Earth Angel Insight Day 9-Gratitude

IMG_1128After a miraculous day…feeling the abundance of an amazing sunset last night..friendship…the love of a child…dancing..
singing…connections from all over the world…laughing with my husband..sharing and receiving….I feel as if everything
is in very high vibration…which is in sharp contrast to parts of the history that I created…

So today is about gratitude…gratitude for everything…as many of my life experiences may have been labeled as ‘Bad” in my life…
I always have managed to look at all those experiences and say…do I have gratitude?…and EVERY single time,… something flashes back at me and says created that experience… so of course I have gratitude…one of the more recent biggies is when my husband and I had invested most of our retirement money in the 3rd largest Ponzi Scheme in the country…and poof it was all gone…I am honest… at first it hit me like a brick in the forehead..yet I learned so much about letting go and having nothing own me..or me owning it…I actually became free…

Losing a child even when that child has not been born yet…was my other biggie…I went into darkness when I first had that experience..only to emerge with so much compassion for others and much more light…

Lastly I had a couple really big breakdowns…in my 30 something to 40 something …seeing all the darkness of these experiences… I realized all of these moments were the lies and illusions of forgetting who I was…even the other two biggies I mentioned earlier… all illusions…

I have emerged over a process of this lifetime to remember the ageless…timeless…eternal being that we all are…having no Karma…or past that hangs on … I have gratitude for everything…and as I speak these words I feel this inside me… I give thanks to all that is coming… and all that has been… Heart to Heart Robyn

5 thoughts on “Earth Angel Insight Day 9-Gratitude

  1. Thank you Robyn for your wonderful comments, I appreciate you! I love this post and how you discovered that gratitude is one of the most important thing here in our world. Though you’ve been through a lot you still see the cup as half full, I admirer people like you. You seem to have a very strong spirit. All the best to you,

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