Earth Angel Insight Day 107- New Earth

I am going to open this post with a quote “To awaken within the dream is our purpose now. When we awaken within the dream, the ego created earth drama comes to an end and a more benign and wondrous dream arises. This IS the NEW earth.” Elkhart Tolleimage

We have entered into a very powerful experience, one of expanding light and awakening, integration of higher frequencies is possible to be aware of and live in. Without attachment to our lower frequencies, our ego seems to drop away without the necessity for earth drama. We are currently experiencing the “Lions Gate” where powerful light helps us honor our divine selfs. 8 represents abundance and power and today we have triple 8’s. ” I happened to be pulled to post today and discovered that it is also day “8” for this post 1+7.”

This “NEW” earth power is very different than “OLD” earth power. There is no desire for control, manipulation, greed, anger, pain and suffering. There is no fear of lack. There is a peace and serenity in all of life’s experiences, including all those experiences we may call “challenging”. When we experience life where duality is an illusion, we no longer defend, and hold on with attachment. We realize that we have nothing to fear as it is only our illusions that create fear.

There is no “How To” or “How Not Too”  as we are all exactly where we are in our evolution. With no right or wrong to defend or to be better than, we see that all of life is in us, and we flow into our process without judgement of better than or less than. This is the journey of the “human” to recognize itself as one. Eternal, ageless, timeless being.

Heart to Heart Robyn


Earth Angel Insight Day 104- Light Body Activations


Where we are “right now”, in this process of light body activation, is unique to each person in its own perfection. When we transmute and transform lower vibrational fears, pain, suffering, guilt, blame and shame, we literally raise in vibration and become lighter. Knowing that nothing “outside” can hurt us and we are exactly in life’s perfect moment. As we clear through these cycles, we no longer create karma as all past is transformed into the moment of “now”, where we have access to all and everything, no longer being run by our past, or that of our ancestors. Trusting that all is well.

I personally am in this body that is transformed from a carbon body to a crystalline body. Many are experiencing this transformation as visions of light and electric currents coming through the body as if we put our finger in a light socket. This moment of acceptance is when all joy peace love prosperity and truth become one with source. We ground in cosmic consciousness, golden light body, violet/indigo light body and rainbow body.( being the three light body activations). Just as our newborns coming in, we see, hear, taste, touch and feel with newness. All of life is glorious, as we live in the gratitude that we are all connected in the ever expanding consciousness of one. IMG_1555This picture was taken Feb 2014 as I was told Mother Mary was in the picture behind me. With Love and gratitude Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 101- Timeless Space

IMG_2546WOW! That is the first word that comes to me when I look back on this last year. Many of us seem to be experiencing this incredible shift of acceleration in consciousness that has all moments come together as one. As I write this it has been almost one month since I have posted, yet it seems like yesterday, (or more like the same moment). So much has shifted in the last year in the big picture that I feel like a microcosm of all this shifting. I am going to write these shifts as “we”, because I feel if you are reading this, these shifts are in your space as well.IMG_0263

No 1) Whatever has been percolating up to the surface to cleanse has happened!

No 2) Whatever relationships are no longer working (in relationship to energy fields) have disappeared!

No 3) Whatever “identity” we thought we had no longer exists!

No 4) We are able to “observe” all of “our” behaviors, past illusions, and creations with compassion rather than “fixing”!

No 5) We no longer “see” through the eyes of separation, yet through the eyes of oneness!

No 6) Our egos become displaced as we observe ourselves through others!

No 7) We no longer “need” to defend, make wrong, separate, or “argue” our point!

No 8) We collectively see each other through the eyes of love!

No 9) We have gone “inside” ourselves to discover we have always been “enough”!

No 10) We no longer “need” to prove ourselves to others, or even to ourselves.!

No 11) We have recognized that “things” and “people” are not our “possessions”!

No 12) We stand “for” rather than fight against!

No 13) We thank those who have challenged us, for we have seen our illusions!

