A rainbow 5D angel moment

image MY 24 HOUR shift from standing in my comfy place …to experiencing my life quantumly different… seemed to be a (tymeless) experience…yet as I look back over the last 24 hours…digesting this new vibration…with the awe of a child who just discovered walking…I am different..I mean really different…I have always been honest with myself when it came to being triggered by the past..or seeing in my awareness…those experiences that give me wake up calls…yet very few moments like this…this seems to come from a deep ancient knowing…a peace that comes from deep within…which I will share

First a bit of a background about my ordinary life…I just started writing this blog 10 days ago …having only a brief time of writing on Facebook .. I was not sure if I wanted to bare my soul…as many of my professional comrades and family would simply say…she is just a bit odd..yet today I am here to tell you.. I have embraced the messages I get..sharing them freely.

It started late Thursday night when I wrote my last post …about Earth Angels crying…as I fully embraced the tears of all humanity.. I felt this calmness.. this sense of serenity.. as if the tears were directly coming from God… different than other crys… I thought to myself…as with other times of (sadness) …maybe I would wake up really tired.. yet as I woke up..I went about my day …as if I slept for many decades…having a spring to my step.. I went into town here in Maui… stepped out of the bank …went to my car …and gathered up my papers..as I looked up …an elder was looking over at me with a soft smile.. He said…”I just wanted to tell you..you have a wonderful healing energy all around you”. I stopped and just listened.. He said he was a “Shaman”…an elder from Peru..he said “very few people have your energy”…”you are a bridge for humanity”…I became very still inside…purely humbled by what he was saying…no “tyme” seemed to pass.. he told me he was going to IAO valley to speak to his ancestors …could I meet him later.. without hesitation I said “yes” So we met…he performed an ancient ceremony that he had prepared for …saying he saw my past as a Peruvian princess… as he spoke that.. I got very still again..feeling like I wanted to just go inside myself…to listen…as the ancestors began speaking… they said “you will always show peace”..and “LAUVE” from this day forward.. As the crescent moon shined down….I was told that all beings…were beings of love and peace..fear was the only thing that got in the way…all beings were to go inside themselves…let go of fear ..to shine their light…creating a new frequency…our God selfs …all inner connecting…in one big cosmic soup…of divine consciousness..ever expressing higher and higher ways of being …

As these expressions of higher frequency assist us all.. I will share daily the insights I receive .. Thank you all for taking this journey together with me into this new frontier..I call the Golden Age …Namaste

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