The Power in This Moment

IMG_1023When WE say there is POWER in this moment…all of our ideas can come flooding forward from all our different memories…experiences we have had…what someone else said ..or just plain confusion about the whole thing…yet I am here to tell you from someone who loves to bask in the “SUN” of my ever changing moments…and just “BE”…it is “BEAUTY  FULL”…never professing to “FIGURE IT OUT”… or be someone who enjoys sitting in meditation for hours and hours..the experience that I am talking about is simple…yet profound…I believe that whatever experience we are having..when we can FULLY BE IN IT..we are presently surprised by our serenity…all of the mothers out there are laughing … as they change the next diaper ..answer the next cry…or just pray for sleep…yet these moments are also BEAUTY FULL… humans tend to want something big to catch their order to be present..a newer and newer stimulus… yet when the mind becomes quiet…this changes..and we become a walking meditation…where the butterfly… the bird… the leaf..or just plain sounds of life.. capture our attention.. in the moment…where “tyme” stands still…ever expressing itself… as a new experience…without any past interferences…we are blissfully “AWAKE” … aware that no matter what is happening we are FULLY ALIVE..

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