Earth Angel Insight Day 78-Great Full

IMG_2640A perfect time to be “Great Full” is when the road is rocky, bumpy, challenging or even just when things seem to be stagnant. This is when we can shift our way of being. Many of you may know that “our” old ways of being come in so we can look with whole new eyes, giving us a chance to clear our energy field, and possibly get us to a place of acceptance  The number 78 is a 6 in the world of numbers, giving rise to vision and acceptance.

I want to share from my heart a few experiences of my history, so that this may remind us all that we as a collective have been the light posts for this new earth. When I was born I had a severe lazy eye that at 3 years old was unable to be corrected by surgery, so I wore very thick glasses strapped to my head and a black patch over my eye. I fell into a 16 foot dry well on my head at 4 years old, and had a near death experience that showed me the light, yet was to experience the darkness first. As a teenager I was engulfed by emotional highs and lows and hospitalized in my early 20’s for a psychotic episode. I thought as many did in this darkness that this earth was far to much to take, seeking to ease my pain through relationships, achievements, and anything external. I went through a divorce when my daughter was 12 years old, then financially crashed in 2008. All the time going through this, I would repeat to myself, God is all there is, I am one with God. This was the teachings of religious science.

Then because I was no longer “chasing” anything outside of myself, I began the process of self-love. One of my very good friends passed away in her sleep in 2010, she came to me and said you are going to give my eulogy on forgiveness, which was waiting for me to share. Because of the collective shift in 2012 to a softer energy field of “inner love”, my experiences were changing swiftly. I am married to a wonderful man who has journeyed into the unknown with me, (we married in 2006) a year after my mother passed away. I was never in the relationship to complete me, or change him, we have experienced each other as raw as it gets, through tears, laughter, love and growth, coming into this new space realizing  that none of it defines us.

The experience of this moment has been possible because of our collective shift, being in conscious awareness of the illusions in what we “see”. We can become “one’ with it, experiencing life from a place of serendipitous adventure, opening our hearts to the infinite universes within.IMG_1306

2 thoughts on “Earth Angel Insight Day 78-Great Full

  1. Thank you SO much for sharing this story. As an intuitive and a deep feeler, I have moments when I channel into the collective wounds and much like you, my spirit wants to flee the pain of this plane, but I always try to remember that we chose to be here for the shift.
    Great Full for you sharing your story, it came at such a perfect time for me.

    THANK YOU!! ❤

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    • Amanda I am so glad this made a difference. By coming together we begin to transcend all the lower vibration energy we once carried in us. These illusions will test us and at the same time we can start to realize we are shifting our Collective DNA where we embrace the moment with clarity by remembering we are all simply divine love. Much love to you Amanda


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