Earth Angel Insight Day 79- Synchronicity

IMG_1410When our collective intention is to “BE NOW”, we start to pay attention with intention into higher action and we recognize that it has always been synchronistic. Yet this “New Earth” synchronicity is conscious living. Where our higher self, Christ Consciousness is behind our actions.

When Eckhart Tolle talks about the “pain body”, he talks about how our perceptions, thoughts, and emotions distort our “reality”, creating all kinds of illusions. He states that “awareness” the moment when we observe these illusions, cannot be taught our read about in a book, yet when we “awaken”, we can be guideposts to the ways of being that can transform the collective.

One way that we can do this is to “BE” non-reactive to our “pain body consciousness”. recognize it for what it is, simply an illusion. When we clear our “own” pain bodies, we are being a guidepost of light. Accepting the “Moment” exactly as it is. We begin to wake up. Then the true essence of our being emerges, what I call God light comes into our experience, as this great sense of relief ends our suffering. Never a Utopian view of this inner peace,” yet a moment to moment acceptance and recognition that “we are one”, creating in this eternal now.

On a personal note sharing the experience of the “New Earth” dynamics in corporate America,  it was very uplifting to see that Aly “My” daughter” works in a total “co-creative” environment. Her engineering position allows for her to work in a circle of about 12 people. Half are women, half are men. She is a developer ( 1 of 6) and  there are 6 designers. They have cartoon characters designed next to their names, as to take the ego out of the room. They co-create with white boards asking for everyone’s input, being told “not to work long hours”, and take each Friday at home to rejuvenate, and even encouraged to go to a coffee shop for inspiration. “Thank you GOD” I said to myself.  We are truly creating our “New Earth”. I left there with a sense of peace in my heart.

Thanking all of us for the shift in consciousness, as we create “our” New Earth”

Heart to Heart Robyn

4 thoughts on “Earth Angel Insight Day 79- Synchronicity

  1. Our world would be a much better place with work environments like this. As an educator, I would love to see a change in this direction as well. I believe we kill the spirits of so many of our children by building a competitive environment where standardized test scores are the only measure of a student’s worth.

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    • Yes to bringing back collaborative creativity, My step-daughter is a professor in a very male dominated environment, basing their success on “research” success, another glorified version of standardized tests. So sad to see her stress level in this academia competitive environment, as it has reduced her creativity to results “only”. (She wants a job where daughter Aly works). The female presence is so important to help our education system, bringing in the balance of the intuit, and recognizing the artist in all of us. You are BEING the example of this my friend, even in a system that will soon see a necessity for change, we can count on the young people to point us into creative ways. You have been a guide as well. Heart to Heart Robyn

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