Earth Angel Insight Day 89-Seeing Extraordinary In The Ordinary

imageBy going inimageside to where my heart sings, I see extraordinary in the ordinary. There may be some people who think I live in the clouds and have no idea what it would be like to live their very ordinary or even painful life.

I am here to say I lead a very grounded ordinary life, with one major exception, I see love in everyone and everything. This I am proud to say has me recognize our collective magnificence. As” we”  truly are the brightest star in all of the Galaxies connecting to each other, with intertwining gifts and creative talents that go beyond the confines of form.

As my heart has opened to source consciousness and vibrates love, even the murkiest of water can see its spark of crystalline structure and transcend into it’s true self. As in a course of love we become a holographic circle of selves coming back to “self” with inspiration as our tool, crossing over into higher and higher dimensions. Sharing with each other in our ordinary lives the power of love.

As we accept and share with each other in love, anything is possible!  Make 2015 ” BE” your year of love!

Heart to Heart Robyn

13 thoughts on “Earth Angel Insight Day 89-Seeing Extraordinary In The Ordinary

    • Brad, your welcome, this truly has been a journey for me, It seems that the test of seeing myself in every reflection in every interaction, has humbled me to the place of love. Seeing ourselves and others beyond actions to “know” that we are source beyond our physical experience, connecting in love.


    • Oh Amy, yes to our connection in Love! You share your love with so many, as we collectively assist our planet. Thank you for your sweet sweet comment, we are so blessed to live in this wonderful moment. Much love Robyn

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      • Bless you, Robyn, for your encouragement to me, because some days I feel so weary, I do not know how to continue what I am doing. People just keep coming and coming and I will not turn anyone away. Thank YOU for all you are doing! Together, we bring the New World in!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


    • Thank you Diana, I certainly feel your love, and your commitment to writing and connecting is phenomenal here in the blogging world! I just got back to Maui, and feel the peace that living here brings, after being in the hustle of the mainland. It just seems so funny 10 years ago, I did not even know the term mainland, and now live like an islander. My heart connects to you now and always! Love Robyn

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  1. Yes you do! I have seen that in all of your posts Trini! It brings tears of joy to me that we can see that …spreading our love to all even if another may just get a glimpse of love as we pass by in our connection to them. As we spread our wings to encompass this universe in love everything shines. May we all connect in sparkling light into infinity! Robyn


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