Earth Angel Insight Day 61-Celebration

Coming from universal truth celebration can be an everyday experience… We usually wait for birthdays, anniversaries and such, to say we are celebrating. Today is a new day to celebrate, a new moment to have gratitude, so let’s live as if life itself is to be celebrated!
The specifics of this moment of celebration are impacting all of our lives through energetic gateways of divine love and divine will, opening all into the possibility of celebration in harmonic symphony. The world changes because the mind that projected it has changed, and we realize we already have everything we need. So go for it and find your inner celebration shining through!

As inner celebration shines outer celebration is in everything and everywhere..the 3 most recent for me of Beau Bradshaw (1 year old great nephew)image ,and my mothers birthday is today, she would have been 82, good friend Kiera Einhorns birthday, and being here in Texas with my father who is almost 81,image

Lastly that Coco (our doggie) is celebrating with my husband in Hawaii while I am here.

Heart to Heart Robyn

14 thoughts on “Earth Angel Insight Day 61-Celebration

      • I had just wrote about what it must feel like to lose your mom, for a school assignment. My best friend lost her mom about 15 years ago, she said “Your mother breaks the wind of life from hitting you and when she goes you are knocked down by its gale force.” Your mom was a Virgo too? I know you must miss her a lot. ❤

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      • Now that I am connected more on my soul level I feel her with me. really tough at first as i was not sure where to turn, yet she has become my force that picks me up again as well. Thank Goodness for soul connection and going into the universal collective where Mom Love hangs out inside me. Yes a wonderful virgo. Tell your friend to feel her power inside her!
        Love you girl have a happy thanksgoving! It is my daughters 22 birthday on Thanksgiving and heading to Texas (Austin) to celebrate her day and weekend with her! First time seeing her new place and connection to IBM where she works.22 is 4 Stabilty through which is so awesome to see in Aly at this time! mom to girl passing it on!

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