No 14) We have entered into a state where inner peace is our mantra

No 15) We have entered into a state of reverence that this moment is all that is.

No 16) Lastly from my light to yours we have gratitude!

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 85-Golden Age

imageMany people have questions about this so called Golden Age, as they turn the T.V. on to the news of the hour. Yet our frequencies are rising with the power of love like a power wash!

When our frequency is in the higher vibrations, even the most difficult observation can shift as if a light bulb got turned on. We are “light”, like the brightest stars we can imagine, connecting to each other with no boundaries. It’s only when we want to protect our small self “the separate self” that we wonder what are these people talking about?

During the holidays families have an opportunity to get together and challenge each other to love no matter what histories (illusions) may be hiding in the background. Our reflections can be huge eye openers, showing us the path to opening.

This GoldenAge is about unison without separation, as we enter into a Galactic and Cosmic shift, called the 7th Sun, creating purification of old energies, where we dance to a different drummer. One of Crystilline DNA. We smile much more, and we listen from our hearts, bringing joy, peace and harmony into our inner body, reflecting it outward to manifest in magical ways.

Love in the deepest part of your being, and see where it takes you, now and always we dance the dance in the light. Gracefully entering into 2015, this “Golden Age”

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 83- Listening and Seeing

Listening and imageSeeing beyond words, beyond perceptions, into the silence of now, where our internal universe expands, revealing that which is brand new, beyond our five senses we enter into the unknown with the excitement of a child.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 82-Observer

IMG_1205There is a moment when we are so “awake” that we become the observer of all of our words, thoughts, stories, automatic responses, and ultimately the space between thoughts. This silence or space between thoughts becomes our entry into higher forms of consciousness, even though these higher vibrations have always existed, we consciously choose awareness as our way of “BEING”

This process comes through “clearing” our history, embracing exactly what is “so”. The integration of action from this place of observation, is a journey which can only unfold by entering into transmutation, creating space to conscious living was never meant to fly us into the atmosphere, yet was meant for us to ground into right “now”. We respond rather than react with our unlimited choices, realizing our magical creativity becomes the highest possibility in the moment. When our shadow self comes in we embrace it, bringing in so much love, that it no longer runs us. We have no resistance to the mirrors we create, yet start with acceptance, transmuting our very “Being” by “Being” love.

Before acceptance of what we have created, we run around reacting to the many people that come and go, spend many hours agonizing about the future or the past, Living from this place of “  I had a good day” to “I had a bad day” ,coming from the ego desperately clinging to perceived pleasures or pain, and we bounce like a ping pong  balls between events and people.

Conscious living is simple when we awaken and no longer live on a tightrope, we see ourselves in “all” and “everything”, not as an egotistic “I” where we cling and are attached, yet as a universal “I” where the miracle of “oneness” unfolds leaving separation as a distant illusion.

On a personal note I will be heading to Texas for two weeks to help with Dad, as my sister Lori heads to Michigan,  she welcomes in her daughters first child and her first grandchild. (Lori is visiting me in Hawaii until the 19th). Then we head back to Dallas where Dad is. Blogging is limited when I am with family.

The picture above is of my sister Lori, an angel who lives with my father who had a stroke in 2011, My brother Steve with Max who has been the reflection of foundation for all the girls, My sister Patti, whose genius supersedes us all, and then me, Robyn, seeing my light and embracing life, through the unlimited possibility’s. I have gratitude for the reflections of my family,especially when our shadows show their face.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 77-Timeless Space

IMG_0507When we enter into “the zone”, “the moment”,”the flow”, serendipity, we enter into this timeless space or universal consciousness. Time is nothing more than an illusion we created for convenience sake, and soon became confused by it. Getting to work or school “on time”, forgetting what our flow is, we step into “TIME” and “DEADLINES”. Just the word DEAD LINES can be an eyeopener to how DEADLY we can run our lives. Stress is the number one KILLER in this country. with all the focus on outer this and that, we can run our lives into overdrive, forgetting we are “TIMELESS”

Oh yes we watch ourselves age and the house and car get older, yet these “facts” are also based in illusions of fear. When WE are creating a world where “there is never enough time”, then life force ceases. Our creativity becomes stifled by fear.

