Stephanie South, w Lilou Mace – Noosphere, Knowledge via Sun, 5D body

This is our “NEW NOW” interconnecting our Biosphere called Noosphere! by Stephanie South.

Higher Density Blog

Lilou Mace

The Noosphere – literally, “mind-sphere” or Earth’s mental sheathe – is a word and concept jointly coined by Édouard Le Roy, French philosopher and student of Henri Bergson, Jesuit paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, and Russian geochemist, Vladimir Vernadsky, in Paris, 1926. At the root of the primary definition of noosphere is a dual perception: that life on Earth is a unity constituting a whole system known as the biosphere; and that the mind or consciousness of life – the Earth’s thinking layer – constitutes a unity that is discontinuous but coextensive with the entire system of life on Earth, inclusive of its inorganic support systems. A third critical premise arising from the first two is that the noosphere defines the inevitable next stage of terrestrial evolution, which will subsume and transform the biosphere.

How this evolutionary shift might occur is at the crux of the experiment, Noosphere…

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6 thoughts on “Stephanie South, w Lilou Mace – Noosphere, Knowledge via Sun, 5D body

  1. Enjoy your cruise. If you ever write about the difference between these dimensions I’d love to read it. Reading your blog helps me understand what I’m experiencing and gives it meaning.
    Have a safe and fun cruise. 🙂 P&L, Lorlinda


  2. Thank you Lorlina! Yes very strong buzzing and I am shifting very smoothly between 5,6, and 7 as if all i was asked to do is request assistance kinda like a phone call! I am going on a Zumba cruise to Mexico tomorrow. Taking my light on the road and dance dance dance! Cyber hug back! Robyn


  3. I noticed a surge in energy last night (the eve of the equinox). Maybe this increase in energy around the equinox will lift you up into those higher dimensions that Stephanie referenced. I can’t wait to experience tonight’s energy.
    I’m sending you tons of creative angel energy. Cyber hugs, Lorlinda

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  4. Very cool Robyn. I’ve seen many of Lilou’s interviews in the past. They’re always very interesting. I’d like to learn more about this one though. I went to Stephanie’s website but surprisingly didn’t find any information. Maybe there will be something in the future. In the interim, if you see more on this subject please post.
    Have an awesome day!!! And thank you again for directing me to this video. Cyber hugs. Lorlinda

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    • I would love to read her book on the 13 dimensions she mentioned and very interested in inter Galactic education centers! I will definitely let you know more if I find more. I have been observing myself in other dimensions very calm and peaceful as she described yet hard to explain even in 5D yet.

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