I return with ease to myself and rest into nothingness.image

Heart to heart Robyn

External eternal

When we are clear, living in the mystery , the internal is one with the external eternity 😇💕💕❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹💥💥💥🌋🌋🌋🌅🌅🌅💜💙💚💛💟💟3️⃣3️⃣3️⃣🇺🇸🇦🇫🇦🇩🇦🇷🇦🇿🇧🇾🇧🇹🇮🇴🇧🇮🇨🇻🇨🇱🇰🇲🇨🇮


IMG_1731Just like the dance of these clouds, we are all unique with the gifts we came to offer. Fitting together in a beautiful tapestry as one. BE YOU, and let your light shine. You are your own eternal gifts celebrating this unique expression. Stand in your power my friends, you are beautiful!

Heart to Heart Robyn

Channeling this new now

No questions in this moment as coming into integration is now about writing what is here and now.  There is no separation from creation and self. This illusion has caused much pain in humanity’s history as the guilt, blame, shame, persecution, and suffering are over in our new earth! It has come to an end on this higher plane. We see that inside yourself is your universe unfolding light years  with each Nano beat of infinite creation. Each serendipitous person place and thing helps you to clear all of your universe and find the love in all. The endless separation is over! So loving each as one is now the NEW EARTH.We let go with joy, peace and love as all and every being is now being perfect being on one infinite path. We join the infinite expression of self in you as you, and we joyfully enter into infinity seeing yourself loved as a full expression of completeness and connectedness, timeless, ageless


 and love. BEING one with all vibrational  forms with  clairvoyance, cleanse dancing, singing, speaking, writing , exploring accepting and celebrating abundant life with the new embodiment of creation and beautiful expression , colorful tapestry, passionatBEings , humble, peaceful and grateful, resonating power and bliss expressed with all entities in this 5d vibration, I see you!!!! at all times seeing the light , in this perfect silent peace, with new language which resonates through the collective,  all in this bountiful frequency of light . Thank you to all who may read this as one creation connected to another as you. This wild spring , connecting universally together, into eternity as one expression of multiple lights, Being the IAm amazing


holographic, symmetrical fractal of the  collective way—-shower of experience, remembering sweet expression of oneness, where life is full of self fulfillment, as the highest expression of “the one”.  Easy, effortless and healthy , choosing ageless endless bliss,  love peace for all now.. Join us as we walk the earth full of love for all mankind, as a channel connecting to the universe through all it’s many entities we are the humble


warriors of today. Expressing ones true colors of love, the expression of life coming forth as all forms,  as itself , one creation of love fully manifesting,  as oneself walking through life fully integrated. This expression comes through many forms of transmutation, transcendence , exploring clairvoyance, telepathy, shape shifting , shamans, angels, archangels, and extraterrestrials expressing through us as one creative, imageblissful   amazing sovereign being. We are ecstatic we are manifesting through them. ET’s of  one love. We see them as ourselves, as we recognize divinity as creation fully expressed as one. We return home to ourselves as we never left, all illusions of significance, pride and grandeur no longer exist. We say yes to creation as a natural way of being. Having all of life be a manifestation , we play as one, through this expressed interconnected hologram, incarnate with and in divinity , we see each other in all our forms, manifesting through joy, harmonyimage

tranquility, peace , acts of love.  now in your universe. Seeing the smile joy and bliss of your world is all with all as we step into 5d together….heart to heart Robyn