So what then is timeless space? Timeless space is when we are so “in the moment”, that we “become” what we are doing. Our full attention is on it, for the pure experience of the moment. Whether doing the dishes, or at work, taking care of details, We become “ONE” with our “DOING”  and we are “BEING” timeless.

Amazing serendipity takes place when we are no longer live from the past and future, yet enter into the “TIMELESS NOW”. All the so called DEAD LINES become timeless lines, as everything gets done in its perfect timing, we rest into the miraculous creativity of universal consciousness as everything simply flows.

Earth Angel Insight Day 72-Non-Resistance

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When we awaken from the “dream” our ego based earth drama ceases to exist. We enter into limitless possibilities where the eternal “NOW” shines through. Our “BEING” through inner non-resistance, “ISNESS”, transforms form, thus allowing the “moment” to be as it “IS”, dissolving duality, where Christ Consciousness emerges “OUR NEW EARTH”

Heart to Heart Robyn

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Earth Angel Insight Day 71- Activation Ground Zero

So here we are being called to ground and serve this great planet of ours! When we ask to be grounded in Love, we are assisted in this awesome vibration. Remember we are in this together as ascension to higher states of being have called us forward. We are amazing mutidemsional beings, with starseeds in all of us.

This is what I think I would look like in another universe, so I call it my Pink Alien universe self! Enjoy your holiday with love and abundance! We are an altered Earth with baby steps in infinity!

Heart to Heart RobynimageIMG_1397

Earth Angel Insight Day 58-Beauty

IMG_1283In this moment of “NEW EARTH” “beauty” has its definition expand into the depths of the spirit, the connection to to all of life and death, as we are propelled into the higher frequencies, as old frequencies let us go, we “SEE” into the world with new “eyes”, no longer having “old definitions” of beauty. As “WE” the collective consciousness see with “new eyes”, we see beauty in the eyes of everyone and everything,  no longer defining beauty by the external, yet seeing beauty inside, where spirit rests.

Beauty is there in the young and old, birth and death, new and decaying , as our awareness shifts to see only “BEAUTY”..our world is BEAUTIFUL. Each experience shines light back at us, as we live in a light that expands brighter and brighter without boundaries. Our “BLISS” is inside us..gradually expanding as the veil of LOVE has lifted and we shift. The definitions we once lived by are gone.

Just a side note, Coco has been doing better, showing us such beauty in spirit and unconditional love… having  gratitude to all of life and its infinite beauty, forever changing its form. yet living forever in spirit in this eternal now. Coco has taught us to live in “NOW”, as we embrace this moment we are “LOVE” ,with calm peaceful beauty.

Heart to Heart Robyn





Earth Angel Insight Day 56- “New DNA”

A brief comment I wrote on DNA and transformation in this lifetime.
Grounding in this New DNA looks something like this for me.IMG_1029

We are all in the possibilities of “NEW DNA”. Where history is but a distant whisper. We experience every moment in a new now. A “NEW” incarnation in this lifetime. Still loving all of the ancestral “3D” and “past life” 4D experiences, that were all perfect for us. Yet being released into 5D were “love” is expressing itself in every “NEW” now. Where history is created from “nothing”, yet we experience it from everything.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 2-Relax

IMG_0618WE are in a new Earth vibration my friends….whatever is working to expand us is present for all of us…there are NO mistakes as we are being given exactly what is helping us raise our vibration…this can mean seeing old habits or ways of thinking literally disappear…

So my insight for the day is this…relax into your day…whatever comes along accept it…as you have been given what you are asking for …without the Old Earth Karma to attach yourself to…you will heal from your past as if you have no worries…when your acceptance becomes love of yourself…you will live in universal harmony with all around you…you see you have always been what you were looking for…stay tuned for more about seeing through the eyes of angel each day brings  so much more for us all to see… Heart to Heart Robyn