Earth Angels Do Cry

Angel Frequency

Peacefully Evolving  Peacefully Evolving
I see beauty in all of humanity …yes this is true… in the brightest of moments and even its darkest…tears flow…as I spoke the words unconditional yesterday..the challenges became apparent.. as being in higher vibration.. in some dark situations… became very clear…yet also very conditional.. if I became attached…so I went inside where my inner voice speaks to me…and the tears started to flow…”YES”…God said “Earth Angels DO CRY”… and it is beauty FULL.. power FULL… plenty FULL to be completely PRESENT and grounded in this sea of human emotion… to experience whatever is PRESENT NOW is freedom!

“OH” I said… then when I cry for humanity…or cry over seeing a picture of my Dad.. holding his great grandson.. for the first time…the tears are one in the same… they are there for self expression …as is release the density of the human body into a feeling…

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