Unconditional Love “Lauve”

IMG_0363The term “unconditional love” or “LAUVE” as I like to call it… can be VERY upsetting to some.. if the conditions for love “lauve”..were perceived to be from something other than wonderful upbringings…or our current life situations… are less than we want…this term can be askew..as humans we can hang on to conditions..to the extent we can let go of the past beliefs of the should of… could of… would of …had to…have to…even want to.. expressions in our lives.. we can stay stuck…stuck in what?…stuck in the belief that another person needs to act… feel… taste… smell.. love… or BE like we are .. creating stories about whatever they did to us…or even what they could do to us… as it can become locked in the mind of the “victim”…and is spoken as “you don’t know what happened to me”!!…which is the story that runs our entire life…yet can easily be lifted when we take the first step…that of forgiveness…forgiveness of self.. then of others…this allows the mind to let go…letting go of all our blame.. shame.. guilt.. and horror stories we tell about ourselves.

So with that said what is unconditional love?…it is being the detached observer of the actions of another and seeing that we can be loving no matter what… loving them anyway… some will walk away..some will stay… others will choose to forgive themselves…yet when we live in a higher vibration…we see that all people are spiritual “God Beings”…each on there own path to the LYGHT…we form communities of people who can help us stay in our light…and our work is simply to stay grounded in our highest vibration … our world has enough high beings to anchor in this 5D lauve vibration…and live in the NEW WORLD of serenity and peace..

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